The birth of National Alliance of Bloggers

Yesterday was a great day. Finally I belong to an association I feel strongly about. I am unable to narrate the whole event at the NPC yesterday as a cousin’s wedding got in the way. Sigh.

At 3.30 pm, I was driving at breck-neck-speed from my meeting to pick Anon fr Miri at KL Sentral. But Sheih was already there to pick him. So I went to have coffee with 3540 Jalan Sudin at BSC.

At 4.50 pm Kak Ena and I left in a hurry to meet the bloggers at 5.30. As I entered the quaint NPC, it was a sight to behold forever. Everyone were talking and shouting in excitement when they found out who is writing which blog. I was really exhilarated.

I met Anon fr Miri and he came bearing gift for me. I gulped in guilt as I did not buy him anything. He is thoughtful and as honest as his writings.

I met Datuk Ron, Zaharin, Raja Petra, Mob, BigDog, Shah101 (he’s a guy!!!), Jun X2, Anu, fellow lawyer Malik Imptiaz, Susan Loone and the list is endless. To those I have left out the names I sincerely apologised.

Of course the usual suspects – My Zorro, Eric Woon and the lovely Stephen. Thanks for the coke Zorro! I owe you one.

My only regret is that I didn’t get enough time to talk to Susan. But from the report of my fellow bloggers, I knew everything went well. Click here and here.


8 thoughts on “The birth of National Alliance of Bloggers

  1. Elviza!!!! you left too early! i was really looking forward to that teh tarik with you! anyway nice to have shook your hands though…hope to meet you again.

    Oh Susan, I was waiting for you to make appearance before I left the NPC. Already late at that time but I must wait for you. Even if it was a brief meeting, I am happy to have met you in person. Now I can imagine you everytime I read your blog instead of wondering how you look like. You ll be home again soon right?

  2. Sis,
    It was a pleasure meeting you. Maybe next trip we can go for mee rebus with the rest of the bloggers.


    Dearest Anon, the pleasure is all mine. Sorry my meeting finished up so late and I couldnt meet you earlier.

  3. hi elviza,

    wow. wish i had been there. sounds great.

    viva la alliance!

    Dear Black Maria, when are we going to meet up finally?

  4. lovely meeting you too! looking fwd to seeing you again 🙂 take care!

    When when when…. where are you working my friend? Read your blog about your travel, nice one

  5. Never met a lady in my life I didn’t like.

    Coz I’m a guy!

    Elviza, you should have seen the ‘ruckus’ the ‘other’ guys unloaded on me because of what you said.

    And as Zorro have disclosed, the ribbing continued till 2 am. With further humiliation extended from Miri.

    Redemption will begin when OBE takes off but I kinda like the ‘new’ status of displaying coyness and mystery on unsuspecting bloggers/readers, if that’s even possible.


    Dearest Shar, please forgive my challenged imagination. Now that I have met you, I know that you are a man – true and true. Sorry my friend!

  6. Hi lawyer.

    Keep on writing from the heart. After all blogging, slightly different from journalism, is mainly about what touches your heart the most, at a very special time and place. Think about it.

    Selamat maju jaya.

    Dear Ron the Datuk Blogger :-), thanks for reading my humble blog. Thanks for the advice, no one has ever said this to me. However, I must tell you that I dreamed to be a writer. I long to write as well as you, Rocky, Nuraina but my destiny diverted me elsewhere. I wish I could spend longer time with you that day. Look forward to meet you again Ron.

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