Prayers for the little Jane Doe

As a mother, my heart goes out to the little Jane Doe found in a bag yesterday. What is wrong with the world today? A close friend of mine, Basyirah Anuar, from a prominent law firm in Damansara Heights and a mother of two herself wrote me an email this morning. She laments –

“… I am (also) depressed knowing that the safety of your children (and mine!) is at stake.  I am depressed because my children will grow up in fear and taught to be fearful. I long for the days when we roam free in the playground which was miles away from home; I long for the freedom to feel safe and secure; I miss the times when we are able to be in the park till midnight and enjoy the stars. Tell me how do I teach Aisyah and Adam…don’t fear, reach out for the stars? And how many lives do we rob till we understand that children too are entitled to live in a secure and safe environment? Please, just tell me how?”

For the first time in fourteen years of friendship, I could not answer her. I am leaving the office shortly to be where I belong: home. I am going to hug Luqman tight and tell him to always look out for his safety as these evil monsters are still looming free in our compassionate society. It matters not that he would not understand a single word of it; I just have to tell him.

My heart also goes out to Nurin’s parents. Our prayers are with you. Fellow bloggers and friends, please help find Nurin Jazrin. Please click on this blog. In the meantime, let us continue praying for her safe return. Amin.


17 thoughts on “Prayers for the little Jane Doe

  1. my dear,
    the absence of police presence in the streets, is what makes these sickos so daring to abduct little kids and do all this horrific and unimaginable perverted acts ! My wish and long over-due is for our police force to “work” and not just talk and set road-blocks to collect “duit-raya” from drivers not wearing seat-belts or on the cell phone !
    How long has it been since that little girl from Kg. Baru who was similarly attacked and was found wondering in a bloodied skirt ?? What came of the investigations ?When questioned…they retort by telling us that it is still under investigation…hhmmmm…loads of bullshit…if you ask me !
    billions are spent on beautification programmsbut to increase the security of the nation and protection of the tax-paying citizens,….it’s always the same answer…my dear I’m too up-set to continue…..after reading about this innocent angel in a sports bag. !I’m sorry !

    My friend, we are all sorry… but what good would it be? And dont let me start on the police force and the current administration cause you’ll hear no end of it. Argh!

  2. It bothers me the whole day. The image of that battered face broadcasted on tv last nights stays in my mind and when I read the cause of death today, you could almost feel her pain…

    Anybody, somebody, please get the person who did this before someone’s daughter bacomes another victim.

    And I was really wondering why there is no missing person report? Is it her parent or the police who had overlooked?


    I really have no answer for that. I am really sorry. Sigh…

  3. When Nurin was reported missing few weeks ago, I felt numb. Another little girl went missing? We had about 30 something since early this year.
    I read the STAR today , mentioned there , about 18 children under 9 years old still missing since Jan 2007. And there are still hundreds of unsolved missing cases.

    With news like this recurring very often, who in thier right mind wouldn’t worry about the safety og one’s children? And of one’s teenage daughters and sons.

    Are we living in an insane country or region? Or is the planet had gone bonkers?

    We have to be extra careful from now on.
    No, our kids doesn’t have to live with fear in their minds. We can tell them to be careful,be extra careful, but do not instill fear into their fragile mind.

    ( note: its not a good time..but I tagged you for Tagged: All Fives)

    Salam Bro,

    Yes, yes, yes, the planet has gone bonkers. What other plausible explanation can we have?

    Err, I thought I’d done the All Fives tag. Scroll down brother… he he he…

  4. Will the day come citizens take law into their own hands cos lost hope in police? Shudder, shudder.

    Precisely, they should divert all the energy towards preventing crime than writing tickets and taking bribery from motorists. Even the thoughts disgust me!

  5. You can never ever be too careful, too cautious, too over-the top, too smothering, too ‘check-twice, too aware, too non-trusting, too ‘check your gut’, too protective, too ‘look out for eachother’, too proactive. It just has to be that way.

    Dear Powerfulmothers,

    I always thought that I am a lousy mother. Or not good enough a mother. Right now, the heck I care, I will never let him out of my sight until he can take care of himself. Call me a freak, call me a nuts, call me anything, I would rather be safe than sorry. Sigh, what a sick world we live in!

  6. Dear Elviza

    My heart goes to the parents of lil Nurin. I can feel their anguish and pain.

    I pray that she is safe and being taken care of by some kind soul and will be returned to he r parents soon.

    Dear Kak Ton,

    Amin, amin…

  7. I have four kids, two of them girls … I literally shed tears reading about and looking at the picture of little Jane Doe. Why Oo why would anyone want to do something like that???

    But, putting things into perspective, it’s normal to blame a particular party when this sort of tragedy happened, especially in our society of “dah terantuk baru tengadah”.

    Tapi aku rasa semua orang kena mainkan peranan in ensuring the safety of our living surrounding, bukan hanya polis atau rukun tetangga atau ketua kampong saja… tapi jiran tetangga, ibu bapa, guru, pak imam kat masjid, ajk belia, pemuda/putri UMNO/MCA/MIC, GLCs, NGOs etc-etc. Semua ada peranan yang boleh dimainkan untuk mencegah tragedy sebegini, contohnya mendidik anak-anak/murid-murid tentang bahaya orang yang tidak dikenali. Dan mana peginya kempen “Rumahku Syurgaku” dulu?

