This thing called love

Write Away isn’t a political or a current issue blog. I’d like to fancy myself as a storyteller, you see. But, the true “kepochi” nature in me is bursting with the need to give my 2cents worth of opinion on the trial that gripped the nation – the Altantuya’s case.

Initially, I don’t give a hoot about it. For me any criminal trial is just a painful reminder of one of the hardest subject in law school. I can never get it right – mens rea, actus reus, beyond reasonable doubt, trial within trial – even until now. That’s why I chose civil practice without batting an eyelid.

However, browsing the NST this morning – my partner bought it, not I – I read the excerpt of Altantuya’s police report. She claimed, inter-alia, in her halting english:

(i) “the I am here is want to see my boyfriend. To see your lover is nothing criminal right?”

(ii) “Maybe its my fault but noe I really understand he doesn’t lovers me anymore…”

(iii) “But true is I didnt nothing to him I am just normal girl trying to mee my lover who lied to me…”

(iv) “If its criminal to see my lover if its criminal what I did ill understand…”

Call me neurotic if you wish, but my heart sank after I read this verbatim report. In my naked eyes, she was just desperate to see her lover. Love drove her to desparation as only love can do that to a woman.

Do you remember one scene in the movie Notting Hill where Julia Robert stood across Huge Grant in his bookstore and pleaded “I am just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.” Or something like that. Yeah, that’s what I am talking about.

I also adored Marianne Dashwood in Sense & Sensibility. She proudly exclaimed to her mother “to die for love? What could be more glorious!” But this time around, Ms. Dashwood was terminally wrong. There is nothing glorious about Altantuya’s death. Think about her now orphaned son.

On a lighter note, I selfishly long for the day I could ride the Shah Alam Court’s elevator without fearing that one of the cameramen’s intruding things might fall on my head! I know, I know, they are just trying to do their jobs. I need to do mine as well – preferably in a less crowded court. Que sera sera.


15 thoughts on “This thing called love

  1. It was written under Writer,Love,Life full stop.For a moment I was expecting Writer’s Love life ….hehehehe
    Love …and the extend some people go to declare ,confess ,display and puff and blow about it ( not literally though)…the writer(me lah tu) is none the wiser.

    He he he… very cheeky lah you. I believe none of us is the wiser when it comes to love isnt it? Take care

  2. Now its more like you. The crab wrtings wasnt yours was it?
    you said, Love drove her to desparation as only love can do that to a woman. What about man in love? Man in desperation? Whats yr take on that?
    Your writing is intoxicating. Are u like that in real life? I wonder

    Okay…. now you are scaring me…. honest to God!

  3. in the literary world, we seldom find a story where true love prevails (except in fairy tales). though we do not know whether altantuya came here out of love or money, this might as well be one of the themes of love literary in the future. mona fandey managed to be immortalized in dukun, maybe altantuya in some other books or movies. who knows.

    Dear Nor Ismat @ Radical Scope,

    Thats the way you see it yah? True, whether or not she came here out of love or money or both – we will never the know the answer. She took it with her, blown to pieces. He he he…. thanks for visiting. Do come again please

  4. Pengembara!!
    You know what, she unleashed only about 20% of her “intoxicating” self in her writing. If 20% of Mish already render you intoxicated, wait until you meet her in person. You’ll need a designated driver to get you home… Ko guono semek Mish? heheheh… Intoxicating and addictive eh? It seems like some people can’t get enough of you.


    Eiiiiii! Malu lah !!! Malu!!

  5. Salam madam..
    remind me of “fatal attraction”..

    Salam Dr. Mokk!

    ho ho ho! baru pertama kali jenguk saya yer…. terima kasih. Sungguhlah saya terharu….

  6. i find comments no.2&3 are thought provoking. although no.5 very surreal indeed.
    p/s: am recovering. thanks for asking. however i’m battling with my own itchy hands from ‘kutis-kutis’.

