Sleepless in Setiawangsa – III

It’s raining in Bukit Setiawangsa tonight. There is something about the rain that inspires me to write endlessly. The wind is blowing melodiously and the air is so fresh; you wish you could  stay outside throughout the night. In this yet another sleepless night, here I am writing away again.

My past few postings have been serious and a tad emotional. How about something light & easy for a change? Laughter, after all – ah, this is so cliche – is the best medicine. This happened last week during iftar with clients of the firm at Mandarin Oriental. I was sipping my brewing coffee when the conversation took a swift turn from work to men. Well, that is to be expected when five ladies in their thirties flock together.

As one of the clients, Ms. Shirley, is on the edge of committing her soul to the sanctity of marriage, she peppered us with her previous encounters with men. Her close friend cum colleague, Ms. Farah, kept mum during Shirley’s walk down the memory lane.

I kept sipping my coffee in silence while trying my best to appear impartial and objective; both of them, after all, are clients. But, her story makes it impossible for me to maintain decorum at the table. This is the verbatim report of the conversation –

Shirley: “Oh! I was so heart broken, I can’t do anything but cry. But, Farah is so sweet, she and few friends took me to Beach Club to party.”

At this point, Farah was beaming from ear to ear after listening to Shirley’s compliment.

Shirley: “I could not enjoy the night. I was sobbing when Farah told me, its okay…he will die and go to heaven. I asked her why is he going to heaven? He broke my heart you know!”

Me: “Yeah, why are you so kind Farah? I thought you are Shirley’s friend?”

I objected to Farah’s kindness of sending the heart-breaker to heaven without further ado.

The wicked lady nonchalantly answered my question with –

Farah: “Well, he can’t help it, he’s a dog. All dogs die and go to heaven.

We laughed so hard; patrons seating at other tables stared at us in disbelief. Who the heck cares? I had a darn good laugh.

Good night folks.

*of course this post is written strictly without prejudice to all the men in my life – my son, my husband, my uncles, my counsins, my close friends, my blogger-brothers, etc*


9 thoughts on “Sleepless in Setiawangsa – III

  1. ahh…so glad i jumped in on the blogger’s bandwagon some months ago or i’d be like one of the crippled rottweilers, barking mad at your buddies.

  2. Elviza,
    Yeah I am glad too for being exempted from being included in that category. Otherwise I would be the target practise of a certain municipality who wants to wipe out the stray ones in their area.

  3. Salam elviza:

    Meow….thank ALLAH I’m more a cat than dog.

    farah had a sharp tongue, sharper than Capt Jack Sparrow’s sword Iguess.
    I think I know why they call him a dog: they must have seen him pee at the lamp post,right?

  4. Well, look at it on the bright side… at least we go to heaven…teehheeeehehe.

    Good one Mich!! I cackle myself silly. Zeera will be here (my office) in a few hours. Do come to our place for berbuka… but call first aaaa… Takut kitorang lak tak ada di rumah.

  5. Elviza

    But maam… more women break men’s hearts than the other way round! Where do these heartbreakers (women) go when they die? He! he!


    Damn! Never thought about it in reverse! But hang on, is there a woman-heartbreaker out there? Never heard of one *wink wink*

  6. Really comical. Thanks for making us laugh.

    Yeah, ‘bangkai’ asked a good question, just in case I ‘ve to counsel men whose hearts smashed into thousand pieces by women.

    Men and women differ more than just biological but also emotionally and the way they look at things.

    Men look at the big picture whilst women tend to be attentive to little details. So, men tend to be more cavalier, and women easily rattled with little things.

    Sex is only a small part of sexuality. The greater part is the unique personality in each of us. Men are born to be the provider, protector and defender. Women complement by being the carer and nurturer. But these roles overlap each other.

    Elviza, sorry for taking up your space.

    Hi & Lo,

    Never apologise about space here. You are welcome to use as much space as you wish in the comment box. I have to agree with you on this score: “But these roles overlap each other. How aptly put.

  7. Dog aint that bad… It would not be nice for women to do the barking, scratching and the fire-hydrant antics. It is three less burden and one additional position. They do deserve to go to heaven…

    LOL. Oh dear, you have one wicked sense of humour friend. LOL.

  8. Ahhh! Women! Can’t live with em, can’t live without em.

    And when we, men..uhh..dogs die, and go to heaven, guess who’s there to meet us. More women. But I guess vestal virgins ain’t too bad a deal. women get the same deal i.e. virginal men? Be gentle, ladiez.

    Ah, this is coming from the ladies’ man himself…

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