Let us hope – National Education Blueprint

I have been religiously following the debates about the controversial National Education Blueprint as it would directly affect my ten-month-old son in six years time. Contrary to the current trend of sending children to private schools, I for one, still believe in the government schools to produce wholesome citizens in the future.  

Personally, I think that the current education system has many rooms for improvements and the new National Education Blueprint is long overdue. I applaud the Ministry’s effort to revamp the current system. What I now feel compelled to voice my concern is over the attitude of certain teachers.

My nine year old cousin refused to go to school one morning and I asked him why? This has been going on for quite sometimes – his refusal to go to school. I was aghast when he told me that the teacher called him “stupid” in front of his classmates because he couldn’t write or read as well as his other counterparts.   If at all he is really stupid, in which I strongly believe that no one is, where is the teacher’s compassion towards his/her pupils?

Children, too, must be treated with respect. They may be small but they are the ones who are shaping Malaysia’s future. Vision 2020 will not be realized if the Ministry keeps hiring teachers who desire to teach smart pupils only.  

What we need more are teachers like my Cikgu Fabillah. This great teacher who knew my aversion to Chemistry, actually went up to my dorm from time to time to personally teach me that dreary subject. She was single handedly responsible for my excellent chemistry result in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia.  

In all fairness, the National Education Blueprint would come true if supported by pillars of dedicated teachers. Teaching, after all, is the noblest profession in the world. Parents too, should not shift all the burdens onto the teachers’ shoulders. You are the first teacher for your children. What set us apart from the rest is our ability to put things into perspective.   Children are just like white canvas. It is up to the parents how they want to paint it. I am still optimistic in so far as the National Education Blueprint is concerned.

I am also glad to be a part of this watershed moment in Malaysian Education System. Good luck to the Ministry of Education.  


2 thoughts on “Let us hope – National Education Blueprint

  1. hi elviza,
    nice to see you back from your hiatus, as you call it. hope you managed to have everything done.

    i have so much to say about the malaysian education system. i am a product of one. so are my siblings and my friends. we turned out ok. some more than ok. others excellent.
    but that was the system in the 60s and 70s. unfortunately when the system should improve with time, it did not.
    still, i have confidence in the system.

    however, i must tell you that i always like to have a look at my children’s textbooks — from when they were in primary school. Now they are in secondary school.

    God! no wonder pupils/students lose interest.
    that aside, (because the debate can never end just yet) my concern is the level of english in the english syllabus and the crazy level of bahasa melayu.
    whatever their objective, it sucks.

    you know elviza, I am totally dead against physical punishment on students.
    a long time ago, i marched into the room of the headmistress in my niece’s school to complain about her teacher pinching her stomache because she could not recite her times table or sifir (whtever). she was in std 6.
    to me, that was not an appropriate punishment, if at all that warranted any punishment. so if she could not remember more sifir, you’re gonna hit her head?
    tell me, would the teacher mind if i did the same to her?

    and when my daughter, then in STD ONE, was hit on the hand by her teacher for not doing her correction correctly, i was not angry. i was appalled.
    YOU DO NOT HIT A CHILD FOR THAT. I was going to ask her if i could do the same to her, or her child.
    But i settled for going to the headmistress instead.
    in no uncertain terms, i told the headmistress ever so nicely that i did not like what was done to my child, or any child for that matter.
    by condoning this kind of thing, my daughter would learn that physical violence was acceptable for a very minor offence, if you could call it that.
    etc etc

    now my daughter is in form 3. her ustazah will one day be cited for molest.
    you know, she would touch the girls’ you-know-what at you-know-where to ascertain whether they are telling the truth tht they are menstruating when they say they cannot perform prayers.
    i told her i cannot fight her battle for her just yet until her ustazah really gets out of hand.i told her she has to tell off the ustazah herself the next time she does that.
    can you see how askewed the teaching of ugama is?
    what kind of image is my daughter getting of a supposed pious woman?

    and on and on,elviza

    so there, elviza. wow … thank you for listening..

  2. Dearest Nuraina….

    Dear dear… oh my. Now I am really worried.

    I ll listen to you anytime my friend. I am so honoured that you blogrolled me (malu….tapi mahu!)…

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