It’s my God-given right!

Write Away isn’t a political blog. I don’t give a hoot what Nathaniel’s political affiliations are. Honestly, I haven’t even met him in person. Yes, I met his girlfriend Tikus at NPC not so long ago. She’s lovely.

However, my brother Rocky text me late at night last friday. The news was unnerving. The news was down right disturbing for all the bloggers. Our basic human right is being oppressed.

The media reported that Nathaniel was detained pursuant to Section 8 of the Official Secret Act. This controversial act has been condemned for its violation against our international human rights. Section 8 of the aforesaid act has been clearly defined and explained by my fellow member of the bar, Malik Imtiaz Sarwar.

In 1948, United Nations defined human rights via Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I am of the view that Nathaniel’s human rights spelt under Article 12 & 19, have been interfered with:

Article 12

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

Article 19

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; the right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers. 

[emphasis mine]

So, please free Nat unless you have a concrete charge against him. In the words of Malcolm X “human rights are something you were born with. Human rights are your God-given rights. Human rights are the rights that are recognized by all nations of this earth.”

I recalled the Prime Minister reciting a poignant poem titled Damai Abadi –

Aku cari bukan harta bertimbun-timbun,
Untuk hidup kaya,

Aku cari bukan wang berjuta-juta,
Untuk hidup bergaya,
Aku cari bukan kawan-kawan,
Untuk hidup sekadar berfoya-foya,
Aku cari mana dia Al-Ghazali,
Aku cari mana dia Al-Shafie,
Kita bongkar rahsia kitab suci,
Cari panduan,
Kita bongkar rahsia sunah Nabi,
Cari pedoman,
Aku hidup kerana Dia Rabbi,
Dialah teman,
Dialah wali,
Dia mencukupi,
Aku hidup bererti,
Menikmati damai abadi.

If I may pose a question to him, it would be, “have you found your ‘damai abadi’ in light of this oppression?”

[Please click my brothers and sisters, Rocky’s Bru, Elizabeth Wong, Nuraina A. SamadZorro, Shanghai Stephen. Most importantly, click Malik Imtiaz Sarwar

*Picture courtersy of Mob’s Crib*

7 thoughts on “It’s my God-given right!

  1. Aku memang cari harta bertimbun-timbun,
    Untuk hidup kaya sampai Perth atau Melbun(Melbourne),
    Aku cari wang berjuta-juta,
    Untuk hidup bergaya tak kira apa org kata,
    Aku dah dapat teman peganti Endon,
    Untuk hidup happy2 tanpa selindung,
    Aku cari mana dia Ghazali Shafie,
    Tapi jumpa Najib , Nazri dan Khairy,

    Ayuh bongkar rahsia Khazanah ,
    Cari panduan macammana bagi punah,
    Kita bongkar rahsia ISA,
    Cari pedoman longkap org padan muka biar depa rasa,

    Aku hidup kerana Anak2 dan Isteri,
    Jeanne(pron: Zhonne macam French )lah teman,
    Dialah sarapan pagi
    Dia mencukupi,

    Depa suruh aku berhenti
    Apakah depa tak reti
    Yg bukan senang bela Khairy
    Menantu tak kerja mintak duit hari2

    Bagilah can sepenggal lagi
    Keluarga ku perlu dilindungi
    Aku dah banyak sumbang diri
    Biarlah aku korek seround lagi

    Aku hidup bererti,
    Menikmati damai sebagai Perdana Mentari
    Apa aku nak lagi………satu penggal lagi ok tak?


    Imagine you reciting this on a podium and me in front of it giving you a standing ovation!

  2. Err.. Elv,

    I think you’d better apologize to your fellow loyar M.I.S. Twice you acccidentally put ‘p’ in his name. I know you meant no harm, but do it will ya? Out of respect, please? OK, OK my daughter’s name has two ‘L’s… Hehe…

    Anyway, this “intimidation business” is just “wayang” at unfortunate Nat Tan’s expense. It’s just subtle game of arm-twisting to them – a prelude to the GE next month, of course. Everytime there’s a GE coming they ramp up their bully factor, to cow the opposition. Fortunately for “small, frail Nat”, it’s going to backfire on the idiots who thought of the great idea of picking on the small guy, and kickin’ sand in our faces…

    Nat will be freed soon, but the message was sent.

    We need to send a reply in kind – this time at the ballot box. Just to send the message, for we know kuchi fries like us will never cause a dent in the Mother of All celebrations come August 31st. No, it’s not to celebrate our beloved country’s 50th… but the BE END BASH OF BASHES for the greatest landslide in the history of our Nation…

    Oh ya… enjoyed the Wareh story!

    Hehehehe, ye lah, kesian Malik! I stand corrected. Amendments duly made. Thanks bro!

  3. That was a good one from Bond..Jebon. It says a lot!

    Why hold Nat? Is someone way, way up there trying to hide something and Nat is just the beginning? Who knows?

    If this is one way to indimidate socio-political bloggers, they still haven’t learned a thing.


    The Jebon’s poem is good isnt it? Damn right true too!

  4. i made a post on the myth of bloggers’ immunity, and i concur with the idea forwarded by the article i attached to the post. however, to enforce any actions towards bloggers/journalists/critics, or to restrict the freedom of speech, requires the government to be transparent. that is, the government has to give a solid rational with proofs as to why the action was taken.

    what’s happening in our country is freedom of speech is being restricted, and the government has a knack of detaining people without any proper and solid explanation. perhaps the head of government has forgotten that in a democratic country, the government is made of people, selected by people, for the benefit of people.

    since we are all grown-ups, and most of us have better credentials than the ministers we voted for before, take a cue from plato’s wisdom:

    “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that
    you end up being governed by your inferiors.” – Plato


    Thanks for the input

  5. Salam Elviza:

    Remember operasi lalang? Just before GE the police and internal ministry had a field day. Many opposition leaders went to Universiti Kedua and Kamunting Resort.

    Now the threat is from bloggers and independent web or online media. These ‘froup’ apparently had been attacking and exposing the other side of news that the powers doesnt appreciate the public to know.
    And do not forget how the blogs and online-web media played their part in Machap and Ijok.

    The “Power Rangers” knew whats in store for them this GE. So, lets intimidate the majority of bloggers out there. The result is Nat was taken.

    Its the same tactics rerun everytime GE is around the corner.

    The poem by Bond…Jebon is a gem. But coming from Bond…Jebon will always be a gem.

    TA dear,

    Why intimidate the truth? I still can’t answer that Q

  6. Elviza,

    Serious serious stuff. Loyer stuff. Can we have something like before?

    Dear Pengembara,

    This is not lawyering stuff, human rights are something we all should know. I am just trying to do the best that I can. Something like before? Tak der idea lah …..

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