    Sigh. What did I tell you? Dont kutis! Leave them pox alone

  7. salam..

    actually ..bukan first time jenguk kat sini…almost every day mesti buka your blog…
    Your blog really interesting…saya suka baca..keep on blogging…

    Dr Mokk,

    Terima kasih daun keladi atas puji-pujian itu. Saya terima dengan malunya! 🙂

  8. A desperation that caused her her life. Sad indeed.

    I am actually upset with the man who drove her to that desperation. OK sure… we cannot blame the man because she could have been in control of her own feelings. But my take is this – she would not have such feelings if she was not led to believe that she was important in his life. The need to see him and be with him is felt in her report.

    Dearest Sister Jac,

    I agree with you entirely – she would not have such feelings if she was not led to believe that she was impotant in his life.

  9. Salam elviza:

    my bro sepusat sepusin mokk of samarahan said it reminded him of fatal attraction. I think is more like,,,,fatal extraction, no? Or fatal subtraction?

    People say love is blind. Maybe. For me the people in love are ‘blind’ at that time.You just refuse to see the bad side of your loved one. But thats love!

    W’salam TA,

    Ye lah tiba2 rasa ramai pulak doctor2 dalam blog I nih. He he he….

    You know this thing about love, I can write on and on and on about it but still wouldn’t have a clue whatsoever. Love’s funny huh?

  10. Hah…Welcome back Elviza!
    Firstly, sorry, tarak niece/cousin same age as Luqman…
    Secondly, love isn’t blind…It’s just willing to see less =)
    Thirdly, I was told by nearly everyone (friends, teachers, lawyer-friends) that I should have done law, and I went squint-eyed (more than now ler) just thinking about it…
    And fourthly, I taruh the law system in America just recently, and the first person’s blog I thought of coming to was naturally yours…And see the word mens rea…

    hik hik hik hik…. hi Dear, how are you? Law school wasn’t bad. The CLP would kill you in the process though. I am not gonna tell you dont take up law but if you don’t, I ll be so relieved! Go on to other school dearest, meds perhaps?

  11. Is she really an interpretor, conversant in many languages adn wrokign at a model house?

    I have no idea brother, if at all I heard about that it could be rumours.

  12. Isnt there a song? ” Love is in the air?” Welcome back sayang. Your two men, Luqman and Jeff OK? Good advice to Daph……..clinical psychology your thing right, Deph?

    Hello Zorro…. both of two men are well and kicking! I see you soon

  13. Love is so overrated, ain’t it? You saw the person from across the room, sweep you off your feet, brought you to cloud nine and suddenly all the stupid love songs start to make sense. It made you smile, it made you cry and atleast for one poor soul it turned her into tiny pieces. All because of some chemical reaction(s) in your body…

    Dear Sofiairdina/Jeancumlately,

    Ah, your maiden comment on my blog. What a pleasant surprise. I see you often in Rocky’s Bru. True, love is overrated. Like I said earlier I can write on and on about it and still haven’t a clue whatsoever. Funny huh?

  14. From movies there is a touch of fantasy world. So many great movies on love….all not true.
    From novels….it is educational and make you think….yet cannot be 100% right…as more knowledge without experiences…means nothing.
    That’s why many who listen to their parents for advises…talk like secrets…do seem to find true love more than on it’s own choosing.
    From your your experiences….the more you know…the more you find true love is impossible…and the best way is to know what you exactly want….stick to it…fail…learn a lesson…and never look back…and regret…for by doing so…your self confidence begins to create doubts…and confuse you. Bottom line…don’t create self pity nor being selfish…nourishing your mind with clouds of negative thoughts.
    In a nutshell…love is complete trust … understanding and the partner is your best friend forever and ever.
    Difficult to find out by courting and staying as friends. A complete relationship should be there…and in case do not work out….at least no one is hurt…except both of you made the wrong choices. I hate to see children are involved in divorces.
    Why am I so smart?…because I have tried…. had three failed marriages..and take my word…it takes two to make any mistakes.
    Thus some people cannot find true love….yet it is there ….to live like soul mates…not with a certificate to say they are married.
    Choose your path…goodluck.

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