Clark Gable of Pulau Duyong

Scene: Giant Hypermarket, Setiawangsa

Time: 5 p.m.

Actresses: Me & the usual adek cashier who sits at the first counter of Giant Setiawangsa everyday.

Cashier: “Hmmm, Kakak selalu beli susu & pampers anak akak kat sini kan?”

Me: (a bit stunned but I answered nonetheless) “Aah, sebab senang, dekat dengan rumah.”

Cashier: “Bukan ke Kakak selalu beli susu Enfalac A+ dengan Mami Poko untuk boy?”

Me: (okay, I thought – what’s wrong with this chirpy bird today?) “Ya…”

Cashier: Sekarang Akak dah tukar ke?

I looked down at the counter and I was horribly shocked when I saw 3 boxes of dumex mamigold formula instead of Enfalac A+. I surreptitiously glanced at the diapers, oh my god! I picked Mami Poko for girls! I have a son for crying outloud! I quickly said thank you to the good cashier, dashed out of the que and shamefully walked back to the aisle to exchange the items. The people at the counter gave me a snide look. They must have thought that I am mad.

I knew it. This must happened because today I finally met the elusive Clark Gable of Pulau Duyong at Cafe 14. After spending good two hours with him, I am a tad heady. He is as intoxicating as his writings. I urge fellow lady bloggers to meet this man. I am bereft of words. Still hugely affected seven hours thereafter.

Mr.Clark, I will reread Gone with the Wind tonight in your honour.

*Husband,  if you are reading this (which I doubt), fear not – you are still the best looking man I have ever met*


20 thoughts on “Clark Gable of Pulau Duyong

  1. It was nice meeting you yesterday and Clark Gable too.

    As for your hubby, perhaps he must just quote Rhett Butler in Gong with the Wing …. “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn !”

    Good Morning Ancient Mariner Sir – the pleasure was all mine. See ya soon

  2. memang belum ada rezki lagi nak jumpa nampaknya. kalau ada CGOPD pasti my husband yang akan sibuk nak berbual kerana mereka like sekampung! he likes it when i mention the ‘gong with the wing’ guy.

    ye lah E, masih belum ada jodoh kita. Next week perhaps?

  3. no worries wifey…by the way, i do read your blog occasionally……GOTCHA!!!!!

    Hah! The man himself. Alah Syg I know you read my blog everyday… I know you my fan right? right? My fellow blogging friends, please meet my husband, Jefree – first time to leave his comment here on my blog.

  4. Dearest Elviza,
    The pleasure is all mine,meeting ever huggable BigDogDotCom,first meeting with Ancient Mariner,CoolHeaded Rocky ,adorable Miss NAS and of course you amongst others.

    Am writing this with a loud ‘Guridam Jiwa’ song blaring( Mrs Gable would smile if she knows that i sing along with the song) , She would then realise that I always keep her in my mind….come what may ,am quite well grounded… expect that after 20 odd years of marriage.

    Sometime she can read my thoughts too ,thats scary you know,as i believe she can receive the wavelength transmitting out of my head when I am typing blog like this.

    Blogs are very personal things ,we tend to write as we please.Am sure though ,this posting was written when the weather was touching 40’C yesterday.Hot weather articles need to be treated with caution hahaha.

    The sedentary life that I lead come with many encumberances(to borrow lawyers terms).Mine is Tokasid,but I have to love him no matter what as he normally one of those ppl that keep me well grounded.

    With all written about me here,I dont want to be caught redhanded by Mrs Gable while reading this posting again, her unsolicited advisory notes would then leave unpleasant chapter in a short autobiography of my life.
    The last chapter would read:
    “Feb 18 ,2007 was the day CGOPD died,he died of fright while writing this blog. Mrs Gable sneaked up from behind and touched his shoulder .He shot up to the air and drop dead due to fright”

    Here Lies Mr CGOPD ,an ardent blogger and died while blogging!!

    And they say I blog for fun,am risking my life here Elviza!!

    Oh Noooooo!! What have I done, you must explain to Mrs Clark that I am your fan, I adore your wits in PD. Surely she understands. Please don’t risk your life on my silly anecdote at Giant Setiawangsa, please pick something of more substance. Good day Mr. Clark

  5. Salam to elvira.

    Ma’am,I pity you for having that ‘feel good’ opinion on CGOPD.I really am. I’m sure he didn’t tell you(and PAM) who groomed him 27 years ago for 7 straight years how to behave and how to treat women.
    I’m sure he didn’t tell you who taught him how to dress well, to avoid the’selipar jamban’ except when going to the loo. How to put that charming smile and not sulk infront of women.How not to Trengganuspeak to ladies from other parts of the globe.How to laugh just a bit when someone makes a joke and not ‘gelak tergolek anjing’ like when he watches Yes,Minister or Bean.

    I’m sure he didn’t, right?It seems that CGOPD is erasing his sifus goodwork.How ungrateful.Anak murid derhaka CGOPD ni.
    This is not a sour grape comment.This is as real as it can be. Am upset with CGOPD’s attitude towards the person who had done a lot for him.A person who made him see the world more than his ‘tempurung di bawah katak'( or is it katak atas tempurung? Whatever. If life is like the 50’s Malay movies,I’m sure CGOPD will be swallowed by the earth( like Salleh Kamil) for his kacang NganY in lupakan kulit attitude.
    CGOPD…please for a second,close your eyes and do a time travel.Remember that person who made you into what you are.
    Yes, that person was not me.
    That person is your twin of different mother: Mr Rozsman.
    Do remember him in your doa.

