Stockholm or Geneva?

You told me you are going away. I paused in response. Emotions took over – I rather not talked about it. I thought about our light-hearted conversation years ago.

What’s gonna happen to us?” I once asked you.

Like this lah! we grow old together and drink coffee.” You answered in all honesty.

Wherever is that you are going my friend, please come home and grow old with me. Happy Birthday. Oh well, I love you.


6 thoughts on “Stockholm or Geneva?

  1. Why not Sheffield first, then Stratford upon Avon (the Shakespeare city of love) [answering the ARI’s style]

    Dearest K’ron,

    Ah the cold gloomy Sheffield. I’ ll live there again any other old days. Ari would too I guess, the only thing is that she’s doing the “under the Tuscan Sun.” Europe is probably the best destination to start. Sigh

  2. Is it ARI’s birthday? Happy Birthday ARI. Have a good trip.

    I have not had enough of Europe. Wish I could stay here longer but I have this strange feeling our time is almost up. I can’t say when but the day will come when I will sing “Leaving on Jetplane”. 🙂

    Dearest Jac,

    Yup it was her brithday. She turned 23 like big girl.

    The thing is that she is not goingfor a trip. Sigh. People always say the nicest thing about Europe dont they? Take care sis.

  3. Hi Elviza,
    Gosh! Just as I stepped in here it’s Geneva or Stcokholm you said? Both, if I were given the choice lah. Ha ha. I can’t quite follow the conversation, but all I know is that Ari must be a good friend of yours. I will get in the know in time I guess. Good friends are precious.

    Dearest Ruby,

    hahahaha, I know, the posting is rather private actually. Couldn’t say it to her face so I wrote it here instead. Yeah, I ll let you all in the know when I am really desperate to stop her from walking to the check in gate. Good friends are indeed precious.

  4. JT – Thanks 🙂

    Mama Sarah – I wanna walk the earth I have not walked before. May likely do the ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’. I don’t know yet. The plan is not to have so much plan.

    Ruby Ahmad – Going to both places. Secured temp jobs in both places too. Yeay! Wanna come?

    Elviza – Will be back and have coffee with you. In the mean time lets sit at 2 different Starbucks, have coffee and YM. I’ve got it all figured out you see.

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