Azura Robinson

84 Stafford Street, Sheffield. Summer of 1997

Way back in 1991, Azura Manaf and I were just girls as we stood in line waiting for our turns to enroll ourselves at Maktab Rendah Sains Mara Kuala Terengganu. Even then, she was the tallest girl around and her presence exudes confidence. She wore the classically cut horned rimmed glasses that made her look a tad goody. We shook hands and introduced ourselves to each other. She was a metropolitan girl from Taman Tun Dr. Ismail and I was the “ulu” girl from Kuala Krai. Nonetheless, we got along like house on fire. She the introvert, me the extrovert.  

She was assigned to the good girls’ dorm – Kenanga. I, on the other hand, was assigned to the bad girls’ dorm – Cempaka. I can still vividly recall the day when me and few other outlaws were playing “bola selipar” in the raging monsoon rain outside our dorms. Azura just looked on and laughed at our little escapade. Of course, we were caught by the fierce Cikgu Zuriati. She mercilessly slashed a cane across our hands right there and then.

Azura and I were fated to go through all of our educational institutions together. We passed the nightmarish SPM examinations with flying colours. We struggled to get decent A-Level results. And of course, those glorious varsity years in Sheffield. In 1998 we graduated with honors and went our separate ways.

Today, she stood in front of me again. The girl I went to boarding school with has turned into a woman. Polished and absolutely beautiful. She compassionately hugged me and all of her old friends who turned up at The Social to celebrate her long-awaited return. She looked flustered from the excitements happening around her.  

She has spent the last ten years in the United Kingdom. Azura is married to her true love, Ryan Robinson. She is now known as Azura Robinson. She is attached to one of the largest insurance house in London – Crowford & Co. She gleefully told us that they had just bought a flat in Kings Langley, five miles away from Watford. If you take the tube, Central London is fifteen minutes away from Watford. If you drive, Watford is located at the intersection of M1 and M25. We listened in awe. The memories of our old days in England came flooding. We reminisced those days, longing to be young and carefree once again. I am happy for Azura. She had endured numerous hurdles before, especially when it comes to men. Lastly, she had solved the conundrum of love and found Ryan to spend the rest of her life with. Azura has always been and will always be, a profound believer in love. I left the dinner early as I have to put Luqman to bed. Deep inside, I know Azura will be fine. 


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  1. Hey K’ron! It must have been ages since we last met. Yeah, no one forgets Cikgu Zuriati. A mere mention of her name still gives me a fright.

    I browsed your URL last night. Wow, how many kids do you have? Alhamdullilah…rezeki.

    Ok, here’s her email
    She is still going to be in Malaysia till March 3rd. I m having lunch with her next friday. I ll tell her you said hello. Take care now

  2. hi elviza,

    In case you hadn’t been alerted — you have been tagged by CLark Gable of Pulau Duyong. Go to his blog and read his posting about being tagged.
    You have now to write 6 weird things about yourself and then tag 6 other people… er er…dont look at me, i have already been tagged.u have to tag people who have not been tagged.

    Have fun!!!

    P.S : just a silly little game..

  3. haha, the last time must have been the final day (or night!) in MRSMKT yeah?

    I have 2 children only. Does my blog show that I have more? 😉
    Kalau you tak busy, share lah your latest photo with your family here, or email?

    thanks for Azura’s email add.

  4. Azura = Ju Yeay?
    O man.. She was my dorm mate! Glad to read her story..

    Say hi to her too.. if she couldn’t remember me, tell her Ella’s die hard fan in Kenanga 😀

  5. Mish,

    U should’ve stayed with us that night with azura….i was a bit lost there but thank god i managed to entertain myself…(u know the details)…sabby joined us later that night and off we went to Bar Flam (though the choice of music there sucks)…we had fun dancing the night away…u really should be there

  6. Phewwww…..

    Tregezuet jap when i saw few names here…azniza ali,k’ron,ju-yeay,..
    who else?..Unforgettable memories…2007-1992..15 years back??!!

