Justice for Rocky Bru!

What is it about this country? The way they are manipulating the main stream media is ludicrous. I grew up reading the NST and its various publications. My prowess in language has helped me throughout the law school and practice. I read everything printed on the said newspaper save for the sports news and computer’s section. I understand that the NSTP is a pro-government media that fact never bothers me before until they sue Rocky Bru and Jeff Ooi. What on earth are they thinking?  

Aren’t you journalists are like us lawyers? Your profession entrusts upon you an enormous duty to the public. Duty to report the truth, duty to uphold freedom of speech! I may be delusional for having such humble expectations from NST.  

Alas, the newspaper has stopped publishing my letters to the Editor. Perhaps they have noticed my comments and point of views in Rocky Bru’s blog. Honestly? I don’t give a damn. I wrote the letters merely because I was looking for a platform to sharpen my writing skills. I now have turned to blogging. At least I can write whatever I please, or am I kidding myself again?  

By the way, NST didn’t publish my complaint letter about Proton. Let me find it and post it here. Give me a while as I am still new to this whole blogging thing. Why can’t I complaint about the nasty product Proton is selling and I have been victimised? Ah, perhaps they are again, protecting the government. I rest my case.  

God Bless Rocky Bru and my fellow bloggers. I will walk with you anytime, anywhere.



6 thoughts on “Justice for Rocky Bru!

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  2. Hi Elviza,

    Nice to meet and talk to you yesterday at the Book launch evening.

    Keep up your blogging. How about your email address I can send some articles to ?


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