A hiatus

I will be on a brief hiatus for the following reasons:-

(i) I am way behind with my work. I am a procrastinator. Period.

(ii) The office tenancy has expired. The firm has to move. Sigh.

(iii) I have to plan Luqman’s 1st birthday. I know, I know it is a month away but the kid in me is dying to plan it right now.

With heavy heart, I am now working and answering screaming clients.


10 thoughts on “A hiatus

  1. It’ll be a sad, sad day when u have to move the firm to my hometown. Though it’d be closer to my house but u know me…i’m always here in bangsar. How are u gonna run away from apai and hide in my new office? There goes all our teh tariks and won’t u miss Bangsar Village II?

    A HUGE kiss to my godson! Miss that little scowler… I will definitely get him a book for his birthday (nothing with Barney since i’ve banned Barney from ever entering my line of vision)…

  2. oh… we’re gonna miss you.
    take care and don’t work toooooo hard. and plan a great party for luqman. i know i enjoyed planning brithday parties for my nieces and nephews and later my own kids.
    if you feel like taking a break…just B L O G…

  3. Thanks Nuraina….. got to work because lawyering is to pay bills. The real life is blogging! Hehehehhehe… But I ll still read 3540 Jalan Sudin everyday.


    Yeah I read about it. Will go soon.


    I know…. I dont want to leave Bangsar 😦 but the partnership has decided on Prima Saujana. Majority prevails. You know the drill. I will put a posting soon on my break up with Bangsar. Huaaaaaaa…..

    Yeah, the little scowler is going to the CNY Dinner at Raja Eleena with me tomorrow. The old bosses are dying to give him the ang pow. I am gonna take the money!

  4. leaving bangsar? poor u! i still miss pusat andar damansara after bout almost 4 yrs pindah to jalan duta…hahahahha inikan pula bangsar!! btw, which prima saujana? sg buloh or kajang? is there any prima saujana in sg buloh..or is it saujana impian…confuse la…
    and zillion thanks for giving azura my number! smalam we chat like mad women…sampai my baby nangis dengar i gelak + jerit2…masa u call pon dia nangis kan…hahahahahah…manja!
    btw, my iman is 10 mths…nanti skolah skali ngan luqman….

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