Conversation with Mr. Crab

   [Don’t read this, it’s really crap!]

What a beautiful sojorn I had in Tanjung Jara. It can be like a slap on the face this tranquility thing, if one’s life of norm is what we had in KL that is. A good pleasing slap though, as at times we need to be reminded in the stillness of time and overlapping waves, of the whole purpose of our existence ans the importance of getting acquainted with our old selves again. The own self that been abused to please other’s needs and demands as required in our line of work.

My maternal grandfather was a fisherman. A hardcore fisherman from the east coast. Growing up, I used to visit his house by the fringe of the South China Sea. Those waves, pristine beaches and lulling breeze were the things that surrounded me when I was there. The very South China Sea that I saw in Tanjong Jara can be very captivating and made me at a loss in her embrace.

The life that I had with her would include the time I spent with my late father, maternal grandfather and step grandmother (jeez, Malaysians!) by her shore building sandcastles and chasing crabs. If I could speak to the crab, probably the grandchild of the great-great-grandcrab that I used to chase, he would tell me about the silly girl who always chase his great great grandcrab nonstop till both of us stop just a bit further than armreach, just staring at each other dead tired.

My “educated” guess is that, me and the mindless chase must be a folklore that has been transmitted from one generation of ‘crabian‘ to another so that the younger generation would know what to do should they come across the similar creature like me.

I shouldn’t talk bad about the South China Sea as she can hear my thoughts even from this safe distance of KL. Nevertheless, her beauty would be the last she would think of come monsoon season. Just like many people that I came to know, the other side of her can be very scary and demanding.

It is best that, from past experience, for me to dumb over this monsoon period as I am sure when April arrives she shall be a beauty she was all over again. This is the sort of beauty that the period of harshness that you went through seem so insignificant and your inconvenience is just a small sacrifice.

I pen off now. I already sound crazy enough. Good day folks!


10 thoughts on “Conversation with Mr. Crab

  1. Welcome back,many people are missing you.
    I guess the crab thing can be quite therapeutic.

    Chasing crab therapeutic? I dont know…. you tell me Sir ?

  2. Mich!
    Are you stuffed with kepok lekor & sata? Or you & hubby were just lounging around the resort, soaking-up the sun and rehabilitate your damaged body & brain cells due to overworked and urban pollution? Gee… nice huh, the sea. Five years in school not 100 meters from the pristine South China Sea (in Dungun), used to make me feel that I had enough of the East Coast sun and the salty breeze. But lately, the panoramic beauty of Terengganu (especially), often beckons me to relive my days in the sun. What’s with the Alumni’s AGM, prospects of doing research in the Coastal States and not to mention vacation plans that have a very slim chance of materialising. Nice to read about your reminiscences on life by the sea. I wish the same can be recollected about mine…
    How pathetic is that?

    Dear Yus,

    Pathetic? you? I dont think so friend. Write about it anywhere you want. I just wrote crap I can recall and tried to make sense out of it sometimes. Yeah, life’s like that nowadays. Prospect of taking vacation has a very slim chance of becoming real – things always get in the way. Take care

  3. South China Sea beckons you to play with her. Her voice gently nudges you towards her. She strokes your hair ever so gently. You feel free and easy in her company. She is most beautiful at this time.
    Yet, she becomes moody during certain times of the year. You fear her and stay away because she is being bugged. She’s lonely too during those times and wonder where are her playmates. But she knows, they will return to be with her when the mighty winds leave her alone.
    Glad you lost yourself in her beauty and came back recharged, sister.

    Dearest Jac,

    Ah, recharged I am. Just wish I could stay away longer.

  4. Mish,
    leave the freaking crab alone!!

    Ye lah!!!! leave the freaking crab alone, leave the freaking crab alone, leave the freaking crab alone, leave the freaking crab alone Elviza!

  5. Ah E. Michele…
    Delighted to see you wafting like a breeze across the South Chine Sea over the Ganung plains and into the blogosphere – where your long-suffering faithful awaits for your eventual return.
    Now I know why you chose Dungung (besides your much-lesser half’s excuse to hit the fairways).. it’s to come “home”. Besides, TJ is very close to where you spent your “formative” years, yes? I didn’t realize that you’re from thereabouts. But if you remember the Caltex Station near the traffic lights accross the “spita” -to your right if heading to KT – that used to be “tanah pesaka” belonging to but my late grand-uncle, paternal side (whom I’d like to think as MY “old man of the sea”) , who was a scribe of sorts. He was the town’s fixture during his hey-day in the Seventies and Eighties. He spent all day in front of the coffee shop suplementing his retirement income as a Petition Writer. I’d like to think my meagre talent, being a scribe too I mean, (heh, that’s being generous) came from him… Ha ha.
    I’m not from there, but during the Bukit Besi years, Dungung was a very cosmopolitan place. So it attracted plenty of “immigrants” in the 40’s and 50’s, and decided to make Dungung their home.
    If you have the time EM, have your be done by my close friend fifty-something Haroun (who looks thirty – damn!), who owns the Crimpers outlet in SS2. He’s a native of Dungun and have plenty of stories that I need to mine from him. Especially the Bukit Besi years. Haroun, of course, is hairstylist-to-the-Stars, and was the official stylist for last year’s AF. A great guy, I assure you, and just tell him I sent you. Ada diskaun laah.


    I love it when you “bercerita” in my blog. I could display the scenes in my head over and over and over again. Hehehehe. I am sure this Haroun guy is freaking expensive!

  6. You back. Correct me if I m wrong, but this post didnt sound quite like you. What happen in T Jara? Glad u r back anyways

    Dear Pengembara,

    Why do you say that? What do you mean? Tanjung Jara was to die for. Wish I could stay longer. I am glad I m back too. If I may, you nih sapa? Someone from the blogsphere? Have a met you at mee rebus or anywhere for that matters?

  7. Salam Elviza:
    Crap crab? You went to TJ to recharge, but your mind wandered nostalgically of your childhood crab.That’s not crap sis.
    Thats …romantic??

    Dearest Brother TA,

    Ah, you say the nicest thing dr…

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