Adios Bangsar!

About nine years ago, I came back from the UK and chaotically looking for a place to stay; my CLP course was about to begin. My good friend Aryati suggested that I live with her in Pantai Hill Park, Pantai Dalam. I didn’t think twice at that time, I just needed a place to sleep. The rest, as people say, is history.

Throughout that tormenting time of my CLP’s examination, pupillage and practice I stay in Pantai Hill Park. My daily routine would involved sitting at Devi’s Corner with the usual suspects – Yanti, Ren, Ija & Apai. I grew to love Bangsar as it is a stone throw away from my rented place and the UM’s Law Library. Five years ago I was toying with the idea of opening up my own practice with couple of friends. We unanimously agreed on Bangsar even if the rent is exorbitant. 

My stint in Bangsar is indeed a colourful one. My friends and I would have breakfast everyday at Devi’s Corner. When we are feeling rich, we will be seen at La Bodega having english breakfast. Then, Bangsar Village made its presence. Therefore, I am always in MPH reading for free. Everything that I love is here.

Recently we came to a dead halt, we need to expand the practice. The space in Bangsar is pathetically small and the rent is shooting up to the roof. We had meetings after meetings between the partners. Lastly, majority and practicality prevail. The office is moving to Prima Saujana, Kajang. Closer to all of the major clients, bigger space, cheaper rent, more staff and one sad person – me.

This would be my last posting here in Bangsar. I could literally feel the lump in my throat. Tears are brimming and threatening to fall at any moment now. I have to make this posting brief.

I am undoubtedly sad. I haven’t informed the paper boy about me leaving. He is one prominent person in my life. For the past few years he would quietly sneak a copy of the Sun for me in between the other newspapers I read. He would give me a box of sweet every Diwali. I am going to miss him dearly. I havent had the courage to tell the boys at Devi’s Corner that I am leaving and they don’t have to make my food just the way I like it any longer. I haven’t uttered a word to the nice lady who runs CZip Lee about my moving. I haven’t said goodbye to the not-so-nice aunty at Berjaya Restaurant. I could not tell Michelle the pharmacist that we are not going to be neighbours anymore.  

The brand new office is up and ready as a result of the expensive renovation we have to cough up. In the old office, sea of boxes can be seen from afar. The networking has been dismantled to make way for the new wireless technology. The files have been neatly packed and labeled.  As I end this post, I look around my blue cubicle one more time, afraid to let go. Adios Bangsar.  


5 thoughts on “Adios Bangsar!

  1. urrghhh… i hate goodbyes. Is The Sun you mentioned here the same as The Sun in the UK? 😉

    hey, good luck with the new place.

    p/s: I’ve just finished reading the Undomestic Goddess. wonder if all law firms are like Carter Spinks? Terus terbayang our EM and Azura busy around the clock. (speaking of which, she called me last week. We spoke for half an hour on the fone during her lunch break!)

    No my friend, totally the opposite. It’s dull, mundane and full of papers. Everything you read and see on tele is hyped. Salam to Azura and kisses to the kids. Saw their latest pix, they are adorable!

  2. Bangsar will always welcome you in the future. In KL, my place also is in Bangsar. But the poorest part of Bangsar. Bangsar Utama. Cannot wait to have roti canai and teh tarik again in kedai mamak Mydin. Sometimes me and friends hang out at the Pelita, Bangsar Telawi. 🙂

    Have fun in Kajang.

    My old office is a few block away from Pelita. But nowadays they have gone a bit mad with the price. Even since Siti Nurhaliza and Datuk K went there for a drink recently. Mamak tu rasa dia dah femes he he he….

  3. elviza,
    Bangsar has been my “playground” for more than 30 years since I started work with the NST. Although I have left the company, it is still a place where I hang out.
    I remember the Telawi area as plain, ordinary — just shophouses. Before the expatriates and nearby affluent neighbourhood turned it into a prime piece of real estate. not to mention one hell of a happening place.
    you know, we might even have been in the same Guardian, Devi’s Corner, La Bodega, Alexis, MPH, StarBucks and any one of shops in Bangsar Village without knowing it.
    Anyway, dear Elviza, take care and Bangsar is just a few tolled highways away…..

    Ye lah Kak Ena, everthing is here….. sedey nya

  4. I can empathise with you. To leave a landed property, my 18 kois, my bonzais, Potts and Sheba (my canines) that was traumatic. I miss the smell of the place, the feel of the walls that I painted over the years, my outside and inside bars where tall tales were spun, to take a last look at our room and the rooms of our two kids. My blood=pressure zoomed rocket-high and I went into the trauma centre. The doc told me: I can understand, the trauma of moving house can be worse than a divorce process. I went home the next morning knowing that I would live to fight another day. Now, I have never been so happy in this resorty condo. Elviza, you will get used to it in Kajang. We all have to make sacrifices for a better tomorrow. Ciao sayang.

    My dear Zorro, thank you for the compassionate words and advice. I ll take it dearly. Hope to see you real soon.

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