    Elvira, if only you could meet CGOPD’s twin of different mother( wink,wink)

    Dearest Tokasid,

    dear dear dear…. I have no idea that someone else is responsible for all of his flawless demeanors. I must then congratulate the person, this CGOPD is very bad indeed for not telling me about all these. He only said that you are his dearest friend. Thats all…

    Whatever it is, I yang gelak tergolek golek; imagining the image of CGOPD being swalloed by the earth ala Saleh Kamil (how did you come up with the idea?) Ha ha ha hahaaa!!!Huuhuuh Heee kekekekeekeke…

    He has a twin? Really? Could it be … hmmm… YOU?

    And Tokasid, you are already my friend, surely I want to meet you. Unknown to you, I read your blog everyday you know. Thanks for dropping by and giving me info about CGOPD.

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    Dearest SangKutu, Okay okay! I ll do that. I ll email you my latest posting. Hey, you have been doing a good job you know!

  7. Oh how heartbroken am I,
    Thou stole my heart,
    And thence proclaim Clark as the one,
    Oh how heartnroken am I…


    Please dont be…. It wasnt Mr. Clark, I got married long before I met him. So sorry…

  8. Dearest Elvira,
    Now that you met TA ,I can understand why some people took pity upon me when I told them that I have TA as a friend.

    They say you cant choose family members as you were born with it ,but you can do something about a friend can get rid of anyone who you dislike.TA doesnt belongs to any category mentioned and I got to live with it.

    I seldom introduce him to any lady friend of mine,he outshine me …of course he would claimed that none of my charm rubbed on him after so many years ….you be the judge ,you are the one with law training!!

    Really am sorry for bringing him here ,he is quite tolerable at times and never mentioned that I was here telling you all about him..he can be quite sensitive fellow.That is what that make it difficult to say no to him,kang dia nangis!!.

    Ah, you two love each other lah…. it is so obvious. This public bashing thing only happen between people who adore each other’s wit. Tokasid, the pleasure is all mine. I look forward to meeting you soon. Does that mean I have to travel to Pulau Duyong?

  9. One day I hope to meet you personally at a Bloggers United meeting.
    My maiden message wishing you and family..all the best. Thanks.

    Ohhhhh dearest Monty is here. I am so honoured that you came to my blog. Best wishes for you and your family too Monty. I have always been asking about you at every bloggers meeting I went. I really want to meet you

  10. My maiden message is already waiting for moderation? ADIOS FOREVER!!

    My dear Monty, don’t be like that… I just activate the moderation mode to avoid people like Pisang Nangka previously you know. And I always say hello to you through Anon fr Miri’s blog. Now, would you forgive me?

  11. Salam to elviza.

    Me and CGOPD…(okay!okay! CGOPD and me) are inseparable.We are stuck to each other with ‘gam cap gajah’. We saw CGOPD’s surgeon friend(Dr Jay) and asked if he can separate us like the siamese twins. He said: NO. Don’t thnik so. Said we are the Duyong twins.
    i am no more in P.Duyong.Left after the Monsoon Cup.
    I am back in Jebatville to watch over the’Crab’

    Dearest Tokasid,

    I know what you plan to do tonight…………. be afraid…. be very afraid…. (LOL)

  12. Hi Elviza
    I think you meant the elusive CGOPD, instead of illusive. I’m sure he is far from illusive. As I see it, CGOPD was also intoxicated after he met you. He mistook Nuraina’s Papa as the novelist who wrote Salina, Langit Petang, Hujan Pagi, Warkah Eropah, dll. Oh dear!

    Dear Amir,

    I stand corrected.

    ahhhh Malu Malu Malu!!! Told ya my spelling is appalling! Malunya…. arghhhhhh. My good friend cum partner Yanti, will “ngeleng” her head endlessly if she finds this. She never gives up in correcting my english after all these years. I ll die in shame Amir. Thank you so much for highlighting it here, please correct me again next time. I am sure if you scroll down my posts you will notice many more mistakes. Isk isk isk…. Zorro will be upset with my spelling. I know so.

    However, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Please come again Amir.

  13. Elviza,
    You said, “I urge fellow lady bloggers to meet this man.”

    Aduh, if meeting up with CGOPD resulted in embarassment (ye lah, sampai boleh silap beli susu and diapers!), I’d have to think twice! 😉


    Ye lah…sungguh memalukan. I always do this you know, making a complete fool out of myself. Dah mak orang pulak tuh, kalau single mingle cute lah jugak kan…

  14. Thank you for dropping by at my site…

    Hmm…I heard it was such a gathering….missed that one though…

    By the way, THAT Clark Gable must one hunky, handsome looking doc huh?

    Why dont you come to Cafe 14 this Tuesday?

  15. Hello Elviza, some people just have an effect on us. I have read CGOPD’s blogs and he is hilarious. Being so far away, I can only sum up what the person is like from his or her jottings.

    Oh Hello J.T, thanks for coming to my humble blog. Yeah yeah yeah…. some people can have that right?

  16. A bit late in commenting….u know the hard disk bit. Jeff was made for you. He is da man for you. Sleep soundly, you two.

    Ah Zorro… course he’s the man… I walked down the aisle with him and I hope my marriage will last as long as yours. To have fun once in a while isn’t wrong right? See ya tuesday and please reserve me the famed mee rebus okay? I ll try to leave the office early.

  17. hi elviza,

    don’t you wonder what CGPD was like in his er er…. heyday?
    what a charmer!

    anyway, here’s a friendly hello to your other half — HI JEFF!

    Kak Ena, my other half is now really looking forward to meet you. I apparently blabbered so many good things about you. Zorro have met him after the book review. The true gentleman waited until Jefree pick me up. When Jefree got there, he shook his hand vigorously and said “take care of her okay? take care of her for me?” So sweet kan?

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