    Michelle, keep up the good work!…
    Oh Dd, pekaba kau skarang?…still kat epf eh?

    Feel free to ctc me kay…

  7. Dear K’ron, Dd & Intan,

    Yup she is the Azura Manaf – Juey (however you spell that!).

    The lunch is this Friday at Bangsar Didi, jemput sile join. Yang setakat ni confirm, budak2 kat sheffield dulu semua pegi. Bebudak MRSM so far belum ader confirmation.

    Thanks for the support. Drop by again people!

  8. May I Elviza? Here among all your old friends? Thanks.

    Hello all, I am a dad. A single one that is. Okay, I’ll go to that corner now, pretending to read my books. Should any of you would like to know what am reading, Elviza or ‘Mish” to some of you would be more than happy to fill you all in. She will be my agent from now on.

    Thank you again. Oh, carry on and don’t mind me.

  9. Hehehehehe haahahaha kikikikkikiik, I have to adore your courage Single Dad!

    By the way Elviza is my formal name. Also blatantly overused by my mother when I did wrong.

    Chelle – old friends from boarding school, college and varsity

    Mish – only my best friends address me with that

    Well, my full name is Elviza Michele Kamal. There you go, all cats out of the bag already.

    lastly, single dad, I think all of my friends above are married save for Ren.

    What say you Ren?

  10. Say nothing Ren. At least not yet. Look the other way round, pretend you don’t even notice me. Carry that blank look on your face, to indicate that you are oblivious to all this silly talk. Play hard to get. Make me sweat. Let me do all the works. Let me try and see if I even still have it in me to charm your… mom?

    Oh, sorry Ren. Where was my manners. Errr, now, which one of you is Ren by the way? Not the one commenting on me being the only one here who commented on your blog I hope. But am no longer alone, now that I have all the rest here too. Even though mostly already taken but we also have you here, Ren.

    I best carry on pretending to read before I over extended my welcome. Sorry all.

  11. Mish….

    I adore your courage to hint so blatantly of my single status to everyone (esp. Single Dad). Nonetheless i am truthfully and ‘blatantly’ single (so Single Dad, you can always try to charm me since i love being charmed). To the rest of you who doesn’t know me, i have a lot in common with elviza/mish esp. since our birthdays are just one day apart…and our complete adoration of books. That sonnet 116 (i think) by shakespeare is one of my favourite. Elviza/Mish posted it here i believe.

    Where are we gonna have lunch this friday?

  12. Dear God (praying fervently), please please please please make Single Dad marry Renny, please let them live happily ever after.

    Dear God again, please make single dad appear at our lunch this friday and please make Renny likes him…. please please, I ll be good after this. I try not ask for more. Amin

    Venue for Lunch this Friday? Anywhere in Bangsar

  13. woww..

    Intang?? DD?? DD let’s climb the water tank again.. hahahahha.. michelle, tell Juyeay that she, myself and DD climbed the water tank far in the wood behind our dorm. Later Kak Maz (Head of LDP) came to scold us kekekekeke so naughty la

  14. hei azniza….eh dulu nickname hang apa yek? niza ker? cam tak betul jek…
    …kita kan pelopor tangki itu!!!….
    visit me @
    baru balik dr t’ganu last weekend….jumpa mimi…bulat and as meriah as always…

    sorry chelle…jadi cam shout box lak blog hang ni….hehehehe
    btw, geng kt tak de yg join ker lunch tu?…rits? amy? liza?
    and suka la kat thumbnail u ngan Luqman….post kasi besar la…tak puas tengok….looks so motherly! ahaks…

  15. R e n . . .

    (He whispers her name, a whisper so soft that it got drowned by the strong wind rushing in through Mish’s opened car window. Been awhile now it stays that way, due to the aircond unit not functioning anymore. But that’s the least of his worries. He sped off. Not turning back even to see if she was looking his way. To disappear yet again, not a clue when he’s coming back, fervently praying and hoping his absence would make Ren’s heart grows fonder and missing him even more. If at all! He can only hope for it. Afetr all, hope is all that’s left for him.)

