Luqman had a fit attack & seizure at 6.45 p.m. today. We are back at Gleneagles for an indefinite stay pending the tests results and observation by his doctors. I will update his progress whenever I can. In the meantime, please, please, please continue praying for us.


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  1. Dear Elviza,

    I am soo sorry to hear about Luqman being ill…I hope he is better…I will be sending some virtual prayers for him from Penang yeah? Wanted to post a comment in your previous post, but I had trouble with my wireless…*Hugs*

  2. Salam sis Elviza:

    We know its a difficult time for you and your hubby.
    I hope its just a febrile fit and not meningitis.
    Our doa to you and Luqman for his speedy recovery

  3. Ramadhan is the holiest month of the year and where the month is focused on man ‘communicating’ to his maker, directly and intensely. Doa from a mother to Allah s.w.t. for her son’s well being is the most mujarab.

    Read the Quran whenever and wherever it is convenient. The aura of saying God’s name and His firman outloud is a good communication from your heart to God.

    InsyaAllah, God will honour your request.

  4. He’ll be okay as long as he has a mom like you. We had been kids before… every pain fades when you are in mom’s arms.

  5. He will be ok…..part of growing up. With the prayers shooting upwards and yours and Jeffs vigilance he will be up and about. However, take good care of this young Malaysian…our future.

  6. Elviza, it is one of those thing that happen in real life. Our third daughter got fit [sawan] when she was just one year old. Now she is 34 and at Harvard U in Boston. We all kelang kabut, a nurse friend help to take her to the GH. My wife also go admitted to take care of her. After a week she was OK. Fit is a very serious matter, do take great care and be with him alway. I believe he should be OK soon. When He is back home do not let him sleep in an air condition room. Air condition room is dry and he could dehydrate. I do know how you feel for both my wife and me when through it in the early seventies. Take care.

  7. I will pray for him and may both of you be calm and compose at his hours of needs from both of you.
    No use to get worked. Be fit and cheerful to be with him.

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