Penguin March

[Update as at 5.16 p.m. from Haris Ibrahim: No dress code for non-lawyers. Come as you are. However, Rocky thinks we should be in black and white to show solidarity with the lawyers. Thank you Haris, I stand corrected]

Oh! I don’t always agree with Bar Council and its sometimes-bizarre idea. But this time it’s different as it involves the judiciary. In the wake of the controversial video clip hinting on the judicial impropriety involving a prominent lawyer and a senior judge, the Bar Council has called upon its members and public to join the Walk for Justice on 26th September 2007 at 11.00 a.m.

The Walk for Justice will start from the majestic Palace of Justice to the Prime Minister’s office where they will submit a memorandum to the Prime Minister urging for an immediate establishment of the Royal Commission of Inquiry to investigate the allegations in the video clip. I haven’t an inkling of how far this walk is going to be but I must admit that I am not a keen walker myself.

I previously blog about the independence of the judiciary or lack thereof here in Malaysia. Please click here. The judiciary must always hold itself distinct from the arms of executive and legislative. The judiciary must also be free from any political pressures. The stringent requirement for the judiciary to be independent is to enable judges to decide the case before them impartially, on the basis of facts and in accordance with the law without any influences, pressures or inducement from any quater. Damn, law is so mundane, I wonder how I managed to finish law school in the first place!

Personally, I think this is not the first time that the judiciary is being seriously undermined. The sacking of Tun Salleh Abas as Lord President in 1988 has, without a doubt, compromised the independence of the judiciary.

Let’s walk the talk and help restore the faith in our judiciary. In the words of Harris Ibrahim of People’s Parliament

“Return the judiciary to the rakyat”

Of course, you are required to observe a certain dress code for the march: please put on that hideous penguin outfit!


4 thoughts on “Penguin March

  1. Elviza,
    The walk may not change anything to the present government who doesnt have any shame or morality about them anymore. If they can rape and plunder the nation’s wealth without giving a second thought as to the implication on the future generations, what difference is there to carry on with a judiciary that was inherited with all the warts and blemishes.
    An action now will mean overhauling the whole messy judiciary. The easier solution is to buy abit of time and wait for the present CJ to serve his time and retire him for good. That will save everybody’s face and the bother of demoting all those senior judges who managed to wiggle their way up due to a hidden agenda which is too obvious. Afterall the master craftsman to the whole sham is already on his way to meet his maker.
    The walk is important not because of the memorandum which will be accepted but as all other memoranda, they will just be accepted. The person who is supposed to act on it wont even bother to read it. The main aim of the walk is to register a protest by the members of the Bar Council with some public personalities in support. The public at large may wish for change but they are too meek to register any significant protest to effect change.

  2. I may be thousands of miles away but I will be there in spirit. We seriously need a change in the country. Too much has been going on for far too long.

    I hear ya Jac!

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