The Blogging CEO

The NST is turning the table around about blogging. Through columnist Tengku Zafrul, CEO of Tune, the NST seems to be taking a positive and friendly attitude on blogging. I don’t need to explain about Tune Money, Google is after all, at your disposal.

In his Sunday column, he writes about the social portal – Facebook – and his recent decision to join the blogging bandwagon. What more, he is actually looking forward to put up a new posting each time. Click here for actual posting from him.

Would Tengku Zafrul now be labelled a liar? A goblok? Of course not, he is after all an NST columnist  and CEO of Tune Money. Wonder if Tengku Zafrul is aware that NST has nothing but contempt for most bloggers, especially the Malaysian socio-politico bloggers.

But as advocates of freedom of speech we welcome you to the blogging world.

We all love to write, the only difference between you and me is that your writings get to be published in the pro-government newspapers whereas mine ends here. 🙂

Hey, its nothing personal. I am sure you are indeed an awesome individual. Peace brother!

And all the best.


9 thoughts on “The Blogging CEO

  1. Dear E,
    A blogger and a NST collumnist TOO!!! You got to be kidding.It doesnt seem to jive it seems.
    Does NST head know that he is blogging too?
    He certainly doesnt look like a monkey,pondan or coward as what the bloggers are normally labelled as.
    My guess is that his close assoc with Khairy and Kalli thru Fernandez via AirAsia absolved him from any labels assoc with blogger.

    So good on you TZ ,go on blogging…you belongs to those that need to be treated with padded gloves….I welcome you all the same but tread carefully….

    Sweetheart, Amir Muhammad was also the NST columnist and a blogger. We all know what happened to him. Damn, I love his ramblings. But hey, lets give TZ a try, we all could learn a thing or two from him. How about inviting him to MRT? I am serious. Call me.

  2. Hi dear,
    different strokes for different folks ! that’s the way the main-stream media works my dear ! You and I will not see the light of day till the morons-in-suits see the benefits of keeping bloggers on their side and favour ! heheheh !!! or maybe even TZ days are numbered ! but lets welcome him into our sphere anyways. !
    Cheers and selamat berbuka puasa my dear !


    I laughed outloud when I read your “…will not see the light of day till the…” Sigh. What to do…life’s like that. But, so far as you are still reading my humble blog, that’s all that matter for me. Miss hanging out with you on Tuesday.

  3. Elviza,
    Thanks for highlighting this event which I would have missed since I have stopped reading NST a long time ago.
    TZ welcome to the monkey world. Now ‘The Monkey God’ (To borrow Zorro’s Term for a certain anti blogger) must watch his words otherwise he may be calling his associate the same name as he would call you and me.
    TZ must be trying to reach a certain sector of readers who have refused to read the NST where his column is published. He must have realised that Bloggers are some sensible people too and must not be neglected. Thus he blogs.
    Gone were the days of old when The NST was the main English newspaper in Malaysia. Dwindling sales and dwindling readership due to worsening content churned by mainly spin doctors who were proven to be master of plagiarised work than producer of original masterpieces has seen this paper struggling to maintain market share.
    Happy blogging TZ. Well see if your blogsite is worth visiting.


    I have to admit so far that I kinda like his blog. It’s breezy and agenda-free. Let’s hope that he keeps it that way. After all, we could learn a thing or two from the young CEO. Selamat berbuka puasa. Terima kasih atas sokongan anda kepada saya selama ini. I really appreciate it. 🙂

  4. I wonder if he will have blogger’s block like some of us after a while. 😉 Wishing him all the best.

    That’s the spirit sista, we must welcome everyone – regardless what newspaper we read. LOL. Wishing him all the best too…

  5. Err Sis,

    Abih laa kita. Just hopped over his blog and I must say just as brilliant, dashing and moneyed as the man himself. His blog simply ooozes class! TZ probably got more hits these last two weeks than I’ve had FOR THE LAST TWO YEARS. Eh, jealous nampak? Damn right I am. OK,OK. I know I ain’t no CEO. Just a glorified hillbilly roughneck with a penchant for fast and loose women. OK-lah, if not fast, then loose women is acceptable for my rough, grubby mitts.

    Seriously, he writes well and knows how to cultivate the reader. Plus he has direct access to Man U (via Tony F) players –that helps draw the football kakis. But he’s a Liverpool fan. So he bucks the trend a little bit. Also potrays himself as a regular Mat who hangs out with his mates at Devi’s Bangsar. Anyway, lets welcome TZ to the ‘sphere…

    Sis, I know you can’t wait to invite him for MRT. But surely the invite must come from the hostess herself. Not us. It might be a bit presumptious…

    OK –Digress a bit, Sis. Noticed you reading Mariane Pearl’s heart-breaking story. Principal photography for the movie has just finished in Mumbai. Produced by hubby Pitt, I heard Angelina Jolie plays a very convincing Mariane. But critcs has alrady slammed her before even the movie is out. Why? Because Mariane is black. So in the movie, apparently they shaded down Jolie’s skin tones so as to appear darker…


    LOL – of course you are no CEO. But you ooze your own charms I must admit! Yeah, I like his blog and of course there’s no personal agenda involved here. Its the NST intention that I am confused about. TA is a mere conduit pipe if you ask me.

    Ok the digression – a mighty heart. The book is a bit of a drag but I am not quitting it. Marriane’s spirits are indomitable. Movie reviewers are always ahead of their time. Are you sure Marriane is black? I thought she has a Cuban mother. I don’t know. Let me reverse on the book a little. Fancy a review my friend?

  6. Was away when Holy Ramadan started. So here’s wishing you Selamat Berpuasa….I know got nothing to do with your post, but took the opptnty to wish you.

    Hey stranger! 🙂

    Thank you… and I hope to see you soon?

  7. Elviza,
    Went straight to Tengku Zafrol’s blog after reading about here. Posted a comment there and wonder of wonders this busy CEO did managed to find time to respond. Such a humbleness for a CEO of his stature. After reading all of his postings I know that everyone has someting to learn from him as you correctly pointed out. Now I am a regular at his site.
    Actually I enjoy reading your articles. I will make comment whenever I find the article is relevant to my perseonal experiences. Above all I can always learn something from you.
    Selamat berpuasa.

    Dear Silhoute,

    Ah, the man is humble yeah? Despite his credential. Good to know that. I am also his regular visitor now. And I absolutely believe that we can learn a thing or two from everyone.

    I thank you for your kind words and support. Comments like this make me feel that blogging is worth my while. Selamat berpuasa to you too.

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