  16. Azniza and DD and Nieza,

    D, your kid cute weh…. lets plan a reunion again. I ll speak to Tg Iesta about it.

    I climbed the water tank too! With my “Set-7” gang. Let’s see whether I can name them accurately:-

    1) Harita Haris
    2) Nor Daliya Daud
    3) Nor Shamleeda Chamhuri
    4) Rozila Harip
    5) Fid (what’s her full name? arghhhhhh….)
    6) Elviza
    7) One MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who who who? My memory is failing me.

    We climbed the water tank, didnt get caught. We scratch our names with my gold pendant (if only my mother knew!).

    The view was to die for. We can see the boys hostel, back then my only interest is to “skodeng” asrama Cenderawasih! MRSM KT was an eye-bird view from the water tank. The jogging track was huge and afar. We could hear the waves from the nearby beach.

    Oh, I was young and foolish. At least, I have lived my life without regrets.

  17. Single Dad,

    I did hear your soft whisper….the wind carried it to my ears…so soft and sweet….(hmmm….maybe thats why i’ve been coughing?). Its either your careless whisper or some other drivers screaming at me for the way i drive. Why did u not turn back to see me waving at your departing sight leaving me with a heart so tender? Hoping against hope that one day we will meet and banish all these miseries….

    Mish is saying that now her blog has become ‘agensi bertemu jodoh’…

    Nice writing by the way, Single Dad. (I’m not much of a writer but too much of….)

  18. Nice one Chelle!!! She’s gonna come back to me with a head the size of a water melon now that she’s got her name up in lights 🙂

  19. It must be 3 years at least. U still living in Pantai Hill Park? I’ll be coming back with Azura next time for definite. Had some money issues this time round. Anyways, you got no plans to visit us in the UK? You’re always more than welcome. I think pakeeza is still open (just in case you need some incentive).

  20. “Nice writing by the way”, she said.

    NICE WRITING?!! *Sigh* If only she knew. If only. Took him hours, staring the blank space within this lil box here, with the title that says “Leave a Reply” and still not knowing what exactly he should write at that moment. In fact, he toyed with the idea of leaving even, instead of leaving her a reply. Yet, so determined he was, he persevered. The thought of writing something that would feed her soul and makes her glow while reading and hungry for more had him all fired up.

    And “Nice writing” was all she could mustered. While he instead, had that famous line on “failure is not an option!” echoing in his head to get him going. Even though he wasn’t so sure what writing to her had got to do with being a failure. Maybe not after all. The idea of failing her and not being able to live up to her expectations got him turning all pale suddenly. It’s scary indeed. So, he can’t give up now, got to make sure he puts something truly worthy for her reading pleasure (and her best friend’s, her best friend’s friends and all their friends too). Any chance of her dragging her mom to her computer’s screen too? He’s expecting way too much within such a short time already, he reminded himself.

    Oh, if only she knew too on the many times he had it rewritten and edited during the whole process of that “Nice writing” piece as she calls it, she could cry. Probably would already too. That, was the longest ever of the shortest ever piece he wrote. Why? All because he wanted her to feel every single living cell within him through those words. Words are all he could make her see, feel, hear and smell him for now. Probably ever!

    And what about this place becoming “agensi bertemu jodoh”? Whose idea was it calling this place that again? Wait a minute, this can’t be all that bad. From what he was told, this place got hit over 800 times everyday and probably more while this being written. Wow! Which means, there probably be many other “Rennys” and “Single Dads” out there too. And getting hit here! Now, this is good business as any! Why pay to all those cupid agencies when we could, say just charge half the usual fee they charging out there. I could bring in Sebastian, Zaks, Wong and the rest, while Ren all her girlfriends. Mish too. Everyone! Valentine is here to stay and it’s everyday. Draft the contract Mish. We both knew this legal thing you good at would come handy someday. We splitting by 3 or just between the 2 of us?

    Now, we got to think of a suitable name for this blog, ‘Write Away’ just don’t cut it anymore.

