MRT – How dare you Mat Salo!

MRT (mee rebus tuesday ler…) is resuming as normal tomorrow. It has been more than a month since we last met and the anticipation is running high. Hence the frantic phone calls among bloggers today to plan their arrivals at Kak Ton’s place.

Out of the kindness of my heart, I volunteer to pick the famous Borneo Blues and give him a lift to Kak Ton’s house. The man rejected my offer without further ado. Worse, he picked Shar 101 (honey bunch, whatever else he is called nowadays!) to drive him to Kak Ton’s. Shar? Shar? Shar????

Oh, come on now!


14 thoughts on “MRT – How dare you Mat Salo!

  1. Elviza,
    Did I hear mee rebus? Must be yummy.
    About the pick thing, no worry, the next time you need to pick somebody up please make sure that its me and not him. I feel safer to be driven by a lady driver anytime. Only problem is I am in Pasir Mas so its quite a drive if you have to pick me. I guess the reason mat salo prefer to ride with shar is that he has alot of stories that he wanted to share with another male and you are not a male.
    Just kidding.
    Selamat Hari Raya

    Salam Pak Zawi,

    Sorry, tertinggal lak comment yang satu nih! Oh, I dengar you sekarang bukan main lagi ber sms dengan si MS tu yer… he he heh

  2. Aiya Elviza,

    Merajuk kah ni? Nevermind…Next time I am in KL, and it is a Tuesday, you can offer to pick me, and I won’t reject you…

    Can? Haha…


    Mana merajuk…tak der idea nak letak posting baru, ingat nak kenakan MS and Shar. Tengok2 diri sendiri yang terkena. Sheesh!

  3. Wah, got pick-up-politics also ka????

    Aiyaa, this is bad. Anyway, if I ever I am there for MRT, I shall do it on my own, arranging my own transportation, come and leave at my own convenience.

    I think the MRT attendees should also do the ‘pot-luck’ thingy, especially tomorrow is still within Hari Raya Aidil Fitri and more food on the table is what a festivity celebration is usually focused on.

    EMK, can you sound out the regulars to ‘bring-a-plate’ and make tomorrow’s MRT a celebrative one?

    Happy Birthday!!! In advance that is

  4. I bought an Rm120 halal hampir for M&R…not Mee Rubus lah…Maria and Roslani. Bring small change pls. and I charge transport too….thats at least two mugs. Wow tomorrow I get my Croc….eat your hearts out with the mee rebus….blogheads!

    Welcome to the world of crocs Zorro, your presence is our honour. Clap clap clap!

  5. Elviza,
    Takpe… nanti give Mat Salo a spanking when you meet him at MRT. I ni kalau teringin nak makan mee rebus, it has to be MRR (that’s Mee Rebus Ramli – the famous mee rebus in Ipoh) but no bloggers to hang out with lah.

    Enjoy yourself at MRT special Raya edition…

    Eh, betullah MRT Raya Edition. Way to go Kak Ton!

  6. Aduh ! Now I know what it means “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”! Elviza you got it all wrong. I’m waiting for SHAH not Shar (nanti tak pasal dia pon kene hehee) here in Section 14 PJ Mesjid Bulat. Wife’s car at the service center…

    Shah and I will pick up the infamous Danny-boi for his coming-out-of closet party ha-ha…
    Err Pi, jangan suggest things like “spanking”. MS tu ada dark side sket… hehee..

    See you later and ini bulan Syawal yang mulia ni, forgive me ok?

    Aduhhhhhhhh!!! Arghhh malunya! BLAH LAH!

    He he he he, tgk dia Pi, macam2 dalam kepala otak dia….

  7. Elviza:

    Jangan merajuk ye….(heh3)
    Actually MS memang dah plan to meet Shah( of cakapaje) and Danny al Kerpi. Don’t know whether
    Mior of A bapak’s Life can’t make it or not.
    MS did extend the invitation to me but unfortunately…Darul Cencalok is too far away for a Mee Rebus.


    You have got to come one day, bring Mrs TA. Dalilah brought Mambang Hijau just now and they are a truly pleasant couple. Please come one of this days okay? Or at least make a real effort to… would love to see you in person. I have seen your photo though.

  8. Ooo…so this is what the hoo-ha all about. Ok, since he had to go through all the trouble learning about dismantling my wheels today, I’m backing him up. Poor MS is innocent!


    Btw, It was a real pleasure meeting you today, EL…


    I know, I was dying in shame when I found out the real person was you instead of the famed Old Blue Eyes! Oh dear… I must have suffered from canine deafness! Other than that, the pleasure was all mine to be finally shaking your hands today. And once again, your Nike pair is to die for! I am still green with envy.

  9. Hi elviza,

    Since I fell in love with you, I had tried incessantly to annul my love for you, but gald to tell u, I CAN’T….But if u have an unmarried sister, ah, I think u got my point…

    Harrison dear,

    Oh, I have been wondering where have you been since you are rather quiet nowadays. And of course I am so delighted to read your ever so pleasant comment (my husband is rolling her eyes again and again!). I do have an unmarried sister but I must tell you that we are miles apart in both personality and disposition (mine being the inferior one that is!). Take care…

  10. Before I leave town, I copied the post written by Jemina below:-

    Jemina wrote:

    Praise the Lord!!!

    May you & your family have a peaceful & joyful Raya.

    Wishing you in advance as I don’t go online much these days.


    *Hugs back*

    You hang in there sister. Thanks for being with us through this ordeal.
    So, before I leave on the jet plane, I say:-

    Kiss, mmmmmmm, kiss…..

    Darlin’ Harrison,

    MMMMMMmmmm, Kiss, Kiss Back .(Imagimery, even cheekily)

  11. *Hang on, Peaches. My ears got this ringing sensation as if my name is mentioned somewhere. Not in vain, I hope.

    There’s this distinct initials that keeps showing up in my mind’s eye…. MS, MS, MS… Dang! What’s that swampman up to now….

    Hmmm…Didya hear about Harrison Ford doing a ‘Fatal attraction’ flick lately, P? Wonder what the script would be like. Betcha it won’t be as sordid as ours, eh luv.

    Ouch….go easy on the whip, P*

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