In Rocky We Trust!

Yesterday was supposed to be another ordinary Monday for me. Nothing exciting to look forward to, except for attending court for the sake of paying bills. I have yet to get used to the new office. Like a true Taurean, I don’t do well with changes. Grumpy grumpy soul I was this Monday morning.

Off I went toDenmark House, horribly late like usual. As I was passing the corridor at Level 10 of Denmark House, I spotted the unmistakable figure of Rocky sitting amidst row of supporters. As suspected the row of supporters beside Rocky are the bloggers. They were there to lend their unyielding support to Rocky and Jeff Ooi who have been recently sued by four individuals and NSTP Publishing Group. The matter was fixed for hearing in chambers of  Yang Arif Datuk Hishamuddin Yunus. Rocky is his blog has clearly and accurately described the outcome of the proceedings.

Lets get over this legal mumbo-jumbo; really, it’s so dry and mundane sometimes I wonder why I practise law. What touches the depth of my soul yesterday is meeting these bloggers in their elements. In short, they are wonderful people. Completely humble and unpretentious. I ll address them individually, it’s easier that way:-

Rocky is just being Rocky. Looking good in crisp white shirt and black jeans. Cool and unassuming as always. Forever the observer, rarely open his mouth throughout the entire proceeding unless he has something important to say. Rock on Rocky!

Jeff Ooi; friendly but I didn’t get to talk to him much because I was busy drilling Kak Ena and Zorro. I hope we will meet again my new friend Jeff.

Nuraina A Samad of 3540 Jalan Sudin. My my my… the ice was broken after a mere hello. I sat beside her and we talked and talked and talked. Mind you, this lady look ten years younger than her real age and I am not exaggerating. It’s the truth. Her mannerism and disposition are as passionate as her writing. The way she speaks is just as eloquent as she is in TWB. We talked about everything. I mean literally everything – the women’s issues, blogger’s united, her passion in journalism, family, marriage, love, men (yeah, that issue is never ending), TWB, mee rebus session, her stint in NSTP, my job, and our lives in general. Of course few names were mentioned such as Susan Loone, Clark Gable of Pulau Duyong, Typhoon Sue, Acciaccatura, Black from Korea, Anon from Miri, Zewt, Sheih and last but not least, Uncle Monty a.k.a Monsterball.

Zorro, of course unmasked. I was on top of the world when Rocky pointed out to this gentleman at the end of the row as “that’s Bernard. He’s Zorro.” I was shamelessly giggling beside Kak Ena and telling her “Kak Ena, I am so excited to see him.” Ohhh Zorro, you embodied everything I ever imagined about you! The Antonio Banderas-like-look plus the excellent point of view and wealth of your experience.

I really am looking forward to spend time with you again. As I told you I am a sucker for retro stories. Please forgive my English Zorro, you surely have traced plenty of grammatical errors in my blog by now. He showed me pictures of his family. People, his wife is really pretty and his grandson is damn good looking! I was so pleased with myself that I gave Zorro a bear hug before we parted.

As I am writing about him, I am sure he is now swimming in his condo’s pool with the children of his neighbour (he fondly called them his four desperate housewives) screaming “kong kong Bernard is at the pool!” Okay Zorro, you still owe me the pictures and your pictures at Bahamas! I look forward for your email.

Stephen of Shanghai Fish. Besides his obvious fondness of Beer, this man has a wicked sense of humour. When asked about the secret in writing, he just said “write from the heart Elviza, write from the heart“. For that, I am eternally grateful.

Ewoon of IamaMalaysian. When I found out what he does for a living, I was impressed. Actually, I still am impressed. I wish I have a talent like yours Ewoon.

Zaharin of SangKelembai. Finally, I met the man I read everyday. Unfortunately time wasn’t by my side. He left early.

As I walked to my car, I can’t help but think that how these people has enriched my life in such a short period of time. One thing for sure, none of them have political agenda. They are just Malaysians in its true interpretation. I surely would take time off to see them again. In fact, I am so looking forward to meet them again, hopefully soon enough.

Lastly, for all the bloggers who were not there yesterday, please be rest assured that we talked about you fondly. Clark Gable, from an insider’s information, I now know what you do for a living. I know how you look like. He he he …. I am just waiting for the time to meet you. The same goes to Anon from Miri, Typhoon Sue and Acciaccatura. And Kak Ena, I ll ask about the cost to make the rocky’s t-shirt.

Good day bloggers.


10 thoughts on “In Rocky We Trust!

  1. halamak, miss all these. the kids got a day off after that unfortunate event on sunday. inshaAllah, maybe soon.

  2. hi elviza,

    it was really really really nice to have met you.
    The minute you appeared at the corridor, i told rocky and the others — “I think that is Elviza of Write Away”…
    And I was right.
    I can’t get over how young you are. And also very attractive, might I add.
    Well, you do look young too. But, you write in such a mature way. Not old. Mature.
    And i think that is good.

    By the way, Zorro (and everyone else) asked about you at mee rebus today. They were disappointed you werent there.
    I told them that you either have court or doing something as terribly important as court. And if you weren’t. definitely at home with a very important man — Luqman.

    So, hope to do lunch as planned.
    And thank you for those nice words.

    P.S Accia — itu-lah, lapang kan lah masa sikit…

  3. Apakan daya laut China Selatan memisahkan bloggers.

    Go for someone who makes you smile because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright.
    It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone,
    an hour to like someone,
    and a day to love someone- but it takes a lifetime to forget someone.

  4. Elviza, you made my day. Yes I’ll send pictures of the Bahamas. Like most of us Bloggers United, it is easy to write about what we care about. Fairness, caring for each one irrespective of color, creed or race. Did you notice the good racial mix amongst us. Being one of them has given me a better perspective of what I should be and how I can contribute to ensure that the climate of peace and solidarity prevails. You write well because you write from the heart….like we all aspire to continue to do. Much cheers to you and yours.

    Dear Zorro, true – the racial mix between us is definitely noticeable. How come that minister labeled us racist? It shows that he hasnt a clue whatsoever about us. Take care dear

  5. Thank you, Elviza. You have been most complimentary. Did you know that my first love was to read law? But, alas, when circumstance did not permit one had to resign to the next best. Never regretted the decision, but, would have liked to have walked through the “lofty corridors of justice” as a practitioner.

    You, too, have my admiration for the work you do. Take care and write away. You are doing good.

    Dear Eric, please be rest assured that your job is much more fun than mine!

  6. hmmm… wish i am not working, then i could go. heck, if i am not working, i could have been at the NPC too!

    i hate my job.

    Oh we all wish we are not working right Zewt? Life’s like that lo

  7. Greetings Elviza,
    Am flattered by your honesty…. yes and thank you for being a blogger as it is people like you that add all that spice in this rather mundane state of affairs in this much beloved country of ours. Cheers and rock on Elvisa !
    Hey..I don’t love beer any more or any less !

    Mundane state of affairs – couldnt agree more my friend!

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