Conversation at Tamarind Spring

I knew the man many years before the marriage. He is a lot of things except a romantic. I relented. Given up a long time ago on that score. However, the day I turned 32, this man surprised me. Not so much words written, everything was a tad quiet on my birthday. He came back from work early while his mates were still golfing. Read his papers, played with his son and ignored me (what’s new, really?).

As dinner time approached, he told me quietly: “Let’s have dinner, just the two of us.” Okay, lets! (excitedly screaming inside my head). He drove up the windy hill of Taman TAR and pulled over at the curb of  Tamarind Spring. He hold my hands along the pathway leading to the restaurant. Everything was quiet and mild, like the man himself.

But during the dinner, we talked… that was when I noticed the sparkle in his eyes – just like those nights when we were counting stars  at Pulau Perhentian. At this point I knew: He is, and will always be the rock that supports me through the test of time. Ah, what the hell – I love you, you know so.


21 thoughts on “Conversation at Tamarind Spring

  1. Aah! Such a lucky girl; a loving husband and a lovely baby. All the best to u, sis.

    Hello Baiti, sorry for being late in publishing your comments. Off late, I have been getting rude comments from the same IP No. so I take some times to verify it. Thank you for dropping by and reading me. I just hopped on your blog and read you as well. You are doing good, keep it up. Yes, yes, I count my blessing everyday, count it I do. Take care

  2. hey, how come almost everybody got a new face lift, huh?
    sorry, lari topik sikit.
    alhamdulillah, semoga kalian sekeluarga sentiasa mendapat hidayahNya.

    Sajer jer…. alih angin. Awak tu bagi kita lemah jantung kejap tadi. Isk isk isk…

  3. Wooo… just remember I did the same thing 20 years ago, two years after I got married and some where in Wasington DC. The only diff is tat she had her miscarriage.

    Nice template sis.


    Ohhhhhh…. you so sweet, even if it ends unbecomingly! Welcome back brother

  4. Face lift yang lebih menyeronokkan nak belajar Bahasa Inggeris di sini.

    Tapi harap jgn suruh org log in, sebab org yang tak dak akaun wordpress, macam mana depa nak leave a reply? Betui dak?

    Salam Pak Ngah, Elviza mintak maaf banyak2 and I already disactivate the log in. Temporary jer Pak Ngah, sebab sejak kebelakangan ni saya dapat rude comments from the same IP No. I know who this person is. Saje jer nak tengok selama mana dia boleh menari, thinking that nobody can see her.

    Itulah…kata orang Pak Ngah, mula2 kita trace, lepas tuh kita identify then kalau patut tuh, kita fail saman lah kan…. after all nak buat apa lagi kat Ofis tuh…. Sapa makan cili dia rasa pedas yer… remember, I know who you are! And everything you ever written are now evidence. Whether or not I want to use it, its my prerogative.

    However, Pak Ngah, arwah Ayah selalu kata macam nih “to err is human, to forgive is divine”. Salah satu penyakit yang tak ada ubat dalam dunia ni, is insecurity. Kata orang tua2, takut pada bayang2 sendiri. Hati kena bersih Pak Ngah, tak guna semayang 500 kali sehari kalau hati penuh dengki khianat. Elviza bukan marah Pak Ngah, Elviza marah orang lain dan dia tahu. Everyday she reads me 5 to 6 times a day. Bagus kan dia? Banyak masa dia…. Salam Pak Ngah.

  5. alahai…jiwangnye!! But good for u my dear. Cherish these stolen moments. U know how things like this are so precious.

    Alas, I can only enjoy this stuff vicariously. My man is away.

    Hello my friend…. yes yes yes, I memang jiwang karat orang nye. Hope to see you soon. Take care, dont be naughty!

  6. Hi,

    First time commenting. Such a short, but very sweet post. I’m sitting on top of a hill now too, tapi…Sendirian Berhad lar…*Hiok Hiok*

    Daphne Ling

    PS: Cute baby in the previous post!
    Dearest Daphne, it is my honour to have you here and I hope you come again. Don’t despair your private time with yourself. I love it. I love it when I was single (lots of alone time then) and I love it now. Take care Daphne

  7. Elviza

    “to err is human, to forgive is divine”

    Setuju! Setuju!

    Tapi jangan lupa, Quran juga ada mengajar kita yang lebih kurang maksudnya, balaslah kejahatan dengan kejahatan tetapi memaafkan itu lebih baik.

    Walaupun Tuhan berpesan bahawa memaafkan itu lebih baik, tetapi Dia juga mengizinkan kita membalas kejahatan dengan kejahatan.

    Bukan nak menghasut jauh lagi nak mengajar (monolog: nak mengajar apa, bakaq?!! hang pun bodo!), tetapi nak bagi line clear sikit…

    Sayyidina Ali ada berpesan bahawa untuk mengenali seseorang itu bukan pada sembahyang puasannya (wajib memang wajib dan tak boleh tinggal – pak ngah) tetapi pada mu’amalatnya.

