I kid you not!

While the whole nation is still in shock over the abduction and brutal killing of the young Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan is now considering to charge her parents under the provision of Children Protection Act 2001. I kid you not.

When I first read about it, I thought the press must have misuderstood his statement. Unfortunately, the joke is on me. They are seriously investigating the conduct of Nurin’s parents which may tantamount to negligence under the said Act.

The IGP said that parents who neglect the safety of the children can be charged according to the Act. Section 33 of the Act provides for a fine up to RM5000 or a maximum two-year jail term or both for parents found quilty of leaving their children. I read this statement in utter disbelief. His lack of compassion is appaling.

Have they not suffered enough that we must add to their misery? I am sure the grieving father of three who drives a cab for a living can pay the RM5000 fine and serve a two-year jail sentence without a problem. You are just doing your job; I understand that.

However, the investigations on Nurin’s parents are in line with the law. Or at least Nazri Aziz thinks so. Read about it here.

Sadly, I have to agree with Nuraina A.Samad – not because she is a friend of mine but she does have a valid point of argument. Nurin’s case has indeed gone too far. If they really pressed charges on Nurin’s parents – I rest my case. What is the point of fighting a lost cause?

But Mr. IGP, before I found the law, I first found compassion, decency and humanity. What about you Sir?


23 thoughts on “I kid you not!

  1. compassion, decency, humanity. my guess is these top brass know what you are talking about. they know what these words mean. i believe shahrizat has compassion, i’ve seen it in his eyes. and musa hassan, i have spoken to him and he seemed like a decent guy. and as the de facto law minister, surely nazri knows where you are coming from.

    i suspect that they are saying these things about charging nurin’s parents because they are toeing the line. they could be saying it because they have no choice but to sing the same tune.

    if the PM were to decide compassion, decency and humanity now and agree with people like you and nuraina that the parents were not being negligent and that shahrizat, the IGP and nazri shouldn’t try to pass the buck, they will be singing another tune altogether.

    thank you.


    The head is rotten. So is the rest his “yes sir!” followers. Once again, unbelievable!

    p.s. Penguin March to save the judiciary this Wed, are you coming?

    Will go after hearing in Jalan Duta on Wednesday. Definitely will sign the petition of Peoples Parliament

  2. Switching blame kan? Police made their daughter’s DNA public before the parents, parents unhappy..and know, nak cover malu, nak pergi tangkap pulak orang tu? IGP, sleeping on the job ka? Saman diorang cepat, Elv.

    Esah dear,

    Kalau I saman diorang, nanti I pulak kena reman under ISA. Kesian anak kecik & laki I kan kan kan? I am just truly appalled by their plain outright stupidity. Unbelivable!

  3. They cannot give us updates on the murderer, they talk about charging the parents lah. To distract us…

    Anyway, I know of many poor people especially single moms who have no choice but to depend on their eldest child to carry out certain responsibilites including pergi kedai to buy things or to hantar adik pergi sekolah. Sometimes the eldest child tu baru 9 years old. Nak charge the mother for negligence jugak ke?

    Ah Pi,

    Mana diaorang pikir semua tuh? Their life is privileged. They have entourage to make life easier. Come to think of it, dulu saya belum sekolah pun dah tolong mama pergi kedai lah, hantar kuih lah, pegi ofis ayah hantar barang lah… sekarang nih tak boleh lah kot…nanti kena charge pulak!

  4. Nazri, the Cabinet and IGP have committed negligence of duty. Human nature works in such a way when we are guilty of something we cannot tolerate the same sin of another.

    Dear Hi & Lo,

    Why should they care? They dont drive a cab for a living. They don’t live in a two bedroom flat less than 800 square feet in KL. They have millions in their bank accounts, they live in Damansara Heights or the likes of it. They don’t know hardship.

  5. Dear E,
    Just like you ,for a moment I thought they were joking.
    Is there a way we ,the public, can sue the goverment for negligence,sleeping on job,wasting public money with 3rd grade repair of parliment or for completeness sake sue them for being inconsiderate,heartless ,lack of compassion or simpler crime for being stupid?
    Please enlighten us all our dear blogger Lawyer..

    Of course we can sue the government Mr. Stopa but chances are the suit isnt going anywhere… pathetic kan?

  6. So sinisterly cynical. If they still doesn’t get the point I rest my case too my sharp-tounge lawyer

    As I said earlier, mine is such a small voice. Doubt that it will make any difference to these top brass people. I am a small fish, they are, errr, well, sharks!

  7. Elviza,
    Should Nurin’s parents be charged, is it possible to garner the support of all lawyers in Malaysia to act as Jazimin’s defence lawyer as a show of protest? That should wake them up abit. They must realise the fact that there is a limit to everything. Their lack of compassion in this matter of life and death is nearing the borders of the peoples ability to tolerate.

    I got the drift. It was an order from Imam Hadhari himself and it was echoed by these two buffoons. Later on when the whole thing backfires the imam can claim that he was against such an action in the first place and thus clean himself from any blame.

    Dear Silhoute,

    I am sure a lot of criminal lawyers will offer to do the case pro bono. That I am sure. Heck, I ll go look for one if I must.

