Tag oh Tag!

i.The Charity Tag

Raden Galoh tagged me for charity, despite me being absolutely confident that I am untaggable. Click here for the rules.

So here it goes:-

1. Friendship is always sacred.

2. To love is to work out your differences, not reprogramme each other.

3. Money makes me work against my will.

4. I miss the days when I don’t have to pay anything!

5. When I was thirteen I was little bit boyish! He he he….

6. When I was twenty one I lived in the UK, bestnya…..

7. Pick the flowers when no, I don’t pick flowers, I receive them! Muahahahaha!

8. Beauty is overrated.

9. Nothing makes me happier than to make just about enough money, chuck my day job aside and write whatever I feel like writing.

10. The best thing I did yesterday was to read for the children at the bookstore. I love the looks on their faces, their inane questionings and their sheer innocence.

11.Money is not everything but it sure as heaven a lot of other things. Only people with money would say money is not everything. Sungguh!

12. The most touching moment I have experienced was when Doctor Musa came to my side and said “Elviza, this is your baby.” That was the first time I saw Luqman.

13. Nothing can make me happier than to hold Luqman in my arms.

14. To love someone is to put up with their @#$%^&*

15. When I am happy, I dont “kerut” my forehead so much.

16. If I dont have to bloody work, then I would travel the world and narrate the journey in writing.

17. If I ever write a book I will give this title of  “Life or something like that.”

ii. Hi 5 Meme Tag

Lady Patsy tagged me, despite me being completely untaggable. Here it goes:-  

5 things found in your bag

1. A book – current one “Confession of an Old Boy” by Kam Raslan.

2. The sacred moleskin notebook. Given to me as a birthday gift two years ago by a dear friend, Nurul Muhaniza.

3. Money & plastic money.

4. Mobilephone

5. Pencil

5 Favourite things in your room

1. Yamaha Keyboard, it isn’t exactly in my bedroom, it’s in the library but hey! the library is my room too!

2. My bed.

3. Books, books and books everywhere.

4. Luqman’s books and toys – the toys will one day cause a real hazard!

5. Errrr, a dustbin?

5 things I always wanted to do

1. Write a book, write a column or just write about anything.

2. Travel the world.

3. Live in Prague for a year and write about it.

4. Open a bookstore with a little cafe by the side, serving excellent coffees.

5. Play music, just play music anywhere….

5 things you currently into

1. Reading

2. Writing

3. Blogging

4. Play music

5. Of course, adore my son every second of  the day.

5 People I want to tag

1. Ari – (oh! dont roll your eyes!)

2. Sabrina Ali

3. RSZ

4. Daphne Ling

5. No freaking idea what so ever!


15 thoughts on “Tag oh Tag!

  1. Mish…thank you for being such a sport…and to know that you don’t berkerut when you are happy is something new…hehehe…don’t frown often babe..nanti cepat dapat wrinkle…hehehe…stay happy okay?

    take care and love.

    Dah banyak dah wrinkle…. huaaaa!

  2. I like your take on this – “To love is to work out your differences, not reprogramme each other” So true.

    You wrote: “Open a bookstore with a little cafe by the side, serving excellent coffees.”
    Hey… Lady Patsy and I had the same idea. I would like to add a tea to the menu too.. oh yeah, and hot chocolate. OK, let’s throw in some biscotti and cookies. Oh heck! let’s have a counter for yummy cakes and pastries. 😀

    Sister! let’s open the bookshop together-gether, nak tak?

  3. For someone who’s supposed to be untaggable, doing 2 tags at one go is quite an achievement, don’t you think? I don’t fancy all these tagging business either, but I did oblige the charity tag.

    Anyway, amongst the things you’d find in my handbag would be a multipurpose pocket knife and pepper spray. Now, what does that tell you? 🙂

    It tells me and the rest of the world not to dare mess up with you Pi!

  4. Elviza, pandai main music jugak rupanya lawyer ni ye?
    JT, dont forget to serve currypuff at the cafe ok? 😉

    Tak pandai… masih belajar, yang pandai macam Acciaccatura & Husband tuh….

  5. Reprogramme? hee..heee…
    Wah, pi bani got multipurpose pocket knife. teringat my sis in law who had to leave it behind before boarding , at the airport.
    went to check if i still have it and yes i do. an allan key!

    Reprogramming is the cause of many split ups now sister. Sungguh nih

  6. Hi, it’s me again.

    Just bouncing around from Uncle Rocky’s blog. My side activity, other than playing WoW, applying (unsuccessfully) for a job, and managing my prepaid business.

    So, tagging around? Should I be glad I’m not in the list, or should I be sad ;p. Anyway, I hope that you and other readers can come and visit Yvonne Foong’s blogsite (or perhaps you have). The link to her blog is available from Uncle Bernard’s (Zorro) blog and my blog.

    Those tags look interesting. Maybe I can selfishly tag along and post them in my personal blog :D.

    Dear Radical Scope,

    Saya dah baca blog awak….fuhhh serious sungguh penulisan nya. Yup, I read Ms Foong’s blog already – thanks dear

  7. Dear all,

    Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to leave a comment. I really appreciate it.

    I ll be off the internet until monday, my son is suspected to suffer from denggi. If it is for real, it looks like we have to camp in Gleneagles for few days. Please pray for him.

  8. Sis Elviza, sorry to hear abt ur son. Dengue time again back home it seems ya?Hopefully it turns out -ve.

    Thanks for asking Farina, the boy is fine now

  9. Salam elviza:

    Innalillahi wa inna ilahi roji’un. InsyaALLAH your son will recover soon. My doa goes to him.
    I know its panic time for you but with early treatment he’ll be okay in a few days time. Sabar and doa.
    My salam to your hubby and son too.

    W’salam TA,

    Thanks for the prayer. Luqman is alright now

  10. This Luqman must be one lucky boy…He has to be…

    Really? Hmmm, must be lah. Sometimes at night when he is asleep, I still have to pinch myself to believe that he is really my son. Sigh

  11. Like J.T., I too, like your take on love i.e. working out differences and not reprogramming each other. Unfortunately – in real life – it doesn’t work out that way very often, does it? Anyways, Ieny anyone for whom it goes down that way.

    BTW, my real name isn’t that much bettr than Mat Bangkai… he!he!

    Dear Mat Bangkai,

    In real life, we oftern forget – that’s the problem

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