Mirror mirror on the wall…

I am in a search of yet another skin care product for my belligerent skin. In this futile war of trying to stop the aging process and and multi-colour spots on my face, I have used numerous products. You name it: I have used them all. From the most expensive of range to the cheapest set. As my friend Yanti wisely put it “if La Mer doesn’t work on you mate, you might as well apply hazeline snow.” I pouted in protest.

As I was browsing the sparkling rows of cosmetic counters at I-Setan KLCC last thursday, I couldn’t help but notice the proliferation of whitening products in front of me. I mean, women now are being measured by the sheer whiteness of their skins? That’s outrageous! I thought. I saw the advertisment by SK II and the white-as-ghost-face of Sami Cheng. No offence to her fan club, but I seriously think that she looks too white to be real.

Back to the time when I was growing up with my younger sister, I remember this audacios Cikgu Bedah (grandma’s neighbour) saying, “oh (she gaped momentarily to reflect her state of horror/shock) adek dia puteh… Kakak dia…hmm…takpelah…nak buat macamana.”

My point of contention being, since time in memorial, fairer persons are deemed prettier. The fact that I was born mocca-colour is to my disadvantage. Another friend of Ayah said this, “She’s the one with the brain but her sister is just gorgeous.”

Hey you insensitive lot, stop talking as though I am not here! I muttered to myself. There you go, I grew up thinking that I am an ugly duckling. The Star featured a segment titled “The fight over whiter skin” on saturday 24th March 2007. All of the leading make up counters have their own line of whitening products to appease women.

However, a representative of Estee Lauder was quoted to say, “the key functions of any brightening regime is to restore your skin’s natural complexion, clarity and radiance. Making your skin six shades lighter is virtually impossible.” That is one realist speaking. At least her words sound believeable.

Skin care apart, I am really concerned with the current trend of worshipping whiteness. Personally, I don’t think beauty depends on the whiteness of your skin. Smooth, flawless complexion, regardless of the colour, is still the best bet for me. After all, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder or so the saying goes. In the meantime, I will continue the search of yet another skin care products and struggle to remain indifference to all of the whitening products.


9 thoughts on “Mirror mirror on the wall…

  1. true but so sad that skin colour is still one of life’s greatest prejudices.
    i don’t think this will ever stop.
    is it human nature? i’d hate to believe that it is.
    we are all products of our upbringing, of values instilled in us.
    So, I believe this prejudice does have a shelf-life.

    Your problem skin?
    Elviza, i think you must stop looking at the mirror too many times!
    And yes, beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder.

    Hi Kak Ena…. my vanity hits me seasonally, so right now I m vain…

  2. elviza,
    i actually contradicted myself, earlier…
    i really believe that such prejudice will not end simply because having prejudices is human.
    then, again, I know I could be so wrong.And I hope I am so wrong.

    Macam tu lah.

    Got your point Kak Ena, no worries

  3. ye lah elviza. everything nowadays come with the word ‘white’. except ‘bedak sejuk’!
    it’s the school’s sports day this weekend. so, it’s sports practice everyday. besides coming home with their clothes dirty like it’s musim menuai, the girls were beautifully tanned!

    LOL. I havent seen bedak sejuk for a long time. Sigh. Missing my grandma

  4. Mich, Amy here..yeah, the Amy who share the same DOB as urs.
    Been reading ur blog but didn’t have time to leave any comment.
    Am looking for something for my face too. Can’t really decide, but
    i don’t think u need anything for ur face. Dah cukup lawa!!

    I know you Amy….without the explanation. Not so many ppl share my bday though except you and my son. And please, you havent met me after maternity – thats when the multi colour spots take over!

  5. Dear Elviza,
    You should see some people who went out all wrap up to avoid the sun,its becoming so ridiculous.

    I totally agree that the beauty lies n the eyes of the beholder….

    Why am I commenting on female issue like this?

    Beat me…. as am quite mocha shade myself now that i’ve been sunbathing in Pulau Duyong as Mek Salleh certainly enjoys the coppertone shade of their skin.

    Human with their flaws thinking.

    See people, told you this man is charming. good day Mr. Clark.

  6. clark gable, sometimes it is good to go out all wrapped up to avoid the sun. I say this because everytime i go out to the swimming pool, i come back looking like a tapir! Gotta get myself one of those full body suits that cover from head to toe to avoid uneven tanning, or else, for a very very even tan, go skinny dipping!

    elviza, that’s the very nature of our society since zaman nenek moyang kita dulu lagi. and now, what with fair and lovely getting primetime airing everyday and night, the idea is further reinforced into the brains of our young ones. Just look at the models in all our TV commercials, any one of them hitam manis?

    He he he…Sue, only you would come up with “i come back looking like tapir” LOL

  7. Instinctively, I would choose the shaded spot for picnics or open-air outings. Too wrong in the UK!

    p/s: I don’t give a toss about “whitening” stuff – except for choosing for my toothpaste (errkkk guilty). And I do remember a couple of occasions when mat saleh friends passed comments like this to me, “You have nice tan”

    (haha! they think it’s fake or what?)

    And hey, beauty is more than just skin deep.

    Hey friend, course you dont give a toss about it. you puteh enough already what….

  8. Sesat plak kat sini. Nie Apalaa sibuk-sibuk nak putihkan muka nie? Asal putih aje oghang cakap cantik. Secara sedar atau tidak produk produk kecantikan tu la yang mempromosikan bigotry alaf baru. Susah-susah ikut aaje macam Michael Jackson tu. Nak sangattt jadi putih. Oh, tapi nak jaga muka jangan kedut ok jugak Kalau x nanti laki toleh yang lain. Nenek aku dah umur 70 tahun masih nampak macam muka 69 tahun sebab dia tenyeh muka dia dengan timun dua tiga kali semingggu.

    Pisang Nangka,

    Ok I approve you this time just to answer you, next time I ll spam you without further ado. Orang tua2 kata, kalau masuk rumah orang, biarlah bersalam, bahasa kita mesti cantek supaya orang hormat. Sadly, I dont think you ever heard of that. I am not about to give you a moral lesson since we are all adults. However, I must say that you don’t understand my posting and honestly I didnt think you read the contents in its entirety.

    Please Pisang Nangka, kalau nak bercakap, biar berlapik jangan sampai orang tegur. Tak manis. Nenek you mesti setuju dengan I. Please be reminded that this is MY SPACE and hence I can write whatever I please. If you want to write your rude thinking, please do so in your blogs because I certainly would not take crap from you.

    Lain kali bagi salam dulu yer…kita kan orang melayu yang berbudi bahasa? Kalau kita berbudi bahasa, walaupun kita tak secerdik mana, orang tetap hormat. Salam.

  9. elviza,

    from your photo, i think u have a very sweet face. i was born with a mocha color as well, compared to my other siblings i believe i am the “anak angkat”. but my mum always said “study hard and be smart, then people will not see u as ugly duckling but a sweet girl with brain”. so….just be yourself, smart and sweet.

    p/s would like to share with you, i tried SK-11, resulting to more pimples on my face. now, i stick with my “nutrimetics product”. Fruit base and very mild. the most important is my skin is not too dry anymore.

    Hi Ekeen, thanks for dropping by and please dont believe the picture, I look worse! Drop by gain ekeen

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