Tears in Heaven

[UPDATE: Nurin’s parents accepted the fact that the body found in a bag is their daughter due to overwhelming scientific evidence found by the police. Click here.]

Late yesterday afternoon, an incessant beep from my motorola pierced the thoughts in my  head. An old friend sent me a text message I will never forget: “Jane Doe is Nurin!” My heart sank a million times. In a cruel twist of fate, Nurin Jazlin went up to heaven to be with God. In the heart of my hearts, I am eternally grateful to know that she suffers no more.

I silently said a prayer for her. I believe in science and of course, I believe in DNA. My heart goes out to Nurin’s parents and family. No parents should outlive their children – so I was told. I hope the second DNA test will give Nurin’s parents the closure they badly need.

I tried to compose this posting since last night but to no avail. Anger and despair overwhelmed me.

Dear God, why her?

To the pepertrator of the despicable act: I hope you die a thousand painful deaths in this life and after. I hope God bestows upon you the same pain you subjected her to. And for as long as I live, Nurin Jazrin will always be in my prayers.


To Farah Nellia Mohd Faizal, Nurul Ariesya Ezhar Fahim, Nur Aishah Mahadi, Aishah, Nur Dinie Sani Hasrul Sani, Kak Ngah, Zahra Syakira Zairul Hisham, Iman Amani Azmi, Tatiana Zainal Remy, Shahirah Mohd Asri, Dina Nazman, Qistina Reza, Qistina & Irina my nieces, unborn Lufty’s girl, Sofia Darwina and the names I untentionally left out here: stay where your parents can see you and don’t, ever, talk to strangers.

Cries for justice can be heard from Nuraina A Samad, Pasquale, Acciaccatura, Zorro, Marina, Typhoonsue, Galadriel, Tony SUP, Raden Galoh and Rocky


15 thoughts on “Tears in Heaven

  1. Elviza,

    A thousand painful deaths? God! you are too kind.

    I am leaning on skin him alive, pull out his finger nails with plyers, drown him in feces,

    I think of more and let you know

    What a nice idea. Do you have more?

  2. Elviza,
    I was shocked too after the police revealed the result of the DNA test. Above all I am worried on the police’s suspicion that there is a connection of the whole drama with the despicable alongs. There could be some bearing to it. Ask yourself the question why should the murderer(s) place her body in a bag and place it somewhere to be found? Ain’t it easier for them just to dump the body somewhere where it is more difficult to find and hope that it will never be found?
    You are a lawyer yourself so I guess you know better.


    Left a comment on your blog. Hope it answers your question.

  3. Aku doakan dia MAMPUS. MAMPUS. MAMPUS dengan deritanya!

    You sick beastly monster! You deserve to go the 7 hell! You rott in hell you horriffic creature!

    I swear I kill you myself!

    Sorry, marah sangat

    You hold on to Lokman. Never let him out of your sight. Never ever

    Hold on to luqman I will…

  4. Ya Allah, kenapa sampai begini?

    Keep updating. Blogs are more correct than the media, at least I think so.

    Takziah for Nurin’s family

    Cant answer your question… God must have had good reasons

  5. Let us hope this AWAKES us MALAYSIANS that Malaysia needs some revamping. This atmosphere of no accountability will spread to every segment of society into every area.


    WE NEED TO ENSURE A MORE OPEN AND TRANSPARENT GOVERNMENT AND CRIME FIGHTING IN THE COUNTRY. What is all this corrupt IGP allegations, kawan with kingpin stories including various evidences, true or not, we need to DEMAND TRANSPARENCY. It will be more sad news to come but we need to be STRONG and BUILD A MALAYSIA THATS FOR OUR CHILDREN. FREE MALAYSIA FROM ALL THIS CRAP. We need to be the freedom fighters so that we can shout Merdeka meaningfully next year.

    Its all about transparency. We have lost that since we are not proud of hard work that we do. We have lost that since we believed we can choose easy way outs. We have lost that since the environment suggest that no one is watching us since the top post go away with corruption easily. We have lost that since no one will really bothers when something bad happens, and we have ourselves to blame.

    But, when there is a WILL, there is a WAY

    Where is Thy Will, O Malaysians,
    Where is thy spirit to seek after justice
    Where is thy compassion to comfort the loss
    Where is thy anger over injustice

    Has it been silenced by ISA?
    Has it been tamed by uncompetitiveness?
    Has it been confused over misreporting of the mass media?
    Has it been screwed up by the powers that be?
    So that we do not know what is praise worthy and what is shameful?

    Kerja halal harus dipuji
    Penat lelah datangkan rezeki
    Yang lemah menerima subsidi
    Yang tamak hukuman diberi
    Sistem adil mendorong kualiti
    Kerja halal tak patut disembunyi
    Biar yang miskin mendapat DEB
    Yang kaya diskaun rumah tak dikehendaki
    Lebih bangga dengan amalan terpuji
    Sejak bila kita tidak ingin disegani
    Selepas mendapat easy money?
    Tetapi melupakan pahala Ilahi
    Jalan yang benar biar diikuti
    Adil dan saksama dijadikan polisi
    Berkat Ilahi melimpah dikehendaki

    My condolences to Nurin’s family. But Malaysians let us be responsible for our actions. Let us not be sorry for Malaysia. Let us live righteous lives and reform Malaysia.

    You have said it all, beautifully…

  6. Is someone trying to leave a message behind these senseless and barbaric acts of debauchery? Lets keep our defenseless children close to us at all times. That will be our only saving grace.

    If at all they are trying to leave a message; can they not spare the children? Sigh

  7. Dear Nurin, Rest in Peace Dear…All the Uncles, Aunties, Che-Che’s and Abangs all praying for you, and cursing on your behalf on blogs, in newspapers…To her parents, God help them…

    Thanks dear…

  8. I know I am helpless when I could only cry when I saw the news on her burial.


    We are helpless about this, I wish I could do more…

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  10. I am feeling deeply n very2

    sad for Nurin n her immediate family members.
    angry with the abducters n killers
    dissappointed with police

    Now more angry
    with the trio ( u know who) for being insensitive n using blaming tactic n showing off their power ( to the wrong prople)

    I am still very sad n worried thinking abt the future of my cute nieces n grand nieces out there . Love u girls very3 much


    I feel you.

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