    Aku rasa, only when one appreciates his/her own family, baru ihsan atau empathy akan wujud dalam jiwa mereka terhadap nasib family orang lain. Aku tak kata masyarakat kita kurang ciri-ciri tu, tapi belum cukup untuk membanteras atau mencegah tragedy sebegini berlaku.

    Mak bapak lak… kalau ketat sangat jaga anak-anak, dikata dek orang mengongkong, chocking the very freedom out of their life. Tapi kalau sporting sangat… dikata lak lepas tangan, tak bertanggungjawab…

    So, camna? Apa formulanya? Dan apa sudahnya?

    Yus, listen to me. If at all we never listen to each other throughout this friendship, this time just listen. You rather be safe than sorry. Forget the formula, forget the ending. Just be a control-freak parents about safety. Who in the world can tell you what is the best thing to do when it comes to this? Just hold on to the children for dear life. Please. Just please do it.

  8. Petikan dari Bernama

    Mayat budak perempuan itu adalah Nurin

    PETALING JAYA: Polis hari ini mengesahkan ujian asid deoksiribonukleik (DNA) ke atas mayat kanak-kanak perempuan yang ditemui dalam sebuah beg sukan di Petaling Jaya Utama Isnin lepas adalah Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, 8, yang hilang sejak sebulan lepas.

    Ketua Polis Daerah Petaling Jaya ACP Arjunaidi Mohamed berkata ujian darah ke atas mayat dan juga ibu bapa Nurin Jazlin mengesahkan hubungan antara kedua-dua pihak.

    Katanya, ibu bapa Nurin Jazlin telah dimaklumkan tengah hari ini mengenai keputusan DNA itu.

    Nurin Jazlin, pelajar tahun dua Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Desa Setapak dilaporkan hilang pada 20 Ogos setelah keluar bersendirian untuk ke pasar malam yang berhampiran rumahnya di Seksyen 1, Wangsa Maju di sini.

    Mayat budak perempuan yang tidak berbaju yang dipercayai menjadi mangsa deraan seks ditemui oleh pemilik lot kedai di Jalan PJS 1 pada pagi Isnin lepas – BERNAMA

    -innalillah.. moga pembunuh tu dpt balasan setimpal.

    I heard about it dear. I hope God gives him/her what he/she deserves. Amin

  9. Sis Elviza:

    Just for your info: I have found and linked to my blog( under Quran and hadith) the Message of Quran by Muhammad Asad. Its the translation and tafsir by him.

    Salam TA:

    Terima kaseh. Sekarang tengah sedeh…

  10. May that little girl rest in peace.

    We live in a sick and dangerous world. Children these days can no longer be as free as we used to be.

    I pray that her parents find strength to see them through this horrible ordeal.

    Indeed, we are living in a sick and dangerous world. I keep thinking about my childhood when I can roam free in my neighbourhood with a slightest inkling of fear in me. How do I restore that for my children and my grandchildren?

  11. Just hate it when a story does not have a happy ending. I was hoping to see Nurin being hugged by her mother on national tv with hari raya song on the background. I wish to have that happy tears but instead, I am shedding a sad tears with the whole nation and trying very hard to let go of the image of a battered little girl named Nurin. Al fatihah…

    I have said it all, I have nothing more to say about this. Sadness, anger and fear become one. Al fatihah…

  12. I’m sad… I cried watching news last night (and I hardly watch TV, but made an effort to watch it last night on the lastest news). I’m angry. It’s such a horrible things to do to a little kid.

    Oh God, pls protect my Amin, my Ammar, your Luqman and all the children from this psycho beast.

    Dear God, please keep all children of the world safe from this beastly monster. And Chal, I really hope God is listening right now…

  13. Thousands of children die every year from diseases, war, accidents and from the acts of crime. Our hearts go to all of them. Semoga mereka diletakkan ditempat yang lebih baik daripada dunia fana yang kejam dan jahil lagi psycho ini.

    As for my kids… I’ll practice what my parents did with all of us in the family, and maybe a few notches of upgrades. And I’ll never spare the cane… The rest… Aku berserah pada Allah Yang Maha Mengetahui dan Maha Menentukan Segalanya.

    Tahun ni kita buat Raya Gathering rumah orang lain lak nak? Rumah Nurul & Kopen ke… Rumah Kep ke… Nak?Nak?

    Tak kesah lah kat mana-mana pun…yang penting kita together-gether…

  14. I may be a guy, but I have a sister about the same age as Nurin. I cried when I heard the news of her death, too.

    If I was a father, I would have felt as depressed and as anguished as Nurin’s dad had I found out that my own daughter was suffering before her death. It just seemed so unfair that a perverted creep could get away with the murder of a helpless child. Why is God letting a demon like that playing with other human souls? I just don’t understand this.

    The problem is we we don’t have enough police force to tackle this kind of situation. Have parents ever thought of suggesting their children to become policemen? Where are those whining graduates – how come they never applied to join the police force if they wanted a job so much?

    Dear Amel,

    I can’t answer as to why God lets the demon did what he/she did to Nurin. But don’t let me start on the police force! You’ll hear no end of it.

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