My Secret Tree House

State of Mind? Void – As Typhoon Sue puts it “Random Ramblings, Not Worth Reading

Life baffles me sometimes. Its logic and reasoning, often, seem too far-fetched for me. The father to my son, recently said that I live in my own imaginary world. Does it mean that I am crazy? I think not. A tad eccentric? Perhaps. I certainly can tell apart between my real world and my LaLa land, so to speak.

Before we proceed, someone (a genuine writer nonetheless) said to me “anyone who can write has his/her own imaginary world.” Since I fancy myself as a budding writer – at this point the reality in my head is screaming “you need serious help woman, you write without sense of structure at all, AT ALL!” – I embrace his belief to the core.

I built my secret tree house as soon as I can understand how harsh life can be. I fear ridiculing eyes and I loath judgments. So, when my going gets though, I hide in my secret tree house. In it, I reign as King. I am the script writer, the director and the actor. I write and write and write to my heart’s content. Oh, how intoxicating my secret tree house can be. It is a heaven of solitude. It makes me a stronger person. It certainly was and still is my escapism.

People die, love fades, health deteriorates, relationship fails but life moves on. For as long as I can understand this, I will always have my secret tree house. Good weekend folks.


30 thoughts on “My Secret Tree House

  1. assalamualaikum elviza,
    when afifah was around , i used to visit my girls ‘tree house’ (imaginary world) and joined them occasionally.
    but now, the other two girls dont want to go there anymore. i guess the tree house was actually afifah’s.

    w salam E,

    Al fatehah again for late Afifah, I am sorry if this posting makes you sad….hang in there

  2. I had a real tree house when I was 5-6 years old. It was on a rambutan tree, behind my home in PJ. I scrounged some planks (from neighbour’s renovation) and laid it between branches to make the ‘floor’ and we were up there for a lot of lunches. Father even put up a hammock between the rambutan and a mango tree.
    Ever so often, we also had a ‘cook out’ in the bottom of the tree, where we lighted some coconut husk and pretend to roast some tapioca and banana. None was edible though (urrgghhhhh taste like shit!) and we always got whipped for playing with matches and fire.
    A year later my brother fell of the ‘tree house’ and got 11 stitches in the forehead and my father destroyed the tree house. Now, after 34 years, the tree is not even there anymore!


    See, some of us are so lucky, they had real tree house as opposed to the imaginary one!

  3. i never had a tree house. but i have had many trees which i sort of imagined were my house. somewhere up in a tree in my mom’s dusun, i have an old book tucked between the branches. It hasn’t moved an inch since many many years ago, but of course rain and shine has reduced it to something like kain buruk reput.
    That tree was my tree house, minus the house.
    Oh, u were talking about imaginary tree house ah?
    Got that one too. Only, it’s not a tree house.
    It looks more like one of them castles in Scotland with hundreds of acres of hilly land surrounding it and 1000 trees and 200 rooms and lots of mysteries and whole lot of adventures waiting to be had.
    Yup. I have all that in my head.
    Which is why my head is so big.
    Which is why I can never do my job right coz i always get lost elsewhere and cannot come back to the real world.
    which is why i am a bit kooky.
    which is why I am blogging at your blog instead of at my own blog.
    ok. better stop now before u throw me out.


    YOU ARE A BIT WACKO weh…… well, thats the two of us

  4. Honestly, I think all bloggers are certifiably insane.
    In a good way, of course.
    My secret tree house? Are you nuts or what.
    Ok, gotta run….
    down to my secret dungeon…
    Jessica Alba’s calling.

    Dearesr Shar,

    Ha ha ha ha! LOL. You know, this is MY FAVOURITE comment thus far. I long suspected bloggers are a tiny weeny bit insane. Now,I just prove it myself right isnt it. Sigh, I miss hanging out with you. I will drop by NPC one day and I ll give Zorro or you a due call. Take care brother.

