The Sensational Sensasi Ban

Mother in law: “Ha, mama nak tengok Sensasi tau pukul sebelas” (translation: don’t you dare hog my TV at eleven).

Me: “They have banned Sensasi Mother, because of the rude remarks made to the Prophet Muhammad’s wife”

Mother in law: “No, they have not, I haven’t read anything about it in the papers” (in her sixty years of life she never read anything but the NST).

Me: “I know, I read Nuraina’s blog on the internet”.

Mother in law: [grumbling, grumbling] “that’s the problem with you people, don’t believe anything on the internet”.

Me: “Its true mother….”.

Mother in law: “No, why would they ban the programme? It’s not the programme’s fault, it’s that #@$%& woman’s fault”.

Me: “That’s just the way Malaysia is Mother, they ban anything as they please”.

Mother in law: “No, let’s wait until eleven o’clock”.

Me: “Okay”.

Came 11 o’clock. No Sensasi. Mother in law kept quiet and pretended as though the conversation never took place.

My husband and I knowingly smiled to each other.

That’s my darling mother in law, despite my best effort to make her change her subscription to other newspapers, she never relented.

Me? I never believe in banning anything. I believe in the freedom of speech.

I am still contemplating new ways to cancel her NST subscription. Must get up at wee hours one day and have a word with the paper boy.


The Ailing Proton Berhad


I remember when the first generation Proton Saga was launched 20 years ago. I was 12 years old and I stared at the car in awe. Completely besotted with the fact that we, Malaysians, can make our very own car to be used on our very own soil.  Now I need to dwell on my personal experiences with Proton. A year ago, I was hell-bent on buying myself a Toyota, an Altis nonetheless.

Against my better judgment, I let my partner changed my mind. According to my savvy partner, it is best that I buy a cheaper car. The money that I intended to use for the monthly instalment of an Altis, could be used for other worthy purposes. We are, after all, expected to support anything Malaysian, are we not? Enough said, I bought myself a 1.6 automatic transmission Gen-2. The nightmare begins.  

Three months after using my brand new car, the window at the driver’s side could not be operated automatically. There I was, stranded in a massive traffic and heavy rain, eight-month-pregnant at that time, with my car window wide opened! I dutifully sent it to the authorised service center and they fixed it for me. Be that as it may, the incident is not an isolated one. The window gets stuck again for the next 4 times in the span of six month. I was flabbergasted. I wasted good money and time to fix the window alone. 

Now the air conditioner’s compressor is playing hide and seek on me. I sent it again to the biggest service center in Mutiara Damansara. They had my car for the whole day and when I went to pick it up, they informed me that the air conditioner could not be fixed. One of Proton’s biggest service centers does not have stock of a new blower for me. They will call me once the new stock arrives. Alas, it has been three weeks since then. No phone call or e-mail from them despite me filling up all of my details on the service’s form. 

Perhaps I am just an iota in Proton’s massive pool of troubles. But, let us not forget that I am a genuine customer. I paid Ringgit Malaysia 57 thousand for the car and I am still faithfully serving the monthly instalments. If this is the kind of after-sale’s service Proton is offering me, can they blame me for not buying a proton car, ever again? I read all the positive ventures Proton is going to plunge into through the media but I remain skeptical. How are you going to save the nation’s pride, if you do not have even the effort to offer a decent after-sale’s service?   

Let’s face the fact, Proton is an ailing national company. Despite efforts to help this giant to stand against its nasty competitors, bureaucracy is still ripping the company for all its worth. Proton is one of Malaysia’s great achievements and therefore they must live up to the customers’ expectation.   I am a typical woman and thus I am not interested in fixing my car. I just need a good-reliable car to get from point A to point B. My precious billable time is wasted on Proton and its disappointing service centers. Like many other Proton owners, I bear the losses in silent.  

Sadly, I could not reverse my poor judgment in buying the car since I am stranded in a hire purchase agreement. My loss would be massive if I were about to sell the car and subsequently buy another. What is left for me to do is just to keep paying the monthly instalment and hopefully the service center would eventually call me.  In the meantime, I will drive my car in this scorching hot weather without a properly working air conditioner. Undoubtedly, my childhood pride in national car industry has been shattered.

The Tag Woes


Ah, I thought by keeping quiet on this tag thing I will be left alone. After all, I am new to this blogging phenomenon. Admittedly, I have been reading all of the other bloggers posting on this tag and laughed alone.  

