Anticipation oh Anticipation!


*Picture courtersy of Anon fr Miri

I woke up this morning, switched on the PC, clicked on Anon from Miri and WHAM! He’s coming to KL this evening. Must go see him, must go see Clark Gable, must go see Kak Ena, must go see Rocky, must go see Zorro and eveyone else.

The only setback today is that I have to leave early. My cousin’s akad nikah is right after margrib prayer. As to why she is getting married on this fateful day, only God knows.

Still, I am full with anticipation. And Anon, above is your best poster for me. I just have to paste it on mine.


2 thoughts on “Anticipation oh Anticipation!

  1. Party broke up around 2am….me, Shar101 and Eric Woon. How was your cousin’s do?

    Dearest Zorro, just like another wedding lah… nothing to shout about and there I was at the corner wishing that I am at NPC. Sigh

  2. Am soory as I couldnt make it…was looking fwd to meeting all bloggers that I used to give my two cent worth of thoughts….

    Heard everybody had a good time,it has to be as the bloggers are creative ppl arent they?

    Dear Mr Clark, I dressed up and you stood me up. I know I know, your eyes were playing silly trick on us. What to do…

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