  5. Who cares about structure, syntax et al. James Joyce never believed in full stops, commas, semicolon. When we give rein to free writing we soar without a care. So why restrictions. Moreover I write for myself…to see my thoughts immortalised in print (for myself). If perchance some others read it, they can shred it, make paper-mache out of it or treat it as literary pulp, I egged somebody to make a statement, physical or literary. So write from the heart, forget form or whatever they call it.Enjoy writing….even if nobody reads it. It is your creation. Ciao.

    Zorro dear,

    I am now giving you an award. An award of always making me feel a looooootttttttt better…. 🙂

  6. a tree house? I used to have one… a real one…but I never found solidarity there…for many friends will simply bug in there… then I created my cocoon…a comfortable one hanging and swaing in the breeze everytime I need to retreat there’s where I’ll be… ahahaha…now the blog is my cocoon…funny eh?

    Darling Dear,

    Cocoon, Lala Land,Secret Tree House… they are all the same

  7. Hope you’re feelin’ better, Elv.. Lots of us rootin’ 4 ya. Please take it easy, don’t stay up there too long y’hear… banyak kerenggas and semut apis. But nice to have an imaginary one, a place to escape to. Me? No escaping anywhere; real or imaginary. My depth of depravity can only make me imagine “below ground”. Some underground tunnel, cave…
    Yes, Elv, writing is sometimes painful, but it’s also a catharsis of sorts. That’s why great writers semua “kerek”. And life IS hard, and SO unfair too and there’s no rhyme nor reason to anything!
    As for feeling, as you put it, ‘ridiculing eyes…loath judgement’, don’t sweat it, lah. Just take heed from what Uncle Zorro had said earlier coz’ he’s right, you know..f


    Ah, I worry you for no reason. I ll get it under control. Finally the gravity of the situation sank in after countless lectures from maaaannnnnyyy people. I ll be fine. I ll give you a shout when I am coming down

  8. Hello? Mish
    It’s me.
    Yes, I’m still in my La La Land.
    Really? I’ve been here a month already? Did not notice it actually. But I did tell you this trip is gonna be quite long right…
    Yes, Johnny Depp is still asking me to let him love me. He’s been doing that for years now. I don’t know what else to do…sigh…
    By the way, I’m calling to tell you that I’m finally out of the closet.
    Great? I don’t know. You decide. Lots of old stuff in there. Got lots more to type. You know I got the papers all stashed in the laundry basket.
    What? You’re breaking lah! Oh, I’ll be back soon laa…probably a week or two after the electric chair. Make sure you got them Xanax ready for me And please tell your Dr friend I say thank you.
    Yeah, very much drugged and floating. What else is there to do?
    Ok, ok, I’ll be back soon. Gotta go now.
    Ok, you too. Ciao.
    Huh that was you. I fell off the egyptian hammock in my Secret Tree House to pick the damn call. Been waiting ages. You have never been a lousy correspondent. Well, this time you are!
    I talked to that Johny Depp boy and he was ranting crap man…. the boy was interrupted. He was talking about moving to Stockholm. What a load of crap. He doesnt even speak sweedish. What he wants to do there? Jual Belon? I think you should call him, speak some sense into him.

    Okay okay, you go type all the papers. You type faster than me, well, you do most things better than me (I am on meds for the pressurre, this isnt me talking).

  9. i imagine there are watchful eyes and judgemental minds even during my solitary. i scare myself too much sometimes!


    Lerrrr…… its an imaginary world lah… you can be anything you want… because no one is watching! And yes, you are terrorising yourself.

  10. Elviza dear,
    I do not have a secret tree house. I am afraid of heights. So I usually ‘lari ‘ to my secret chalet perched on the rocks on a beach.
    I like what Zorro said: “Who cares about structure, syntax et al. James Joyce never believed in full stops, commas, semicolon. When we give rein to free writing we soar without a care. So why restrictions.”
    Coming from a teacher, I like that. It is a good reminder because I always have this weird thing that no one would bother reading if I did not have proper things in place. I pressure myself too much.
    “Write from your heart” as Tony (Stand Up Philosopher) always tells me. I remember that (as well as Zorro’s) whenever I feel pressured.
    Okie dokie, writing from the heart. Be warned … silly, crackpot Jacqui will emerge most of the time.