  21. Single Dad,

    You touched the very base of my heart with the confession of the agony u went through to write that piece of “nice writing”…Maybe i did not express completely what i think. Your “nice writing” had put a smile on me for the whole of last weekend…It was meaningful yet ever so fragile…Why would u ever think your writing could disappoint me or fail me?

    And now this writing is even more heartrending that if u could see me u would be glad u bothered to take some of your precious time to write away in elviza’s blog. Its amazing that a man could write his feelings so eloquently and so full of soul…(ever try becoming a scripwriter?)…

    Shall I speak out? Or is my love so well
    Known that it would be tedious to tell?
    Is my desire more obvious than I
    Desire? You know that secrecy was my
    Strong preference, until the day when we’re
    Free to enjoy each other without fear.
    But I dissemble badly: who could hide
    A fire whose brilliance cannot be denied?
    If you insist that I articulate
    The matter, ardent would describe my state.
    Forgive my frankness, please, and read the rest
    Not with a frowning face and lips compressed,
    But with that air which suits your beauty best.
    Your kind reception of this billet-doux
    Fills me with hopes you’ll treat me kindly, too,
    And that the queen of love made no mistake
    About this quest she bade me undertake –
    For, just in case you didn’t know, divine
    Protection of the highest kind is mine,
    And I am brought here by a god’s design.

    That was a snippet of the letter written by Paris to Helen…My heart just melts when i read it…

    Sorry to take up so much space. Maybe as Single Dad suggested u open this blog instead as “cupid’s arrows”. You’ll get more hits that way 🙂

  22. Ya ya ya Ren…..

    I still am not convinced that anyone would be remotely interested to read my crap except you.

    And you are reading it because you are too nice not to right????

    Given up on match making, you knew what happened the last time yanti and I tried to do that!

    See ya tomorrow

  23. “arghhh” *sigh*

    For all the pains…

    For all the agonies…

    For all the wishings…

    For all the wantings…

    For all the yearnings…

    For all the uncertainties…

  24. To Michelle, thanx millions for writing about poor ol me. Aku ni yang terbuang di negeri penjajah – ada jugak orang ingat lagi. That Friday night was wicked – made my trip back worthwhile. Thanx to those who turned up. Love you guys. Aku sorang-sorang kat sini tengah sejuk sayu je hati bila orang still ingat kat aku ni. Nasib baik la laki penyayang, rajin masakkan tomyam, gulai, rendang, kueytiau soup bila aku kempunan. To those who want to stay in touch, please do so – Walaupun dah 15 tahun ke, 10 tahun ke, we must always stay in touch okay geng. Next year aku balik ngan buah hati pengarang jantung aku ni, kita celebrate life puas-puas okay.
    Love you guys xxx

    Love ya too….

  25. I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on all these, I should have checked your blog sooner and not do my work. What was I thinking! This is definitely more fun!

    Ren…:) Ren, Ren, Ren… I’ve been telling you Mish, this thing can only happen to Renny, being swept off her feet by some guy in a blog!

    Compliments to you Single Dad, you sure have a way with words and you hit her right on the g-spot! (By ‘g’ I mean gatal – don’t be getting other ideas, at least not yet) I saw (or rather endured) the smiling face, followed by the glittering eyes and the little giggles which came out of nowhere, THE WHOLE OF LAST WEEK. ‘Last weekend’ is only her way of playing hard to get. Sorry to give you away Ren, if all goes well Monday we go for the spa massage thingy, ok, ok.

    Ryan & Azura, lets lepak some place nicer next year. I must admit, Bar Flam was a mistake. Should’ve gone to Heritage Row as planned. Just found out that Wine Room (in Heritage Row) is the place to go nowadays. A tad bit too late huh..

  26. This ‘g-spot’, not some kind of a coded word among the girls, he hopes. And for the life of him, he better be not getting any other ideas other than what he thought he already knew. That is, of it being about spot ‘A’ to spot ‘B’ or rather known as point to most. How does he get there even? Dare he ask Ren for direction? Must one do quite a bit of exploration, or traveling, passing through ‘A’ and all the way to ‘F’ before finally hitting, he means reaching the next station, which is ‘G’? Does it go in that order even? If it is similar to Monopoly board game, do he get to collect $200?