Alas, my frequent visits to the blog of Clark Gable of Pulau Duyong have proven to be fatal. I am now dragged into confessing my dark secrets. Huaaaaaa!!!!  I have to agree with Sheih, people always tell me that I am weird. That perplexed me. Seriously, I don’t think I am weird at all. However, here’s the list.  

Weird Thing 1I learn musical notes at the age of 30. My passion in music is hereditary as my father and paternal grandmother were both self taught musicians. My parents couldn’t afford the musical class when I was a kid. Now that I can, I happily enrolled myself at Yamaha Music School. The music class is one thing I look forward to every week. Instrument I am crazy about; the keyboard.  

Weird Thing 2Yes, I am 32 and crazy about Harry Potter books. I read each and every Harry Potter book that Rowling woman wrote. Right now I am rereading (classic case of being too broke to buy a new book!) Harry Potter – Order of the Phoenix in anticipation of its movie release this summer. Frankly speaking, I think she is insane if she kills the Potter boy in the last book. Don’t be nasty Rowling!  

Weird Thing 3I am obsessed with buying shoes but I hardly wear them. Everyday, my favourite choice is the Mary Jane Crocs. Seriously people, give crocs a try. It is as light as a feather. My feet have been liberated by crocs.  

Weird Thing 4I sleep with my eyes opened. People tell me this all the time – my family, my friends in boarding school, my friends in college, my friends in university and now my husband. He says I scare the hell out of him. Now my son is sleeping with his eyes opened. Good boy Luqman!  

Weird Thing 5I write everything with pencil and I am left handed (is that weird?). As we speak, I have about 50 pencils in my pencil stand. I have a battery operated pencil-sharpener. I think the sharpener is damn cool. I collect pencils every where I go. I love pencils. My partners in the office would steal anything from my cubicle but the pencils. If my pencil is missing, I turn to be the wicked Lord Voldemort.  

Weird Thing 6I rather die a thousand deaths than be without a book and/or printed materials. The place I love most in my apartment is my library. I can’t pass a bookshop without stopping and I surely buy something before I leave. Seriously, I am on the brink of bankruptcy here.   

 I now tag the followings:-  


ii.Black Maria

iii. Typhoonsue

iv. Single Dad

v. Malik Imptiaz (am I allowed to tag him? I really want to know his weird stuff) vi. Can’t think of anyone else right now – sorry Nuraina.

Azura Robinson

84 Stafford Street, Sheffield. Summer of 1997

Way back in 1991, Azura Manaf and I were just girls as we stood in line waiting for our turns to enroll ourselves at Maktab Rendah Sains Mara Kuala Terengganu. Even then, she was the tallest girl around and her presence exudes confidence. She wore the classically cut horned rimmed glasses that made her look a tad goody. We shook hands and introduced ourselves to each other. She was a metropolitan girl from Taman Tun Dr. Ismail and I was the “ulu” girl from Kuala Krai. Nonetheless, we got along like house on fire. She the introvert, me the extrovert.  

She was assigned to the good girls’ dorm – Kenanga. I, on the other hand, was assigned to the bad girls’ dorm – Cempaka. I can still vividly recall the day when me and few other outlaws were playing “bola selipar” in the raging monsoon rain outside our dorms. Azura just looked on and laughed at our little escapade. Of course, we were caught by the fierce Cikgu Zuriati. She mercilessly slashed a cane across our hands right there and then.

Azura and I were fated to go through all of our educational institutions together. We passed the nightmarish SPM examinations with flying colours. We struggled to get decent A-Level results. And of course, those glorious varsity years in Sheffield. In 1998 we graduated with honors and went our separate ways.

Today, she stood in front of me again. The girl I went to boarding school with has turned into a woman. Polished and absolutely beautiful. She compassionately hugged me and all of her old friends who turned up at The Social to celebrate her long-awaited return. She looked flustered from the excitements happening around her.  

She has spent the last ten years in the United Kingdom. Azura is married to her true love, Ryan Robinson. She is now known as Azura Robinson. She is attached to one of the largest insurance house in London – Crowford & Co. She gleefully told us that they had just bought a flat in Kings Langley, five miles away from Watford. If you take the tube, Central London is fifteen minutes away from Watford. If you drive, Watford is located at the intersection of M1 and M25. We listened in awe. The memories of our old days in England came flooding. We reminisced those days, longing to be young and carefree once again. I am happy for Azura. She had endured numerous hurdles before, especially when it comes to men. Lastly, she had solved the conundrum of love and found Ryan to spend the rest of her life with. Azura has always been and will always be, a profound believer in love. I left the dinner early as I have to put Luqman to bed. Deep inside, I know Azura will be fine. 