    Sembahyang puasa semua orang Islam buat. Tetapi kalau nak tahu keperibadian seseorang itu, the real bakaq or whoever he or she is, ialah dengan melihat cara dia berurusan dengan orang, kalau berniaga jujur ke, penipu ke; kalau berhutang bayar ke, cabut lari ke; dalam hubungan sesama manusia menyenangkan hati ke, menyakitkan hati ke…

    Allow me to insist again, bukan mengajar, just share what people told me..

    Pak Ngah, Pak Ngah ni cool lah, tau tak?

  8. Such a lucky girl!
    But frankly, we need quality time together sometimes,
    to catch up on things, etc but somehow work always gets
    in the way…

    Amy darling, yes yes yes… lucky I am to have found him. Of course he comes with his own errr, how shall I say this? Many packages lah… ahaks!

  9. uiks… apa jiwang-jiwang nie?
    gua tak men la tangkap cintan macam nih
    rock on babehhhh!!!

    sori, nak buang tebiat sat.

    on another note, ala elviza dear, org rude kat u, u *tut*kan balik, senang je. I do that all the time. tak yah bersyarah mengajar adab susila kat org yg takdak adab. just state your point and *tut* him.

    sori, byk *tut* plak i ari ni.
    lepas ni, ntah-ntah i plak kena blok dgn u…hahahaha!

    My friend, of all the people I dare piss off, I never dare pissing off a fellow lawyer. So you ll never be *tut* by me ha hah haaa….. Sekali sekali jiwang karat. Nak cakap depan dia segan! Rock on sista!

  10. Dear Chele,

    Barulah boleh nak letak comment ni.. Anyway, baru nilah nak letak comment pun. Other times baca je… Rasa mcm banyak sngt org ‘canggih’ dlm ni, so segan pulak.. heheh..

    You wrote:
    “At this point I knew, he is and always have been the rock that supports me through the test of time.”

    I’m glad you have found your soulmate. Always remember what you wrote and pray to Allah. May Allah bless you and family.

    My darling Chal, my good friend Chal, thanks for everything. For the friendship, for the patient ears, for just simply being the great person that you are. Oh, thanks for the present too. Luqman looks forward to play with Amin again. And amin amin amin.. for all your doa (banyak kalinya sebut nama Amin! :-))

  11. Lucky you…feel blessed kan? Good to hear that he wants to spend time with you and treat you with a special moment like that… Take care ok?

    Dearest Dalilah, blessed blessed blessed I am. I have many idiosyncrasies he has to put up with; my obssessions with books and libraries, my compulsion in writings, my unique friends, him doing my files for no reasons, so on so on… he he he…

  12. bahagianya… you have a good life with many good people around you. one rotten apple out of many good ones won’t spoil your happiness, keep cool babe

    dear ahm, thank you so much. Good to know that a lot of people still have compassions….

  13. Alahai Elviza… tengok gambar “write Away” tu macam minah samurai… rupanya minah jiwang jugak you ni ye… 😉

    Ahaks! kantoi lah Pi…… *malu malu malu*

  14. The Swamp Thing is back! (connected to the Net lah). . .

    Elv, so lucky, you. And so am I but I need more “tips” from you lah to improve my sorely lacking Romance Department . . .

    More stories like this then I get the idea. Sorry, dungu sket (like most men). Just be grateful J isn’t one of ’em!

    My rig man! you are back. Was looking for you few days ago. Please lah,he so like the rest of you. No romantic bones in him whatsoever! Ha hahaa…

  15. new layout! NICE.

    and hey, the baby photo – is that Luqman? So cute!!!

    Hey K ron, yeah that’s him few hours after he was born. Will email you the bday pixs after I upload it soon.

  16. Dear Elv,
    I can’t understand how othe people can use or hijack the same IP No.
    I hope these saboteurs would leave people alone.

    Dear Baiti,

    You know people are funny sometimes right? They do their worst when they think nobody knows. What a pity, what a pity.

  17. Elviza, I actually chuckled when I read this post. It reminds me of my typical evening, minus the baby. He is a lot of things except romantic.

    When he does something out of the blue, I just appreciate him more. He is not an evening person, yet two days ago, he gave up early bed time (I am talking early – 8pm!) to take me to a concert. So sweet.

    Jac dear,

    Ha ha ha your other half goes to bed at 8?? Dear dear ….
    Am not a morning person myself but usually first sip of coffee would kick me to work fine!

  18. Seems as if you are describing me. Not the love part but the come back…and ignoring part. Not on purpose mind you, just that well, typical male I suppose. After reading this post I definitely have to do something for my wife.

    🙂 she’ll be veru touched. Good luck my friend

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