    Coded word tends to confuse and gives him migraine. If only there is a simpler way to understand what that ‘g-spot’ was all about. Must be a conspiracy to confuse guys. The last time when somebody told him to go get his ex-wife a ‘g-string’ to spice up their dwindling relationship, he almost quicken their divorce proceeding. How would he know, ‘g-string’ wasn’t about getting the alphabet ‘G’ from his son’s alphabets toy set and tie a string all around till it’s covered completely and then gift-wrapped it! And to think that he took the initiative and used purple ribbons instead of the usual raffia string.

    Till, and that too is a big ‘if’, Ren willing to share her ‘g-spot’ with him, he would have to wait and not letting his ignorance plays havoc with his mind. He had had enough with that ‘g-string’ debacle to last him his lifetime. He doesn’t need it to escalate, till it becomes his ‘anythinGphobic’. So again, best he not be getting any other ideas for now. At least, not yet.

    As hard as he tried, he still couldn’t picture it in his mind, of her smiling face. Those glitters in her eyes would have easily blinded him if she were standing right before him, while those eyes piercing right through him. He wondered too, if those were like the glittering of stars in the darkest of a night? Would it be corny, if he told her he wanna pluck each and every single star he saw in her eyes? Now he understood, this must be how it felt like when those composers and lyricist getting all inspired when they putting words together to their songs.

    He bet too, her giggles would have rhymed beautifully with his words. God, all this just getting better! Now, if only he could ‘hear’ the tune to her giggling, this he is so sure of would be a hit song. A song that would be listed among all time favorites as a wedding song, a song couples would play or request during romantic dinner or just spending time together, or while searching that holly ‘g’rail that her friend called ‘g-spot’.
    Gosh, how did he get here? If this were a spot, or a point as he mentioned earlier, where would he be by now? ‘C’, ‘D’, ‘E’ or that elusive and mind-numbing ‘G’? Here he sits, mumbling all this silliness in his head while his fingers tap-dance on the keyboard. Thank god, no one was looking his way for if anybody did, she or he would have seen how stupid he looks when grinning and smirking all by himself. This can’t be it. What was he thinking of? After all, she wouldn’t fall for mere words. Or letting herself being swept off her feet. Nah, no way this is going to happen. Especially, not by ‘some guy in a blog’.

    PS: Here, a song for you Ren. Don’t ever stop the glitters…

    In Your Eyes
    (George Benson)

    I think I finally know you
    I can see beyond your smile
    I think that I can show you
    That what we have is still worthwhile
    Don’t you know that love’s just like the thread
    That keeps unravelling but then
    It ties us back together in the end

    In your eyes, I can see my dream’s reflections
    In your eyes, found the answers to my questions
    In your eyes, I can see the reasons why our love’s alive
    In your eyes, we’re drifting safely back to shore
    And I think I’ve finally learned to love you more

    You warned me that life changes
    That no one really knows
    Whether time would make us strangers
    Or whether time would make us grow
    Even though the winds of time will change
    In a world where nothing stays the same
    Through it all our love will still remain

    In your eyes, I can see the reasons why our love’s alive
    In your eyes, we’re drifting safely back to shore
    And I think I’ve finally learned to love you more

  27. Dear, dear, dear Single Dad (and to all those who leak secrets about me),

    The so called ‘g-spot’ is as elusive as the shadows of the wind. However, those lovely words springing from the tap-dancing on the keyboard have managed to get him from A-spot to C-spot and that (impressively) is not as easily reachable as others (yen, mish and the whole world) might think. He needs no direction to get to her elusive “g-spot’, he’s doing just fine on his own. Without ever meeting him or talking to him, her mind and attention are ensnared and its getting harder and harder to sneak her way out of it. Without him knowing he has endearingly inched into her existence by mere words, something others have difficulty in achieving.

