PDRM, Please!



*Pictures courtesy of Lulu

This week wasn’t exactly a bed of roses for me. I was scheduled to attend Jalan Raja Court from tuesday right up to friday. Albeit the plentiful of notices being emblazoned on the major roads’ electronic board, the traffic chaos in the city center was still unspeakable.

Please, PDRM. I rejoice with you in celebrating your 200th birthday or whatever it is you are celebrating this sunday. But do have mercy on us the lowly employed citizens. You have no idea what a nightmare it is to be late to court. The judgmental look I will be getting from the intepreter- issues on court intrepters would need a posting on  its own- would haunt me for the next few weeks. The baffled face of the judge would send a shiver down my spine. Worse, if he decides to reprimand me.

Now PDRM, I do understand that we have to co-exist in this great city of Kuala Lumpur. But must you rehearse on the main roads in the city center from tuesday to friday for your big day? Don’t let me start on your extravagant style in spending the public’s money – you’ll hear no end of it.

I know, I heard your suggestion of me taking the LRT. Allow me to have my take on that, I previously took the LRT to court for its speed and convenience. Not to mention it is more economical riding the train than paying the exorbitant parking fees at Dataran Merdeka. However, one day I made up the statistic of the KLites being stranded in the LRT for technical defaults. 

The catastrophe? My case was struck out. Subsequently, along came the screaming clients and an application to reinstate the unfortunate suit. That my friend, would cost me money and raise my blood pressure unnecessarily. Enough said, I never ride the train again.

I am of the view that if you must rehearse, could you please do it in a more appropriate place. May I suggest Putrajaya around 9.30 am? The public services departments are already in their buildings working hard (I pray fervently) and you won’t cause any heart ache on lawyers. So what do you think PDRM?


4 thoughts on “PDRM, Please!

  1. Sometimes I still have the vision of friends going to work in our old school uniform. This time, our own EM in blue top and dark blue skirt rushing to court… huhu…

    Wicked sense of humour my friend

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  3. Are you sure this photo is taken in Malaysia? I’ve never seen our enforcers wearing these uniforms. And those people doesn’t even look like Malaysians. I mean, for god’s sake when was the last time you saw a bicycle that have a basket infront? in Malaysia? Please lah!

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