  8. salam elviza,
    i wonder if they have charge all the parents to the teenage mat rempit.

    salam E,
    what an excellent idea! saya cukup menyampah dengan Mat/Minah Rempit nih. Ada satu cerita, one teenage girl was riding fast on a bike next to me recently, she turned without indicating and hit my car. I chased her, stopped her, demanded for her parents number. Before I call her mother, I gave her my unwanted ceramah motivasi on safety. She wasnt wearing helmets and she is just 15 years old! Then I called her mom and told her about it. The mother went ballistic as she didnt know what her daughter was up to and offered to pay for the damages. I said I don’t want compensation, I just want her girl to stay safe. Scarry can I? Muahahahahaha!

  9. Eeeee geram… Eeeee menyampah… Eeeeeee sakit hati… Pandai cakap je.. buat keja tak reti… mana tak tangkap lagi??

    Biasalah…cakap memang hebat depa tuh…perlaksanaan zero, nada, zilch, none.

  10. Salam sis Elviza:

    Nurin’s parents and family went through a month of fear,anxiety,depression,guilt,hopelessness after she went missing, and the crunch came when the DNA of a dead girl turned out to be Nurin’s. All their rollercoaster emotional turmoil came to a climax that particular moment.

    Now , they are dealing with those tortourous month with the public support. They are still grasping with the trurh, then suddenly the IGP( and others) are talking about charging them!
    Are we in a circus nation here?
    It appears to be.

    Musa, ask your men to get the muderer(s) first, caharge him/her/them with the severest charge you can think of, get them sentenced and serve justice to Nurin.
    Then, only then you look for any negligence on Nurin parents’ part.

    And I agree with Accia, go ahead and charge all the Mat Rempits parents, all the bohsia and bohjans parents, charge the pupils who play traunt or who are involved in gangsterism at school. Charge the parents of students who beat up their teachers.
    Charge the VIPs for many of their children drive dangerously when drunk. Charge th wakil rakyat in Pahang(? or was it Negri) whose son was charge with raping a teenager(gangbang). Charge the ex-Ipoh mayor for his son was accused of mudering a young man.

    You do that too Musa Hassan. You do that too….

    Damn, the IGP should really read your comment Bro! He must!

  11. I dont know lah elviza. I hope you also noted the current development of the case. Its like something unpleasant is brewing. Suddenly the parent is put inside a pressure cooker and today’s paper front page said “polis siasat motif dendam.” I do agree that these “leaders” were appalingly insensitive when issuing those statements but that aside, we have to wonder also why little Nurin’s body was left there to be discovered.

    The only fact we know right now is one little girl was raped and murdered.

  12. Yes police need to solve the case…and perhaps the IGP made that statement out of love and feeling for the poor victim. IGP is human too!!
    Looking on a broader side…the parents should not let a child so small to roam around alone…so for that….the parents do show irresponsibilities and may have contributed to the biggest mistake of their lives.
    And to see that not to happen again…IGP have the right to warn parents.
    Lets not make this into a political case….although IGP should now be very focus to give us results and stop blaming others first. People are quite fed up with police bad reputations and endless unsolved cases…why talk so much…IGP….when your force is full of shit..go use the rod on them…and stop pass the buck or divert attention…we have enough.

  13. Uncle Monsterball:

    In this case, not only is Nurin the victim, but her parents and family members are victims too.
    They too suffered, at least Nurin’s suffering had enede. But her parents will continue to suffer for a long time to come.

    If you read the blog dedicated to Nurin( since she went missing), the account is that her father had made a rule: None of the children is to go out alone. They must go in pairs with another older sister.
    On the fateful night, Nurin had gone to the pasar malam with another sister and bought something. When they came back, they had visitors at home. Nurin asked some money from her mom to buy something(? hair clip/band). her mother gave her the money and told her to go with a sister. Unfortunately, Nurin told her sister not to come along.( mother thought sister went along). When Nurin didn’t return( initially thought was in a room), her sister told that Nurin went alone.

    I am not saying that Nurin or her sister or her mother is at fault. These are chains of events that occurred and cicumstances that contributed to her kidnapping and murder.
    If there are others to be blamed( apart from thr kidnapper(s) cum murderer(s), why not point out to those at the pasar malam that evening? I’m sure there is a person or two who saw Nurin’s abduction( in a white van?). If that person had shouted or made a commotion I am sure there will be attempt to try and foli that abduction.

    Cases like these suggest one thing: We should take notice of our neighbourhood .We should ambil perhatian too to kids within our community( not to say we are nosey or jaga tepi kain orang). Any suspicious person/s or activities in our community should be alerted.
    Unfortunately we are no more like that. We have been kiasued that everything we do or not do is base on: Me,me, and me alone.

    I suggest the IGP charge all residents of Wangsa Maju!!

  14. Elv iza!

    I remember reading somewhere that class action has be taken against a government which failed to provide or inform the public the streets are not safe anymore for children to go to the corner store!

  15. El,

    I am still laughing in disbelief on the best joke of the year. In fact 2007 is the year of good jokes for Malaysian… staged by biggest Malaysian jokers.

  16. Talking without thinking or their thinking capacity is severely impaired by sitting too long with their thumbs in their arses, either way, once again, some of Malaysia’s highest officials managed to concoct one of the ugliest, cruellest joke of all time. You know what differentiate between human being and animal? Well, according to Islam: akal… and ihsan or empathy, and it seems like these people don’t have neither.

    Are we gonna start a public poll anytime soon?

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