Sleepless in Gleneagles

Sleepless in a foreign place is torturous. Sleepless in a hospital is indescribable. Tonight’s sleeplessness is laced with worry and fatigue. The love of my life, Luqman, has been diagnosed with viral infection. His paediatrician instructed him to be on drips to flush the evil virus out of his young digestive system.

It breaks my heart looking at his tiny hand being poked with needles to make way for the IV. I wish I could endure the pain for him. Jefree and I would be deeply grateful if you could grace us with your prayers for his speedy recovery.

 Thank you.

[Update Oct 4, 2007: Luqman has been discharged today, he is now resting at home. Terima kasih atas semua doa-doa yang telah dipanjatkan untuk Luqman. We will remember it forever. Thank you.]


21 thoughts on “Sleepless in Gleneagles

  1. Salam sis:

    My doa for Luqman’s speedy recovery.
    InsyaALLAH he will be okay before the week ends.

    This is the second time you made camp in a hospital this year for Luqman.
    Do worry but not too much okay. Luqman is one strong young chap.

    For the last 3 weeks , there is an increase of viral fever most probably due to the bipolar extreme weather and the congregation of humans in Pasar Ramadhan.

    Luqman will be at his best during the ‘Eidul Fitri.
    Cheers and put a smile on your face again.

  2. Waaahh…..

    So young already landed in hospital? He must feel very lousy and a lot of discomfort and he is too young to understand anything.

    Pity the foor fella!

    The environment, atmosphere and quality of food we eat and water we drink is bad nowadays. Everything is laced with pollutants and ‘poison’ (toxin). So easy people get sick, so easy get affected by virus.

    Infact, modern lifestyle is compounding the adverse factors of our urban/suburban ‘time bomb’ way of life, like lack of exercise, deprivation of sleep, poor management of stress, too much caffeine and/or alcohol intake, etc etc etc.

    So ALL of you smokers and unnecessary contributors to pollution (because of your addiction, selfcentredness and/or bad traits!), please stop your bad habit, for the betterment of your own self, people around you (which include your family and love ones) and mother Earth, in general.

    This is a public service announcement.

  3. My dearest Elviza,

    I know how it feels.. I’ve been sleepless too.. for many nights now.

    I’ve been taking care of my mum who has been very sick.

    My prayers that Luqman will recover soon & that you & your hubby will be strong.

    God Bless.


  4. Elviza,

    We shld thank you requesting prayers for Luqman cos you open to us an opportunity to share your concern. Above all, to pray for another instead of self is part of faith journey. Thank you again.

    Puji Tuhan!

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