In the name of Justice

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The sleepy Putrajaya woke up today with footsteps of thousands of lawyers, political activists and bloggers  gathering at the foot of the Palace of Justice. Some of my fellow members of the Malaysian Bar arrived as early as 9.30 a.m to walk the talk.

Some parked their cars as far as the Immigration Department and continued on foot to reach the Palace. I was informed that buses ferrying lawyers from Jalan Raja were instructed to leave the buses. The instruction did not deter them in any way as they continued the journey by walking as far as 5 kilometres under the scorching morning sun to reach the Palace.

The crowd thronged the Palace and together they marched to the Prime Minister’s office after a short speech from the Bar Council’s President. The distance from the Palace to the Prime Minister’s office is about 1.5 kilometre. I kid you not!

Scores of FRU trucks, police patrol cars and noisy choppers could be seen throughout the Walk. But walk the talk they did: without fear or hesitation. In the words of the Bar Council President, “when lawyers are walking, something is seriously wrong!

Hats off to the man in the picture above. He single-handedly encouraged the motorists to honk away in support of the Walk. Well, the poster should read “honk” instead of “horn” but then again who the heck cares? The motorists did honk away in support of the walking crowd.

The rain came pouring shortly after the crowd reached the Prime Minister’s office to submit the memorandum. Even heavy rain could not dampen their indomitable spirits for they continued to chant away “we want justice!

I was overwhelmed by the spirits. I was elated by the cause they are fighting for. If my boy decided to be part of the Malaysian Bar in the future, I know I have done something good for him and his generation.

Kudos Malaysian Bar!

*Purpose of the Walk of Justice is explained in my previous posting – Penguin March. Will update later after fellow bloggers upload their photos and posting*



21 thoughts on “In the name of Justice

  1. there you go my dear,
    when it comes to the cruntch many would like to sit back and criticise and grumble without moving their arse !
    Glad you were there… mattered that you cared and dared to walk the talk !
    Cheers and “selamat berbuka puasa”

    For someone who don’t exercise, I walked quite a bit today don’t you think dear?

  2. Hey E,

    Didja see the chick with X5 beemer? She was rather hesitant initially but I like the way she honked on and on thereafter.

    Wonder if she saw my phone number scribbled on me placard?

    Hey Shar,

    Of course I saw her fine, hey! stop referring to women as chicks ok? Sheesh!

    You mean you don’t know? I ran after her and handed a piece of paper with your number on it. She hasn’t called? Tough luck friend.

  3. Thanks to all who stood up to walk, not only for ourselves but future generations to come. If we fail today, the worst await


    Thank you for your continous support. I really appreciate it. But hope we must dear friend.

  4. Elviza,
    The local MSM will have to carry the news fully. They will lookstupid when the rest of the world news will be carrying them. There is no stopping them tomorrow except to downplay the numbers to make it look minuscule.
    Today I feel proud of the Malaysia Bar Council members for daring to stand up when they should have stood up at Tun Salleh Abbas sacking.


    TV3 covered the event – briefly. I think we have to look at alternative media to get the true reporting of such a historical event. Like wise, today is one of the rare days when I feel proud to be a member of the Malaysian Bar.

  5. Kudos to the Bar Council for taking this initiative and make so many of us proud. Cheers to you for being there. Care to tell us more this Sun at Su Yin’s long overdue housewarming at 3pm. Your cher cher, Stamaria, meicheng and yours truly will be there. Lost your contact no. and also your e-mail always bounced back. Pls pls pls do join us.

    Yuki dear,

    So sorry, I have buka puasa with my family and we will gather before that. Will have to call Su Yin and regretfully decline the delicious invitation. I’ll be there in spirits!

  6. Way to go, Sis! Damn, instead of being holed-up in a swamp, wish I was there to walk with you! Appreciate the efforts of all who did “walk the talk”.

    Eh, Sis.. Horn is acceptable. And so are chicks, heh… BTW, about the chick – alright, lady – in in the beemer, hooters dia okay tak? Alamak, nanti batal posa…

    Bro, you know what I did? I waste good half an hour reading the definiton and difference between honk and horn on the internet. I have a hearing tomorrow. I am supposed to be reading cases, in which I am not doing it! Arghhhhh. Okay, its true both can be acceptable. And no, you cant refer to women as chicks okay? It’s just, I don’t know!