    Jac dear,

    Oh it comes in my forms… the secret tree house, LaLa Land, chalet perched on the rocks on a beach etc. At the end of the day, it serves just one purpose – solitude. Good day my friend. Glad you are back

  11. Yo Elviza!
    You have been tagged to blog about “Elviza, The Ultimate Drama”…
    Please collect the tag from my blog…

    Daph Dear,

    Have you heard the song Unforgettable by the late King Cole? Well, please change the lyrics to:-

    Untaggable….thats what I am….
    Untaggable….though near of far…

    Hahahahaha! Okay okay okay, I ll attend to it soon dear

  12. Hello Elviza, I just called to say ‘hi’. Love your blog and can see you a lady with many talents.
    My present treehouse is my computer and hantam away in the many blogs with my 12 cents worth.
    You keep well and thanks for dropping by. UL.

    Oh Uncle Lee….

    What a pleasure to have you here, I have been reading your blog religiously instead of doing work. Sigh. Your stories are much more interesting than my piles of crap in the office. Off to read you shortly, I noticed the new posting yesterday but didny have time to read it yet. Take care

  13. haven’t been here for a while. this entry reminds me of ‘the bridge to therabetia’ ( spelling betoi ke?). one sees what one want to see whether it is through the eyes, the heart, the mind or the soul. some see images, some reflections, some hindsight, some visions!
    and from a tree house, it has an added advantage – aeriel view from the top!
    i want one too!! tapi pokok mangga tak besar-besar pun. cannot support my weight. hahaha…

    Dearest Ibu,

    Hahahahahaha! Pokok Mangga apa yang you tanam tak besar2? Well, I like it here. The setting changes everyday! The view is absolutely superb. Tapi you pandai panjat pokok ker? IF you can, you are welcome to my Tree House 🙂

  14. Elviza, are you still in your tree house? Do you want to come down and play? Hope you are feeling better.

    Dearest Jac,

    Yeah yeah, I ll be back shortly. I am feeling okay, thanks for asking! Relly busy this week, the clients decided to be, oh well, @#$%^$^. Be back soon…..

  15. Tree house? Hmm interesting, what do people do there? Imagine that they are of land?
    I agree with zorro fully. If writing is a vocation, than you’d have to adhere to those nonsense your bosses would perscribe but if writing is to write then write on till you and only you are satisfied. Even when writing assignments, I write to satisfy myself and my arguements and no one elses. I feels so good.
    Yeah, honey, coming. Oh that Angelina Jolie can be quite a pest you know, coming, coming.

    Isk isk isk…. you people are mad you know? I just posted an idea, all these Jessica Alba and Angelina Jolie came running to you. Amazing. On that score, can I order a Matt Damon please?

  16. Talkin’ ’bout structure in writing, when you read Sulalatus Salatin, a book that deciphers the ultimately insane penship of Tun Sri Lanang, you’ll begin to respect those who don’t care about any of that. In “Sejarah Melayu”, you’ll get no breather, no periods, no commas none whatsoever. But the writing itself is of somethin’ substantial indeed. And it chronicled the entire known Malay histories & legends at the time. What would we do without it? So, to hell with structures. WRITE ON!!

    As far as secret Tree House is concern… Good for you for having one. Personally, Tree House is a tad to stationary for me. Yup, it’s an Imaginary Road Prowler for me… A car… to go where I want, when I want with whoever I fancy… And it’s still a secret imaginary lalaland of my own, so I live it to that.

  17. Hi elviza,
    i’d love a tree house now, right this minute….
    oooh… to daydream in abandon, just me, and myself my wicked thoughts.

