Friday morning with Rocky Bru

This morning, God shows me that he indeed has a sense of humour. I was sitting at Devi’s Corner with my usual cohorts, obsessing about how sorry I was for not being able to go to Rocky’s hearing yesterday. By now, my friends are rather annoyed with me for continuously raving about nothing else but the Bloggers United.  

Then, Rocky Bru himself cordially walked in Devi’s Corner! It must be him and I knew it. He walked with that nonchalant, cool and aloof attitude. But there is nothing aloof about that man. I rudely interrupted his breakfast and asked him everything I could think of. The man answered all of my questions with careful consideration and dignity. What I like most was when he told me about the first meeting he had with Tun Dr. Mahathir. You must meet this Rocky man personally. He is a lot more than just a blogger/journalist.  

I could go on until the cows go home but the man needed his breakfast. I left him to eat with heavy heart. I hope I can spend more time with him in the future. If only I don’t have to work for a living, I will be a full time blogger. Sadly, that’s not the case, as we speak I have mountains of unchecked files. Help me God.  

p/s: by the way Rocky, my partner thinks you are utterly cool (she has this thing about man with long hair since our university days). She wants to join the National Press Club because you are the President. I shot her down by asking “Well, are you a journalist?” she then made a face at me.


9 thoughts on “Friday morning with Rocky Bru

  1. hi, elviza,
    so you met the man himself. we are glad you are with bloggers united!
    keep on writing and blogging.

    take care

  2. Elviza,

    You were just like me when I first met ROCKy! Gushing and gushing. Apparently, I was told he has that effect on women, and a lot more men. (Read: Glark Gable of Pulau Duyong first encounter with Rocky).
    That’s why those four (very short) men are suing Rocky. They’re all very short.much much shorter than Mr Bru.. and that’s why NST has to be dragged in, to help all shorties to take on this 6ft 2.

  3. Dearest Nuraina,

    Thank you. I was reading Clark Gable of Pulau Duyong a while ago. Just out of curiosity, how do you a stay a “proper lady” at 1130 hour?

  4. Dearest Black Maria,

    I know what you mean Black Maria! If I m any fairer, I would blush and blush and blush!

    That’s what they say about short men, they try eveything to ensure the world would notice them!

    What’s your blog my friend?

  5. dear elviza,

    clark gable of pulau duyong, i am delighted to discover, is a most generous person.
    he peppers his (writing) piece with so many flattering words and description.
    i am not saying that you ought not believe him when he comes out with all those complimentary phrases et al. he is really sweet and captures the essence of the occasion.
    at 11.30pm? hmmmm……i am betting that he hardly ever catches women (who he has had to talk with) in petronas gas stations at that time.
    so i am inclined to believe that he is used to seeing women indoors at that time, all dishevelled in their lingerie, nightie or PJs..(though I may be wrong as that would be too over-dressed, given the time and place)
    Me “properly-dressed” in sensible t-shirt and jeans? that would make me looking a proper lady…

    hope to “bump” into you in Bangsar!

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