A Poem to the Minister

In light of the recent sanctimonious statement made by the Tourism Minister, I humbly dedicate this poem to him. Poetry isn’t my forte but I will do my best. 

 Have you forgotten the strength of Khadijah in Muhammad’s life?  

 Have you not heard the sacrifices made by Florence Nightingale?  

Have you not learnt anything from the love story of Romeo & Juliet?  

Can you not feel the honour of Siti Nurbaya in her love towards Shamsul Bahri?  

Can you not taste the spirits of Marianne Dashwood in Sense & Sensibility?  

Can you not see the compassion in Mother Theresa’s eyes?  

Have you not heard of Queen Isabella in famous Columbus Voyage? 

Have you not learnt about the courageous Aisyah Ghani? 

Your ignorance, dear Sir, is indeed a  bliss.  

To all the women bloggers out there – to name a few Susan Loone, Datuk Marina, Lulu of What a Lulu, Acciaccatura, Nuraina A. Samad and TyphoonSue – I stand by you. I end this posting with a quote from the great Shakespeare:  ‘Women are the books, the arts, the academies, that show, contain and nourish all the world.’

Please click the following links Nuraina A Samad, Rantings by Marina Mahathir, Susan Loone, Elizabeth Wong, Acciccatura, LuLu and TyphoonSue.


8 thoughts on “A Poem to the Minister

  1. hi elviza,

    can i answer the questions for him?

    — he has never heard of all these women.

    thank you. elviza…

    Hi Kak Ena, I know I am wasting good valuable time on him!

  2. To utter such words, he has forgotten that he came from the womb of a woman. What a pity, what a shame … i feel sad for the women in his life.

    hello, thanks for dropping by. I concur with you, I pity the women in his life

  3. oh elviza dear…

    what a nice poem and how true?
    probably never heard about these women…

    poetry not your forte? but you have done well!!! 🙂

    yeah Susan, I m sure that dimwit have never heard of these women, otherwise how could he be so @#$^^&!!

  4. Dear Elviza,

    Never has words uttered summed up the total intelligence of one’s cranial content as those words uttered by him. Its all foul smelling air!!

    Dear Mr. Clark,

    Thank you for the support – read your posting about it.

  5. i can’t believe “that” came from a Minister! Does he not think before he speaks????

    No K’ron, apparently he does not think at all for that matters. Hope you and the kids are fine. How s the weather up in the freezing continent? 🙂

  6. the bright sun can be very deceiving over here. We went out just now thinking it would be a lovely outing in the sunshine. But it was still FREEZING! Bila nak cuti-cuti UK??

    Hey friend, macamana nak cuti2 UK….duit kena kali tujuh tuh! and now I cannot just pack and leave as I please (how I long for those time), must pack Luqman and the father as well!

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