    Then she begins to wonder what it feels like to finally have a real conversation with him? Would he be the same person in the blog or would he turn out to be just like the rest of them out there who manipulate words to get what they want and discard when they’re done?

    An alphabet, be it G or otherwise wrapped around in purple ribbons would be as endearing and meaningful as a pebble on the beach if it is accompanied by sweet memory. The silliest gift is usually the most treasured as it comes attached with an unfulfilled dream. Dreams that one day all wishes and hopes will come true.

    Twinkles and sparkles in her eyes are especially reserved for those who know where and how to find them. Smiles are abound yet not fully comprehended by the blind. She gets twinkles in her eyes when she read what he wrote. To think he would spare a fraction of his time thinking about her…smiles, giggles, twinkles and all just come rushing to her person. A rare and extraordinary glow surrounding her (blinding and irritating the likes of mish and yen).

    A moment ago while she was writing this and thinking of him a man came in, a fortune teller (might be bogus). He said her face is radiant…could it be due to her mind being full of him? What would he find when he finally see her? What would his fine words say?

    She is no match to him when it comes to wordplay but she tries… Grateful that such a person could be considerate enough to write something so lovely in her favour. She will treasure the song above (In Your Eyes) and every single time she hears it there will only be one person in her mind and in her eyes…

    Oh go on, never you mind me, I am just taking a peep on whats going on here 🙂

  28. Hey Azura Robinson,

    Do you remember me?
    I remember you la.

    We met in Mawar last time eat Kueh Tiaw Bandung kan,
    eh eh eh, you so popular ek.

    Long time no hear.

    Keep in touch eh,


    Zila… zila….zila….hmmmm….ahhh…ish, ok I give up, my memory failed me. Are you in the e group Zila?

  29. Assalamualaikum everyone!!

    Gee, this is the first time I’m gonna write here in Mish’s blog. Kudos to the timeless Mish, your efforts in establishing this blog is greatly appreciated. Sorry for not attempting to write something earlier. I was and still am swamped with everything…heheheh… Talk ‘bout riches of life eh…. What are they… love, children, career, money, friends, family???

    And I also want to congratulate you, Yen & Ren on your new office. Although it’s further away from the ‘Big Apple’ (KL laaa… mana adanya New York kat sini…), but somehow now, it’s closer to our home (by our, I mean Zeera & I). Just wondering whether you guys gonna move (relocate) around there as well or remain at you respective places.

    Orait, secondly, aku nak ucapkan belated tima kasih to those yang hari tu datang lepak ngan Azura Robinson kat The Village View. And sorry for retiring a tad early.. the kids were sleepy. I heard Hurain, Muz, Jojo & Helmi, Din & Zura herself, stayed until 4!! Nanti kalau aku free sikit, boleh le aku uploadkan gambar kat sana dalam our pakeeza lovers site.

    And reading ‘bout ex-MRSM KT punya student kat dalam blog ni, I just wanna share with ya’ll that I know a guy, from your batch Mish, who opens a nice restaurant in Taman Equine near my area. I’ve forgot his name but he’s the same age as Zeera an you. So I assume he’s from your batch. Maybe tonite I’ll lepak there with Raul or Zeera and ask one the waitresses the taukeh’s name.

    Heh… tak ada idea le this time… maybe next time I’ll write some more. Mish, kim salam to Jeff and kiss Luqman for me… ait…


    I am timeless? Wow….
    Yeah I know the guy yg kat Equine tu, the name Kama Rezmi

  30. My my my, Single Dad you’re hilarious! Reading your postings got me giggling, and at times, close to tears (shamelessly I admit). My office mates must have thought that I’ve lost my mind from spitting out too much brain when arguing with clients. Man, you’re good. I can only imagine Renny’s expression while reading your messages. Somewhat the opposite of mine… or may be the same…. Hmmm… anything wrong with my masculinity? Hope not… My wife would laugh her head off if she’s here looking at my face while reading all these heartfelt pieces. To Zeera… rilek laa Bie… You know I’m not all oak when it comes to sappy stuffs. Or may be I’ll get her to read all this so I can better imagine other female bloggers’ expressions while reading these postings. (especially those who I know…) And to Mish… seriously girl… you can make big bucks out of this.