    Okay, if I go on raving crap in my blog, there is a good chance of me kena maki by the judge tomorrow for not being prepared. Sigh. Got to go, got to go bro!

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  8. Elviza, it was great walking with you and Jeff. Yes, OBE that looker of a lady in the XC90 was hesitant (cant blame her because of the fire-power present) but when she did honk, it came in rapid orgasmic cresendo.

    Elviza, yes originally my post was on the two soles I lost in the walk. But the day belonged to you people, thus the change in title. I could not take the thunder from you gallant people.

    My Zorro,

    Yeah. That lady did honk away. It was my honour to have you walking beside me Zorro. And to have Shar & Tony as well. It was a great day.

  9. Salam Elviza:

    I wasn’t there. My my support was there.
    Saw a bit of the walk on TV and naik meremang bulu roma effect came to me.
    Rarely you see a group of professionals become united for a common cause.
    I have never seen or heard doctors or engineers or accountants do that kind of protest.
    ( What I can tell you : many doctors don’t have balls. really, no joke. When I and a few others had our panel terminated by the state govt(after the reformasi GE), many doctors said( behind our back): Why do these guys want to oppose the gomen lah?? Just keep quite lah…

    So my tabik spring to the lawyers who participated or supported the walk.
    You guys really got balls!


    The spirit was so palpable that day. I have never seen that many lawyers gathered at the same place and time to fight the very same cause. Hey come on now, of course doctors got balls. LOL. But this time it involves the judiciary and the judiciary is no laughing matter. Oh, I better not start on this again, nanti you tertido pulak. We ll take the tabik spring and we thank you Sir!

  10. Hi Elviza,

    “When lawyers are walking, something is seriously wrong!”

    Haha…It is kinda like the president is mocking the high-class-ness of lawyers, huh?

    Good job though…We need justice in this country, and if the lawyers are already standing up, it shows how much of it we have now…

    Dear Daphne,

    Hopefully we did make a difference that day…

  11. I have a feeling i know u. But maybe not. Hope you had as much a good time as I did!

    Hi Jules, of course we know each other, we are members of the bar and we blog! Yup, I had a jolly good time – even that can be an understatement.

  12. It certainly felt good to witness a group of people standing together on a common ground and fought for the same cause.

    At this time, we really do need a hero.

    Like Bonnie Tyler said, he’s got to be strong, smooth and bigger then life… Sounds like lawyers to me. (I used to watch LA Law a lot).

    Sofia, thats the two of us watching a lot of LA Law. Sadly, real practice is not like that at all. Damn the tv! LOL

  13. As I mentioned in Zorro’s blog, that march is truly a sight to behold. Kudos to all lawyers (and supporters alike) .

    Maybe the lawyers have led a way for other professionals to take a stand in matters (in their field) that need attention. Well.. I hope.

    Cheers sis!

    The human chain is as far as the eyes can see. It was unbelievable considering this same group actually find it difficult to make up the corum each AGM. This time, in such a short notice only via emails and text messages and blogs, they came without much persuasion. Amazing, simply amazing.

    Hope is all that we have Sister…

  14. Dear Sis,

    I’m proud with you and all bloggers that came.
    I was in Sabah. Just saw you guys from TV3.
    Hope i can join the lawyer protest in the future.

    Proud with Malaysian Lawyer!!!!

    My little brother Amin,

    Ah, missed you again. I really wonder when would I finally get to see you in person. I want to buy that CD of yours and I would want you to sign it for me! Thank you for your support dearest. Now, take care in Sabah okay? Come back soon and safely.

  15. It was a fantastic walk. You all made a point. Well done, Elviza

    I do hope we did make a point that day. Thank you for your continouos support nstman, I am deeply grateful

  16. The sight of so many lawyers would have been great for a bad lawyer joke but I wish I was there with all of you. This was a long time coming.

    Lama tak jumpa dah mula rindu pulak.

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