Tender is the Night – II

My late father used to sing this song to me –

Yang kurik itu kendi

Yang merah itu saga

Yang cantek itulah budi

Yang indah itu bahasa …

Ah Ayah, he can sing like an angel. Last night, I found myself humming the same song to Luqman, albeit in a less-angelic voice. I hope Luqman will understand the message behind this song someday. I refrain myself from writing too much about him for fear of this blog being judged as a ‘typical mommy’s blog’ by none other but my closest friends. However, these are few pictures that matter to me and I wish to share it with you all –

“Hello everyone!”

Cheeky Grin 1 


Keluarga Buaya: Papa Crocs, Mommy Crocs & Baby Crocs.

“Here’s my nose!”

Cheeky Grin 2

“Please Mommy, no more picture, I am tired!”

My library, where I hope Luqman will find his first love in knowledge, hopefully.

Okay, I best stop adoring my son before I bore you to oblivion. I love you, Son.  


21 thoughts on “Tender is the Night – II

  1. Ya Allah Chelle…sekejap jer dah besar your cute luqman..i know u r a good mum – so no need to worry being tag as “typical mommy’s blog” all of us women do have that feeling to our kids

    Take care!

    p/s: dah lama reading ur blog cume hari nie baru bersuara. “Tabik springggggg…”

    Old friend Kay,

    Lama tak jumpa weh! Apa kata ko arrange reunion pulak this time? Apsal tak pernah bersuara? Bersuaralah! Aku nak dengar! Take care friend. Thanks for the support

  2. I like the picture of the Croc family.
    And Luqman looks sooooooo cute in the second-last pic!

    Dearest Aishah,

    Really, you like the crocs family pix? I thought that was something too… sekumpulan selipar yang amat comfortable. I posted the other smiling shots of him because you told me he looks too serious! Thanks for dropping by dear.

  3. As a Mom to two boys, I know how adorably exasperating little boys can be – yours can probably get away with quite a lot just by smiling! Love the pics and that is such a lovely lovely bookshelf – arranged by height yes?

    Dear Eliza,

    What an honour to host you here. I have always enjoyed your blog. Thanks for the compliment and I am trying to put my foot down everytime he tries to misuse that smiles. And yes, you are absolutely right, I arrange it by heights. I know nothing about catologing or whatever is that they are doing at the library. Take care.

  4. Elviza:

    Sorry couldnt publish yr comments in my blog. It was way out of topic and will probably put off many people.

    No biggie Captain – totally understandable. Sorry about that anyway, didnt mean any harm. 🙂

  5. Elviza,

    Soooo cute my future grandson-in-law. 🙂

    Kak Ton,

    My future daughter in law pun sooooooo cute…every week I see her… he he he 🙂

  6. When he’s 20, I’ll be err… slightly over 40… darn!

    Wahhh you are so young… when he is 20, I ll be 51. There…

  7. Mish…you pun pakai crocs gak weh…dulu masa try crocs ni I gelak besar…macam kaki badut..hahaha..tp bila dah pakai…alahai best lak…sure kaya sapa cipta crocs ni…

    Wah hensem luqman tu…tu masa kecil…bila besar tentu lg hensem…

    take care.

    Darling, I think, someone told me that crocs was first made for surgeons to wear in the hospital. Dont know lah betul ke tak…

  8. EMK,

    Can I hv a go with your young man? I promise, I teach him exactly what I know when I was a little boy. I hv extensive relevant experience, you know…….

    Heheehehehehehehhehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehhe 😛

    1. One Swiss made, hand carried cuckoo-clock
    2. Dent on the Peugeot roof
    3. One rambutan tree down
    4. Queen sized bed floor board completely broken
    5. One stairway anti-child gate ripped off from the wall
    6. One bathroom sink fell of the wall
    7. One rubber full sized dust bin set on fire
    8. A flooded ground floor bathroom turned into an in-house waddling pool
    9. One large Johnson & Johnson baby talcum turned into in-house snow storm in tropical Malaysia
    10. One whole bottle of orange flavoured child aspirin downed in one go!
    11. One drawer stucked using super glue
    12. A hair cut to the neighbour’s son

    Not bad ehh………………..


    Ohhhh! You evil you BD!!! I cringe thinking of what you had put your parents through! And please, you never told us about item No.12, did you? I don’t think so. No.8 is your worst lah, or the burning of the dustbin. Oh I dont know!

  9. Hey, you are a mom, you have got the right to adore him, heck you must adore him, Thats one cute little boy you got there. Carry on adoring him.

    Tima kaseh Chegu… he he he!

  10. he’s such a sweetie..definitely will charm alot of gals when he gets older, at least for now, he’s already charming alot of ladies! hehehe 🙂

    I too like the crocs pics, however i heard from the news some time back that in some hospitals they are banning them due to safety reason. Those those tiny holes, might not be protective enough. Such as if a needle dropped and glass breaks..anyway, ur 3 crocs looks cute 🙂

    Thank you Winnie…

  11. Salam Elviza:

    MasyaALLAH. Luqman is cute and handsome( tapi a bit chubby ). I’m sure he is cheeky too.

    And be careful of uncle Bigdogcom, Luqman. He wants to teach you those ‘nakal’ things and I’m sure you’re mom won’t approve that.

    Have a nice weekend sis.
    My regards to Luqman and Papa Croc

    Dear TA,

    Ahhh? Sikit chubby? Banyakkkkkk kottt! He he he …. Yeah I know, that BD have all the tricks up his sleeve!

  12. He is so damn tomeiiii…..have to see this lil croc soon and pinch
    the chubby cheeks. Arrange la something fwen…

    p/s: in the process to inculcate reading habits to my kids too. any tips?


    AKu baru suruh org lain arrange, sbb aku malas. Pekata ko call Rits? Muahahahahaha. Tips? I don’t have any specific way, I just read to him and infront of him, hopefully he will one day follow the habit.

  13. Hey Elviza,
    Awww. So cute is little Luqman! Sigh…Here I am again wishing I was younger, or he older…Hehe…I better not say anymore…Im sure you’re thanking God my wishing cannot come true…As for the books, I’m sure your love will be passed on. Mak borek, anak rintik lar! You know, if he goes into law, great! All cases sure menang lar…Smart (follow mummy right, and with the number of books at home, no doubt lar) and handsome…One smile, and case dalam tangan 😉

    Hey dear…

    Yes ah? Handsem ah my boy? Hik hik hik (syok sendiri!). Hopefully his heart will be as big as yours Daphne. I mean it

  14. Hi Elviza

    I am almost back to full time blogging. Very cute pictures of Luqman. I am sure he will take to reading like you do.

    Take care, sis. 🙂

    Oh, it is always good to have you back, I miss you!

  15. Mish!
    Muka papa Luqman masa kecik ada tak? Sama cute tak ngan muka Luqman?

    Muka gua tak sama pun bila dah besar ngan muka bapak wa. Kalau tak sure hensem nyer..

    Luqman cute, bapak dia = errr, errr, errr… you tahu2 sendirilah

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