Friday morning with Rocky Bru

This morning, God shows me that he indeed has a sense of humour. I was sitting at Devi’s Corner with my usual cohorts, obsessing about how sorry I was for not being able to go to Rocky’s hearing yesterday. By now, my friends are rather annoyed with me for continuously raving about nothing else but the Bloggers United.  

Then, Rocky Bru himself cordially walked in Devi’s Corner! It must be him and I knew it. He walked with that nonchalant, cool and aloof attitude. But there is nothing aloof about that man. I rudely interrupted his breakfast and asked him everything I could think of. The man answered all of my questions with careful consideration and dignity. What I like most was when he told me about the first meeting he had with Tun Dr. Mahathir. You must meet this Rocky man personally. He is a lot more than just a blogger/journalist.  

I could go on until the cows go home but the man needed his breakfast. I left him to eat with heavy heart. I hope I can spend more time with him in the future. If only I don’t have to work for a living, I will be a full time blogger. Sadly, that’s not the case, as we speak I have mountains of unchecked files. Help me God.  

p/s: by the way Rocky, my partner thinks you are utterly cool (she has this thing about man with long hair since our university days). She wants to join the National Press Club because you are the President. I shot her down by asking “Well, are you a journalist?” she then made a face at me.

Justice for Rocky Bru!

What is it about this country? The way they are manipulating the main stream media is ludicrous. I grew up reading the NST and its various publications. My prowess in language has helped me throughout the law school and practice. I read everything printed on the said newspaper save for the sports news and computer’s section. I understand that the NSTP is a pro-government media that fact never bothers me before until they sue Rocky Bru and Jeff Ooi. What on earth are they thinking?  

Aren’t you journalists are like us lawyers? Your profession entrusts upon you an enormous duty to the public. Duty to report the truth, duty to uphold freedom of speech! I may be delusional for having such humble expectations from NST.  

Alas, the newspaper has stopped publishing my letters to the Editor. Perhaps they have noticed my comments and point of views in Rocky Bru’s blog. Honestly? I don’t give a damn. I wrote the letters merely because I was looking for a platform to sharpen my writing skills. I now have turned to blogging. At least I can write whatever I please, or am I kidding myself again?  

By the way, NST didn’t publish my complaint letter about Proton. Let me find it and post it here. Give me a while as I am still new to this whole blogging thing. Why can’t I complaint about the nasty product Proton is selling and I have been victimised? Ah, perhaps they are again, protecting the government. I rest my case.  

God Bless Rocky Bru and my fellow bloggers. I will walk with you anytime, anywhere.


Love, thy will be done


22nd January 2007 

“Ni yang I malas nak buat baik dengan you nih!”  

“What do you mean malas nak buat baik dengan I?” (I am still thinking that the exchange is a mere banter).  

“BECAUSE WE TEND TO FIGHT!” (in all seriousness and annoyance).   – A long uncomfortable silence ensued –

We often hurt the people we love most, and so the saying goes. Thinking that it is forgivable to be absolutely obnoxious to them. After all they are expected to understand us and our issues. Still, marriage is a lot of work that I have surely learnt.  

But sometimes I forget what tickles my spouse most. Just like tonight, I didn’t know what hit me in the face until his voice went few octaves higher. He no longer thinks that as two different persons who pledged to the sanctity of marriage together, we should be nice (that is without trying) to each other.  

Personally, I think it must have been quite a chore for him to be nice to me. It surely takes a great deal of effort just by trying to be nice to anyone. On the contrary, I don’t suffer from the curse of trying to be nice. In all naivety, I just like being around him, messing with him or just be my plain-annoying-self. 

I guess love has its cycle and after a while your spouse’s idiosyncrasies can get to you. But we must remember, respect must be gained in earnest. Words are indeed the most dangerous weapon and thus must be used with careful consideration. For words, once said, it no longer belong to you, it belongs to the person in front of you.  Honestly, I was hurt. I was constantly blamed for igniting the fights. Nevertheless, I for one cannot be angry for long thus I let it pass once too many times.

Experience has taught me an expensive lesson of being patient. Truthfully, I used to be very impatient person. I was easily angered and I found it rather hard to conceal my annoyance.  But marriage and motherhood have calmed me down in countless ways. Just like tonight, when it doesn’t take a genius to figure that the unpleasant exchange was uncalled for; but I will get up in the morning, forgive him and myself, take a shower, put on my make up, kiss him and my darling son good morning and subsequently go about doing my ordinary business of the day.  

If at all we need to draw a conclusion from this story, it should be, love forgives and love doesn’t keep scores. Sigh.