So long, Farewell Jalan Raja Courts

Lately my postings revolve around the practice of law. Seriously, I can’t help it and today my writing is about court. I endeavour to find a better topic next time around before I bore you to oblivion. As I walked across the death crossing between Royal Selangor Club and Jalan Raja Court Complex this morning, I said to myself that these motorists will never let you cross, they will hit you at the first chance! I noticed the commotions infront of the entrance near the lower court’s registry but I did not heed it as I was late (what’s new?).

Apparently the court’s session finished early today in anticipation of the move to the new court complex in Jalan Duta. “Oh, it’s hapenning already” I muttered to myself. My brain slowly perceived the commotions earlier and the mountains of boxes stacked outside the registry. As I climbed downstairs to head for breakfast, I saw the movers forming a human chain to load the boxes into the awaiting truck near the guard post. This court is really moving! Ah, how sad.

I love Jalan Raja Court and Denmark House for its memories. I was called to the Malaysian Bar before Justice K.C. Vohrah at Denmark House. Back then – as Typhoon Sue  aptly put it “I was as blur as a Sotong“- everybody had their hearings to be admitted as an advocate & solicitor at Denmark House.  I remember the day clearly, mama was beaming from ear to ear, grandma wore her proud face the whole day, the bunch of flowers from my boyfriend (now husband) and me in a black robe sitting nervously beside my Master – Lambert Rasaratnam of Lee Hishammuddin. Ah, I was young then. At that point, everything felt worth it; the pain in law school, the more excruciating pain of pointless CLP and my fight thus far. My only regret is that Ayah was no longer around to watch this fateful day.

Jalan Raja Court and Wisma Denmark housed the lower courts and the high courts for as long as I could remember. I memorise every turns and corners at both buildings. I swear I could get to where I want to be blindfolded. Both places are convenient and accessible via public transports. Colonial Cups serves excellent coffee and continental breakfast. My friends and I will sit here for hours bitching about practice, judges and clients. I would stop at the pathway near magistrate court and chat to the three typists who would type anything for a fee. Would the new court complex has a space for them? I doubt it. I will miss all these dearly.

Now the new court complex at Jalan Duta: the trouble is brewing already. The official starting date is 3rd May 2007 – which is also, ironically, my 32nd birthday – and one can anticipate the chaos it’s going to cause. This massive complex only has 500 hundred parking bays for public and lawyers. I mean, are you devoid of common sense at all? A complex that huge needs 1000 parking bays, at least. It is a catastrope waiting to happen, said Malaysia Kini. I relented, it is beyond my power to educate the current government about their silly planning.

It’s Shah Alam Court all over again. Public and lawyers would have to park their vehicles 2 miles away, walk up the hill and expected to be in court on time. Apparently the government has never heard about the elevated parking system. I once witnessed a pregnant lawyer climbing up the hill of Shah Alam Court with her fat briefcase; it wasn’t a pretty sight. One can only imagine her predicament.  

Be that as it may, the Malaysian Bar  is doing something about this new court building. They have fixed tomorrow the 17th of April 2007 to conduct an “open day” to enable members of the bar to understand structure, layouts and happenings at the new court complex. Torn between the usual mee rebus session of the bloggers and the court’s open day, I have to prioritise. So long, farewell Jalan Raja Court and Denmark House.


4 thoughts on “So long, Farewell Jalan Raja Courts

  1. Dear Mish,

    As promised, here I am reading your blog. Bored out of my mind at Dome in iUtama. Lots of work to do but no mood to do it.

    Write more often once your internet connection is up in Prima Saujana. After almost 10 years, was quite nice to finally get to see you, Apai, Yanti & Renny again.

    By the way, if u do know anybody in the admin of Jalan Duta courts complex, please get them to complain to DBKL about the billboard on Jalan Kuching blocking the courts complex. Just feel like giving my competitors a tough time…Hehehehe.

    Keep in touch.

    Hey old friend, thanks for the support. I ll do as you ask ASAP!

  2. Lucky you elviza, can meet CGOPD. Tat day he promised to meet for “teh tarek” but ‘cos too much “skodeng” Pam he can’t make it.

    Maybe next month lah…. 😉


    Are you coming next month Anon? Oh stop making me read between the lines, coming or not?

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