    Ryan & Zura!!! Wei guys!! R u following all this? Ryan, you’ve got to come back here with Zura next time you guys on long holiday. In case you’re wondering who the heck this is, remember the guy whose tonsil betrayed him on the stage of Loughborough’s Battle of The Band? The other guitarist who wasn’t bald? Yup, I’m that guy. Yusri is the name. And the two piece band thing, that was in Winter ’98, 9 years and 4 kids ago!!

    Now Zura… Does Ryan seriously cook all those dishes you’ve mentioned? Wow!! Next time you’re here, I’m handing him an apron and ushered him straight to the kitchen. We’d love to taste an English dude’s dishes, especially when the food is Malaysian. And thanks for spending time with us during your brief return home. Although some of us couldn’t join you during the “Girls’ Nite Out” gig, but the evening at Village View wasn’t bad at all, was it? I mean… good food, nice setting especially for kids… YOU were there, the highlight of the evening, my best friends also came…Thanks a bunch. Let’s do that again next time… with Mr. Robinson present!

    *** Is “No-en” initial (somewhere in one of the topics) belongs to whom I think it belongs to? The little “Hurricane from Cardiff”?


    Of course is she is that little hurricane. How many no-ens do we know anyway?

  31. Hi Yusri, I remember you still doing an excellent job of impersonating Tina Arena despite tonsil problems. 🙂

    Four kids!? Wow. I bet you’re exhausted.

    Next time mate, next time. I’ll cook you some good old fashioned English style kari ayam when we’re over next.

  32. Yus,

    If u haven’t heard, i’m no longer with yen & mish in elviza renny & faizal. I’ve left the firm last year and now with a new firm e d louis & associates, still in bangsar though. My new partner is also from sheffield.

    Say hi to zeera and kids.

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  34. I knew Azura in Sheffield and we spent some time together. I have to say that at that time my life was so busy because a month after I last saw Azura I was readying myself with fulltime training to go and help with the situation in Kosovo.

    I never got to say goodbye to Azura or explain one or two things and I have always regretted it. She was a genuine person and it’s nice to hear she’s found happiness.

  35. Hi Michelle,

    I’m Ms. Jen (Jenifah). I taught in MRSK KT from 90-93. Then I went to Kuwait (93-2000). I remember you. Do you remember me? I taught the twins Zaimanoora & Bazman, and Husman, Tg Iesta, Dance (cannot remember her real name!!!)…etc. I have lost touch with EVERYONE. I met Cikgu Zuriati in 2000-2003 when I worked at Sunway College-WMU. It was kinda fun to meet with her.

    If you can hook me up with my long lost students, that would be great!

    Hi Ms. Jen,

    Of course I remember you fine 🙂

    My batch is still pretty much in touch with each other. We did a reunion last 5 years and Pengetua Wan Tik came as our guest of honour. We were so delighted.

    Saw Tg. Iesta last Saturday. Saw Bazman during buka puasa last month. We have an egroup to keep in touch or mnostly we just shout at each other via facebook.

    Please email me your details to or so that I could tell the rest.

    Oh, am so dying to meet Cikgu Zuriati. Nak mintak maaf sebab dulu nakal sangat dan menyusahkan dia a lot!

  36. Hi Azura I hope you will remember me. I lived in Flat 7,13 Belsize Grove,London NW34UX. You kindly visited me to inspect damage to our flat from water ingress from roof. You OK’d the job to be done after asking me to get two quotes. When I received the two quotes you asked me to accept the cheaper one which you said was quite reasonable. I then proceeded with the works. Almost a year and a half on Crawfords will not pay for the damage. I am being harassed by the contaractors. The roofing repairer will give a report if necessary. Please could you contact me as I am so upset by the whole matter. I really do not understand why this problem remains unsettled. Please could you just acknowledge this concern of mine and contact me. My email is I do wish the best for you and your family in your new Life! Kind regards Caroline Bartl

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