Tender is the Night

Last night, deep in incoherent thoughts, I asked myself “what is it that I am looking for?” Screaming clients, endless court hours, enduring judges’ mood certainly were not part of the plan. I questioned the same thing to my closest friends, time and again. Tonnes of crappy answers got in the way. No offence guys, but really!

It is fait accompli perhaps – at this stage of life – I might be pondering about choices I previously made.ย  I wish I could plan my life with mathematical precision but I know it would be unrealistic. Maybe I just need a break.

It has been so long, since I care to remember, the last time Jefree and I were alone. So, we are packing our bags this weekend to hide in the quietness of Tanjung Jara Resort. What would I do there? May be I would put the mobile on a silent mode, leave my faithful laptop behind, catch up on my reading and sleep a lot. Perhaps, I’ ll hold Jefree’s hand a little. I know he found it “rimas” to hold my hand but the hell I care.

As such, Write Away will be hushed for a while. In the words of Shar101, “don’t mess up the furniture folks!” Take care.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Son, even if we are not bringing you along this time, that doesn’t meanย we don’t love you. We love you, always.


26 thoughts on “Tender is the Night

  1. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you find what you’re looking for and that much needed peaceful rest for yourself.

    Dear Soulsearcher,

    Thank you. Thank you.

  2. Luqman..I tell you..your mother “acting” sedih only….the truth is, she is very the happy not to bring you along…FREEDOM!!!
    hehehheee….Luqman, cuba buat geram…GGRRRRR!!

    Luqman, cuba luqman sepak Mama En sayang, “Pang!!!” Good boy.

  3. Enjoy your break, Elviza! Don’t worry about Luqman, I’m sure he’s in good hands. Taken care by his grandparents I suppose? Who knows, he may even enjoy being spoilt rotten by his grandparents or whoever is taking care of him in your absence. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Dear Pi,

    Thanks so much. Yeah, he stayed with Jefree’s mom and of course spoilt rotten all the way. Nak buat macamana….

  4. Enjoy the break sister…every moment of it…make it the romantic one ya… You are right, leave the phone on silent mode, no laptop nor PDA…just you, Jefree and the sea breeze…
    Sometimes, moments like that can make us feel recharged…at least that’s what I always noted. Agak2 tense je cari tempat yang banyak positive vibes like the beach or waterfalls…haiyaaa…bestnyeee…
    Take care and have a good time…muahhhhsss


    Thank you thank you so much. Wish I could stay there forever….

  5. Have a good rest, sister. Get recharged. Luqman will be in good hands.
    Take care. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Dear Jac,

    Thank you thank you thank you…

  6. Hi Elviza
    Enjoy YTL hospitality at its finest. Hope to bring my family there too very soon.
    a Malaysian in Riyadh (now back in Malaysia)

    Dear aMiR,

    Haha you are back at this soil. Good good good. How long is the holiday? Of course, I have always loved the YTL resort. But if you have been to Pangkor Laut, I think, nothing beats that. Good day friend!

  7. Have a good rest, and come back and write some more……

    Dear Vishnu,

    Oh thank you so much… I am back now. Still havent a clue what to write.. hehehehe…

  8. Tanjung Jara! Im sure ur gonna have a well deserving rest/holiday there.I used to eat at the seafood restaurant just off the road there. Do eat some for me

    Dear Farina,

    Ate a lot of seafood for you. Bet you must be missing the malaysian cuisine dear… take care

  9. Don’t mess up the furniture.
    Damn right.
    Now, how come everybody is going away before I can get off.
    It ain’t fair.
    And, E. Why could you not link it somewhere else?


    What matters is that you ARE going away. So, tak kesah lah sooner or later! What link what elsewhere? You dont want me to link my post to yours? Didnt get you there

  10. Have a good rest, m’dear.
    I’m off to Manila in a couple of days and I’ll be damned if I let anyone hold my hand … haha

    Have a good trip Captain! And really, dont let anyone hold your hand!

  11. selamat bercuti elviza. semoga ketenangan tanjung jara memberi semangat dalam mencari segala yang dicari dalam hidup yang lebih diredhai, inshaAllah.
    pastinya ia juga untuk kebaikan luqman.

    Dear E,

    terima kaseh…..

  12. Salam Elviza:
    Have a nice break ( a deserving one too I guess).Its a 2nd( or izit 3rd) honeymoon for you. Luqman will be fine in KL.
    The sunrise in TJ is really beautiful.
    Yes, there will be a time when most of us will suddenly have that experience: Am I doing the right thing? Is this what I really want?
    let me tell you this; continue what you are doing now.I’m sure you are good at it and liked it very much.Its just that sometimes when things become too hectic and fast that you can’t take a good break…you will feel like : do I really want to do this for the rest of my life?
    Maybe you should look it at a different way on this matter.
    ps- me and mrs TA going to hide in Janda Baik next weekend. No Hafiz tagging along.

    Salam TA,
    terima kasih….. nampaknya saya memang kena terus buat apa yang saya buat sekarang, sebab tak reti nak buat benda lain. Huaaa…

  13. Dear Elviza,
    Hope you had a good break. Can be very therapeutic this short breaks away from almost everything. Just want to share This:
    โ€œThe first sign of a nervous breakdown is when you start thinking your work is terribly important.โ€ – Milo Bloom.