    Dearest Witchy Sister,

    You ll be fine sister…. anywhere, anytime, because you are a fine person

  18. My dear Elviza,
    I guess it’s okay to have a tree house at a certain a time in your life….I did…but an imaginery tree house, hey be careful… again its okay to imagine you are living in an imaginery tree house but to actually live in an imaginery tree house at all time…. you… need… help…my… dear …heh..heh !!
    You got real people all around you, my dear, who need you being there for them…and for real reasons too ! Take care, Cheers !!

    Dearest Stephen,

    Damn, a reality jolt. Oh! might as well – I needed it badly.

  19. I’m just building my tree house. These days we need these tree houses to be alone and to be still and know that we are still sane in this world that is getting out of control. And know something about tree houses? When we are up there the view becomes clear.
    First time visiting your blog and its cool mann.

    Dearest Tony,

    The honour of hosting you is all mine. Yes, the view is indeed clearer here.

  20. Elv…are you still up there on your tree house? Please come down… we miss you…let’s play on the ground…we have konda kondi…galah panjang…batu seremban… aiyohhhh my dear…are you ok up there?

    Dalilah dear,

    Hear hear! Damn, I love the galah panjang game! You sure know what ticks me to go down from this tree. I am okay up here, thanks so much for the concern. Be back shortly. A tad busy in the office.

  21. Thank you for visiting, ma’am. You be sure to have a nice day now, y’hear? It is not easy to build a tree house, a good one, that is. The calculation can leave you quite breathless but it’s very satisfying if you can build it. Quite frankly, I a little scared to live in one, especially during a thunderstorm with lightning coming as if there’s a big fight going on with good and evil.

    Dearest Mr Bergen,

    Ah, your long awaited maiden message is finally making an appearance on my blog. I am honoured. Oh, dont worry about it, the weather is fine up here 🙂

  22. Earth calling Elviza… earth calling Elviza… come in please…
    Oii, still stuck on the tree ka kawan? Gayat nak turun? Kalau gayat I call bomba to get you down… 😉

    Tree house answering, tree house answering…. okay I ll come down shortly. No need to call the fire department, I can climb up and down very well, Spider Man will be jealous of me.

  23. Salam elviza:
    how are you today? Fine hopefully.
    Tree house eh? well there’s not that many trees left in Jebatville for me to build a tree house. And..I’m a gayat person so no tree house.
    With all this blog thing, our tree houses are actually our blog pages. Thats where we find peace. Where were can smile alone( macam orang gila) and feel sad over someones sickness or deaths. But at times life is so hard that we need a break from our tree house. And we hibernate for a while,right.
    Take care of your BP okay.

    Doc TA,

    Will do TA, will take it easy for the BP. Thanks for the free medical advice again. Really appeciate it.

  24. Eliviza ,
    Aiya lu talak mahu turun ka ? Sudah berape hali lu duduk atas sana tadak makan ka? Ini loti Gardenia,pisang and nebak sira sudah basi bawah pokok lu talak tulun angkat apasat?
    Lu sedih ka, wa ade celita best punya ..itu PL mahu kawin lo ni ari anam talak mahu ikut ka ?
    Mai la tulun …pelut sakit kalu amacam? Mana mahu simpan

    Bising lah cina roti nih…. I paid you already what…. No, I dont want to eat. I hate eating. It makes me FAT! If you bring my fave ice cream, I ll think about coming down okay?

    What do you mean dia nak kawin? Dia DAH kawen lah…. now he is only telling the nation. You got read the blogs or not?

  25. Wa icecream ka? Apasat awai awai tadak cakap .Itu luit loti bulan lepas punya ,wa tak mahu kira manyak2 ,mai tulun sumua olang manyak susah hati lo.
    Lu dduk atai pokok lama lama tadak baik lo,lama lama kalu olang pikir ini loya banyak angin punya loya,atai pokok duduk solang solang ,senyum solang2 taadak baik lo.
    Ini ice klim potong boleh ka..wa taruk bawak pokok sini ,wa jalan jauh jauh ,lu turun ok?Wa tadak tengok punya

    Okay I am coming down. Ice cream potong perasa kacang merah tau!

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