The Tag Woes


Ah, I thought by keeping quiet on this tag thing I will be left alone. After all, I am new to this blogging phenomenon. Admittedly, I have been reading all of the other bloggers posting on this tag and laughed alone.  

Alas, my frequent visits to the blog of Clark Gable of Pulau Duyong have proven to be fatal. I am now dragged into confessing my dark secrets. Huaaaaaa!!!!  I have to agree with Sheih, people always tell me that I am weird. That perplexed me. Seriously, I don’t think I am weird at all. However, here’s the list.  

Weird Thing 1I learn musical notes at the age of 30. My passion in music is hereditary as my father and paternal grandmother were both self taught musicians. My parents couldn’t afford the musical class when I was a kid. Now that I can, I happily enrolled myself at Yamaha Music School. The music class is one thing I look forward to every week. Instrument I am crazy about; the keyboard.  

Weird Thing 2Yes, I am 32 and crazy about Harry Potter books. I read each and every Harry Potter book that Rowling woman wrote. Right now I am rereading (classic case of being too broke to buy a new book!) Harry Potter – Order of the Phoenix in anticipation of its movie release this summer. Frankly speaking, I think she is insane if she kills the Potter boy in the last book. Don’t be nasty Rowling!  

Weird Thing 3I am obsessed with buying shoes but I hardly wear them. Everyday, my favourite choice is the Mary Jane Crocs. Seriously people, give crocs a try. It is as light as a feather. My feet have been liberated by crocs.  

Weird Thing 4I sleep with my eyes opened. People tell me this all the time – my family, my friends in boarding school, my friends in college, my friends in university and now my husband. He says I scare the hell out of him. Now my son is sleeping with his eyes opened. Good boy Luqman!  

Weird Thing 5I write everything with pencil and I am left handed (is that weird?). As we speak, I have about 50 pencils in my pencil stand. I have a battery operated pencil-sharpener. I think the sharpener is damn cool. I collect pencils every where I go. I love pencils. My partners in the office would steal anything from my cubicle but the pencils. If my pencil is missing, I turn to be the wicked Lord Voldemort.  

Weird Thing 6I rather die a thousand deaths than be without a book and/or printed materials. The place I love most in my apartment is my library. I can’t pass a bookshop without stopping and I surely buy something before I leave. Seriously, I am on the brink of bankruptcy here.   

 I now tag the followings:-  


ii.Black Maria

iii. Typhoonsue

iv. Single Dad

v. Malik Imptiaz (am I allowed to tag him? I really want to know his weird stuff) vi. Can’t think of anyone else right now – sorry Nuraina.


15 thoughts on “The Tag Woes

  1. No no no…. I am sure you are not. My friends say I am weird when it comes to pencils because I am obssessed about it!

    I never go anywhere without a pencil in my handbag

  2. Let this be a warning to all ‘Mat Rempits’! Stay away from her, banish the thought of snatching her handbag, unless you all love the idea of having 2 long sharp pencils in your eye sockets. It could have been elsewhere and I know it gonna be a place where it hurts the most.

    You have been warned!

    PS: Read that line on “I never go anywhere without a pencil in my handbag” and recite it to sleep. Goodnight and sleep tight. If you can even get some!

  3. Oh come on now CJ…… you know I ll do this!!!

    Kikikiki heehehehe haahahahaha…….


    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA! (I love this game, its wicked)

  4. aaah elviza,

    you really owe me teh tarik!
    I’ve already been tagged. Now you are tagging me. How? is it allowed? does it mean i can repeat the 6 weird things about me (which I have posted in my blog)? or find 6 other weird things?
    hmmm, at the end of it, i’ll win the prize for being the weirdest of the weird… and I am almost already there, as it is. God help me!
    thank you, my friend… yep…a wicked game. well as they say. enjoy it while you can, or go completely crazy.

  5. quite the opposite, i retired from being a musician at 30.
    still, all best to you. inshaAllah, mencari ilmu itu tak kira umur.

  6. Mish,

    I never realise we really do have a lot in common. Weirds 4, 5 & 6 are so related to me. Guess what…i’ve got more pencils now…seriously we cant never have enough pencils…though the guys in my office keep stealing them but since none of them have pencils i know they belong to me…

    I have come up with the idea for your birthday present this year…jeng jeng jeng… menjolok mata u…

    Another weird thing that u do is your obsession with all things related to stationery…there has got to be something to buy everyday from the now famous Czip Lee…

  7. You just realised that we are alike???? Silly girl. Don’t tell people about my obsession with Czip Lee Ren! Malu lah weh.

    If they have weird thing 7, I put there, I like to read outloud and its pissing people off. Haahahahaha!

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