    Dear Tony,

    Thanks friend for the important message. It scares the hell out of me.

  14. so how’s holiday? Amar and I are down with chickenpox! So itchy I tell you.
    Luqman is gorgeous!!!
    btw, I hope to get some ‘time-off” from the children when we go back. Let’s see if holding hands are still in our dictionary. hihi…

    Dear K’ron,

    ala kesian…. dont scrath you know! Nanti berparut….. serious nih. And thanks…. I think he s gorgeous too! (perasan)

  15. Hello Elviza, popped over from JT’s. Wow! You going to Tanjong Jara. I have always loved that place. Lots of memories too.
    Loved fishing from the rocks.
    Nothing like Tanjong Jara with your loved one, get batteries recharged.
    I wish you a full moon, a high tide and lots of beautiful seafood.
    Have a great time, UL.

    Dearest Uncle Lee,

    I saw the rock! Few people were fishing from that place. I went to look few times (sebok2 jer!)

  16. Elv dearest,
    Looks like you are an incurable romantic. Unlike me, who couldn’t be cured of anthing! Love that line: about Jeff “rimas” holding your hand. Hope you have a great time and come back fully recharged like JT did . . .
    Forget shar’s advice. Last I went there the furniture was made of solid tengganung iron wood. Meranti kot?
    (MS- Back where he belongs.. in Indo)

    Dearest Brother,

    Thank you so much bro….. I am rested and feeling a loooootttttt better

  17. Correction sister .. I am 3/4-way recharged – enough to chug along. (Thanks for the mention, Mat Salo. Any good vibrations lately? hehe)
    Elviza dear, hope you enjoyed your quiet time with Jefree and feeling rejuvenated.

    Dear Jac,

    Rejuvenated I am sista!

  18. Ha ha mothers guilt. Hope you had a good time. “Rimas” pegang tangan ? You sure ? He he he.
    Truth is we all need a break from the daily monotony…

    Dearest Apandi,

    Thank you!

  19. Wa lu duit loti talak mahu bayar sikilang holiday jugak amacam?Kalao lu talak ingat itu jam dudok atas pokok hali2 wa antak itu loti tlak ingat ka?
    Holiday kalu anak pun talak kasi ikut,lomantik punya misti hati sinang.
    Itu hotel wa ingat 5 bintang punya,kulang2 tujuh latuk satu hali jugak …manyak luit pake oii.
    Ooo…wa punya bini ada jumpa sama lu punya amak sama itu market jugak.Emak lu cakap sama dia lu manyak nakal punya budak ,ubat talak mahu makan ,susah tilan jugak.Apasat lu talak mahu makan ubat? Sakit kalu sapa susah? Lu ingat wa suka tengok lu sakit ka?Itu Along cari wa ,wa mahu pasang loye jugak ,misti cali lu jugak punya !!
    Itu loti sikit punya hat la ,tak mahu susah hati pasat punya ..wa sama lu punya famili sudah lama kinal …itu hat ketawa2 lo.Jangan mare lo.

    Dear Cina Roti,

    I think you nih memang suka stalk I. Sumua benda I buat you mesti nak menyebok! I think you should find out who CL is then you come back and tell me okay?

  20. I look to the right, something is amiss. I look to the left, not quite so perfect too. I look infront, nothing is there. I turn on my back and realize, you are not here. I miss the writing. When are you back?

    Dearest Pengembara,

    Ahh…you say the nicest thing sir/m’am…. I am honoured

  21. Hi Elviza,
    Lama tak jumpa…
    I hope you have a great holiday and all the rest in the world…And oh golly! Luqman has grown up to be such a cute little boy ๐Ÿ˜‰ Aiseh…I tua sangat lar for him *Oh-hoho!*…

    Dearest Sister Daph…

    How are you? Hope you are fine sweetie. Yes yes yes…too lold for him you are. Any niece/cousin around his age? Hehehehe…

  22. dear elviza,
    the silence has been long and i hope this finds you well.
    well, it’s so true that we’ll all one day arrive at this fork in our lives as we journey through. we feel the grass is always greener on the other side and we contemplate the obvious. i have met many professionals who wished they could be doing something else at some point. accountants wished to be marketing people. marketing people wished to be bankers. bankers wished to be lawyers. lawyers wished to be film directors. film directors wished to be teachers … (you get my drift).
    so, what does one do? do your swot analysis and move fwd. and here’s the equalizer, in order to move forward one has to breakthrough the f-w-d barriers – fear, worry and doubt. overcome these and you’re on your way. even then there’s no guarantee one will like the destination.
    to cut to the chase, it’s been said all too often, follow your heart, and did i hear you once said you wished to be in advertising? go for it girl. i think you have what it takes to succeed in the business. the only way to be in advertising is to write advertising.
    cheers and take care.

    Dearest Ewoon,

    Helloo sir…. havent heard from you in a looooonnng time? How are you? And thank you so much for the words of encouragement. Take care

  23. Hi Elviza,
    Hope you had a great weekend at Tanjung Jara. Now that you dah relax sikit, ada kerja lah. You’ve been tagged by yours truly. Please visit my blog and you’ll know what its all about.

    Dearest Lady Patsy,

    Hmmmm, I heard all about it. Though I was untaggable but apparently NOT! Will attend to it shortly sista…

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