Tok Mommy the Blogger!

My mentor in writing, Maria Tan Sri A. Samad, finally has her own blog after endless coaxing  from the bloggers who shamelessly gather at her house every Tuesday.

We Tuesday people of MRT welcome her to the blogspehere. I am dying to know what she has in store for us. She is finally doing it! Zorro will vouch as to how difficult it is to convince her to do it. Please click here to read her maiden posting.

Way to go Tok Mommy! Clap Clap Clap!!

[Maria Samad is a sister to Nuraina Samad of 3540 Jalan Sudin who graciously host MRT every week]

11 thoughts on “Tok Mommy the Blogger!

  1. Hi Elviza.

    Mentor? You’re pulling my leg lah.. .you’re too generous with your compliments.

    Alamak, malu lah.

    Elviza said : “….I am dying to know what she has in store for us. ”

    Lol! Plse dont die on account of me.

    Oredy feeling the pressure. 😦

    Ha ha ha ha… words cannot describe my joy in having you in the blogsphere!!!


  2. Nanti dia dah get the hang of it, dah syok blogging, tak sempat pulak nak buat mee rebus… padan muka korang! 🙂

    Anyway, welcome Tok Mommy, the blogging grandma!

    Eh Pi, janganlah cakap macam tuh, kesian kitaorang… the freeloaders!

  3. zam will garu kepala. another journo on the blogroll, and this one knows him inside out can can put him in her apron pocket.

    Hear hear Brother!

  4. Sis Elviza,

    Kau ada power of persuasion.

    To Rockybru, zam in pocket no use. With a frying wok whizzkid, Kak Ton can goreng this zam head into keropok.

    Kak Ton, if people like Eliza, RockyBru, et al affirm you are one hellavu pedas, I am converted believer. hehehe

    Love to see you sizzle. cheers, Kak Ton!

    Hello dear…

    I am not really the culprit. Nuraina, Rocky and Zorro are the real ones!

  5. finally!
    if you hadn’t taken out your laptop, there wouldn’t have been Tok Mommy.

    you are so patient with your mentor. I helped to start a blog for her some time ago, but at that time she was not inspired, i think sebab dia belum jumpa you all semua!
    when she wanted to click on the one that i helped start, dia tak ingat user name-lah, tak ingat password-lah.

    what did she tell us? she wrote them down on a piece of paper…..paper ke mana, dia ke mana?

    tapi tak boleh lah nak hot dengan kakak, kan? and the eldest sibling pulak tu. tiada maaf bagi saya nanti.

    but, am I glad Kak Ton finally finally….thanks to you, Elviza!

    Nothing to thank me for Kak Ena, I owe her a lot! Eh, mestilah I kena patient, dia kan mentor…. nanti derhaka pulaks!

  6. Elviza,
    Thanks for the info. More of my generation of bloggers are sharing their life experience for the younger generation to pick up a pointer or three (plagiarized from Awang Goneng). Like the Malay proverb says, we take more salt than the younger people which is not usually the case now as salt tend to increase our blood pressure. Welcome to the blogsphere kak ton.

    Pak Zawi,

    You have to read her. She is really gutsy. Her points of view made me think back all the time. I guess age and experience put her where she is right now.

  7. El… I don’t have a google account to leave comment at her blog so please bear with me as I convey my congratulation to Tok Mommy!!!

    Welcome to the bloggers club!!

    Malaysia blogosphere just got merrier… 🙂

    CJ, now ZAM will garu his head more! Sure I will convey the message to Kak Ton…

  8. all these while i tot ur mrt session was at a restaurant or sumthing. rupa2nya homecooked! drooling.

    oh no dear… MRT has since moved to Kak Ton’s cozy house. When you are home, you absolutely must come and eat this no-words-can-describe mee rebus. Its too die for. Tanya Rocky kalau tak caya…

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  10. El, sorry, tumpang lalu sikit…

    aunty maria,

    i know how you feel. I felt exactly the same when i first started. The pressure was overwhelming. The trick is to get on to the next post, and you’ll be fine. i managed to pull through but just barely. And you being a former journalist, should be kacang putih je. Now, lets roll…

    The floor is all yours brother…

  11. Hi…someone confessed deep admiration for you at Susan’s blog. That makes the second for Malaysian female bloggers this week. Interested to know who got the first confession and ‘comment deleted’? Cheer. Have a nice day.

    Your comment just approved itself. You must have been here before. Anyway, that is beside the point, thanks for letting me know. Will read Susan shortly.

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