Yup, I can now vote!

Three elections came and went since I reached the age of 21. The first election doesn’t count as I was abroad studying. The last two elections? Well, I have no plausible reasons as to why I did not vote. Plain lazy.

Thanks to my recent obsession of blogging – I registered myself as a voter today after being drilled by Rocky Bru, Sheih, Pasquale, and A Voice. As we speak, I am now in the Malaysian electoral roll.

It took just seven minutes to be registered at Bangsar Baru Post Office. Thought I share this information to those who are still looking for places to register themselves. There you go Malaysians, exercise your right or forever be prepared to hold your peace.


6 thoughts on “Yup, I can now vote!

  1. actually, you will only be in the electoral roll after 3 months. let’s hope no snap elections before that and we’ll all exercise our constitutional right togedder-gedder šŸ™‚

    Dear Politikus, yeah I heard about the 3 months thing. I am praying for no snap election

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