That’s What Leprechauns Do!

[Actors: Papa, Mommy & Baby Luqman. Scene: Home Sweet Home]

Papa: “What are you reading for the children this weekend?” He asked nonchalantly.

Thoughts in my head: “Okay, normally he couldn’t be bloody bothered, what’s gotten into him today?”

Me: “That’s What Leprechauns Do!” I hollered excitedly. Luqman stared at me with his two huge “guli” eyes. Perhaps he is thinking “what have I done to deserve a crazy mom like her?

Papa: “Apa dia? Ho ho ho! ha ha ha ha ha! he he he he! kik kik kik kik!” He laughed like an intoxicated cow and he subsequently shook his head in an attempt to humiliate me further.

Me: “Why you laugh? I am reading That’s What Leprechauns Do. You know leprechauns?” At this juncture, I have to shamefully admit to you that I pronounced leprechauns as “lep-re-chons.”

Papa: “Eiiii…. leprechauns lah! As in “laaap – riiii – kons!” He corrected me without mercy knowing that I’d be so humiliated about this. Luqman kept looking at the both of us in utter confusion. And he continued laughing at my stupidity.

Papa: “And you are reading to the children? You can’t even pronounce the words carefully!” He wasn’t quite done yet, was he?

Thoughts in my head: @#$%^&**&^%!cow@#$%^!

Now that I know how to pronounce Leprechauns without my tongue doing the acrobat, I’ ll  see you guys & your children at –

Venue: Borders, the Curve, Damansara.

Date & Time: Sunday 29th July 2007 at 3 p.m.

Book: That’s What Leprechauns Do. Written by Eve Bunting, illustrated by Emily Arnold McCully.

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15 thoughts on “That’s What Leprechauns Do!

  1. eh..apa daa speaking gomen tak betul…

    Ko TIP, kalau posting2 yang aku kutuk diri aku sendiri, cepat jer ko bagi komen eh? Kalau tak susah nak nampak ko kat comment section nih. Apa khabar kau dan dunia seni ko yang begemerlapan itu… chewah…

  2. hahaha, it’s okay! people make mistakes all the time. but better to be humiliated by your own husband, than in front of all the children on sunday later.

    *one smarty-pants kid raises a hand while you’re reading mid-way* “excuse me, ma’am. isn’t it pronounced ‘le-pre-kon’?”

    crawl under the table, like that 😀

    Deaar Raggedyanne,

    Ohhhh! if that happen, I’ll say a prayer “ground, please open up and swallow me!”

  3. Dear Miss,
    Good luck in your mission

    Dear Lebar Daun,

    I ll see you and your husband there at 3 pm okay? That’s a promise!

    Dear Miss
    Good luck in your important mission this sunday

  4. it’s okay, leprechauns is not an english word, it’s irish.

    Thank you friend! Now I know why I made the mistake. It’s Irish!

  5. salam elviza,
    seronoknya. i bet you read to luqman quite often too. untung luqman.

    teringat something else. until today i still pronounce the word iklan ‘ek-lan’.
    just cannot sambung the K and L.

    Hahaahahahha! ek-lan……

  6. Hi Sister,
    You wrote: “Okay, normally he couldn’t be bloody bothered, what’s gotten into him today?”
    Maybe it was meant to be that way (‘someone’ was looking out for you from up above). If Papa did not ask you, then you would have pronounced it the way you know in front of kids and their parents.

    Many, many moons ago, I did not know how to pronounce “Ma cher amio” in that song ‘Jambalaya’. I prounounced it ‘ma chair ah-mee-o’. hahaha
    Luckily only one person heard it. I could see she was trying to hold her laughter back. We were singing in a group. 😀 I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me.

    Hey Sister,

    Muahahaahahahahaah…. tsk tsk tsk…. funny man! But at least only one people, could be worse ain’t it?

  7. Haven’t been here for quite some time. A lot of catching up to do.

    I too have had my fair share of being corrected for pronunciation by Abang Idin ( 11 yr old) – when he was younger. Ni part nama2 robot lah. Duhhh!!!

    But that what make “reading” with them fun and memorable.

    Hi Ibu… lama tak nampak. I dread the day my boy starts remembering characters. Surely I am bound to make mistake in pronouncing those names!

  8. Elviza,
    One of the tabligh activities that we did in my late teen was to read the Teaching of Prophet to other tabligh followers who’re seated in a circle. I kept mispronouced the word evil time after time, the e always sounds like elephant or every. Mercifully, none of them dared to laugh like an intoxicated cow at my slips of the tongue.

    Dear aMiR,

    Ah, there you are. 3540 Jalan Sudin informed me that you went to Tg Jara shortly after I left. What a shame, we could have met there and spend sometimes together. Belum ada rezeki yer? Errr, but I am sorry, I laughed at this story of yours. He he he….

  9. Thousands of foreign words are being mispronounced by all sorts of people all over the world. Perfect English I learn from my teachers are made imperfect right now..listening…reading them from news…billboards…and TVs shows.
    What matter most is one speaking from the heart to the mouth…and anyone loving children or animals cannot be bad souls.

    Thank you Uncle Monty… for the encouragement

  10. You know what Mish, if the French and the Spaniards can pronounce English words ikut suka hati diorang, and accepted and even copied by lotsa English-speaking people of the world… I think mispronouncing leprechauns is something that we ought not be too worried about. Anyway, being corrected by the hubby once in a blue moon is not all that bad… Imagine being married to an English teacher who insists all pronunciations must be strictly according to the descriptions in the Oxford Dictionary… Hmmm… my English is (suppose to) getting better by the day…

    In a way… it’s quite liberating to know that my better half commands better English than I am… so that I have someone to cross-check my grammar & spellings whenever there’s an important English article to write. But that’s just me…

    “Impeccable”… Stafford Road ’97, remember? Heheheheee… Jangan marah ya… saja gurau-gurau dengan you.

  11. Eh Sis,

    How did the reading go? How’s the turn-out? Ee, best nyer. Hmmm. where’s the write-up?

    Not too worry maa, we got a Senator who was a former Selangor CM with 2 M’s to his name err, God only knows how he pronounce “leprechauns”? I shudder at the thought. “Prestation” is bad enough. And these are the people we elect?

    Anyway, I really DO want to bring my Aqil and Alesha Michelle to attend your readings… Insya’Allah, one of these Sundays.

    So next one bila?

    Brother, no write up, cause I have no idea what to write. My brains refused to move due to aging, just like you. Muahahahaahaha! Yeah I know! that ex minister with two M in his name is appaling man. Orang macam nih pin boleh jadi pemimpin kan kat Malaysia nih. I tell you brother, if they put you instead of him, you will do 1 million times better job ok?

    Okay, the next reading session is on 12th August 2007. Same time, same place. Will you be home to bring them around?

  12. hello … it was lovely to bump into you the other day at chinos on the park!

    Hello Sharon, the pleasure was all mine. Sorry for late publication of this comment. It went straight to spam. I dont know why

  13. Elviza and all…….Sheih’s mom is in hospital again and is seriously ill.
    Please offer a prayer for her speedy recovery.

    Thank you for alerting us Uncle Monty. I will call him shortly.

  14. Elviza and all again! It may please you all to know that Susan Loone became the first lady blogger to obtain one million hits.
    This is not an easy feat….considering she had 25000++ spams!!
    She also had created a site with more than 2000 messages at ONE SITE!!
    Check it out at her ‘Free Speech Zone”…really full of fun.

  15. Elviza….Sheih’s mom is gravely ill. ReaD all about it posted by Sheih.


    Thanks for letting me know. Will call him.

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