Get the hell out of my blog, YOU MORON!!

I never swear in this blog. Hell, I make it a point not to in order to set up a good example to my son. But this occassion warrants the swearing. To the stupid moron who has been leaving rude comments in my blog, I have a message for you: it takes ONE PHONE CALL for me to find out who you are.

The idiotic-insecure-racist-MORON wrote the following:-

  1. malaysian | | IP:

    +And Eliza I know you are fucking reading this…hehehe..


    Nov 8, 5:44 PM — [ Edit | Delete | Approve | Spam ] — View post “Letter from Tanjong Jara”

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  2. malaysian | | IP:

    Why do you say nazri memalukan saja…? Ko tu pandai benor ke? Ataupun ko malu sebab ko ada inferiority complex. Ko percaya semua cakap keling2 tepi jalan tu…bangsa melayu ko malu ye..bodoh..


    Nov 8, 5:38 PM — [ Edit | Delete | Approve | Spam ] — View post “Letter from Tanjong Jara”

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  3. malaysian | | IP:

    the concept is aptly named as “uniquely Malay.” I am aware, of course, if this writing gets anywhere, I would be doing YTL a gigantic favour they don’t really need.

    So Eliza you are a malaay bourgeois who think you are above the common malay. you fucking help YTL the chinese power monopoly richer and go on expensive holidays and you think you are so god damn smart to kutuk2 menteri umno dan melayu…go eat your cake and hope you choke…!


    Nov 8, 5:43 PM — [ Edit | Delete | Approve | Spam ] — View post “Letter from Tanjong Jara”

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Okay, I don’t know what is your problem with me, but let me tell you this loud and clear: THIS IS MY BLOG. I CAN WRITE WHATEVER I GODDAMN-WELL-BLOODY-PLEASE, GOT IT??

And if I had the money to go on expensive holidays, what is it bugging you so much? Do you own a resort the likes of Tg. Jara and Pangkor Laut? If that is the case, I’d be happy to support you. However, that is unlikely isn’t it? Loser!

One piece of advice, I am a lawyer, I do not suffer from inferioirty complex. If you have balls or courage (which I seriously doubt), why hide behind a false ID and name? You are a complete waste of my time. Go on and improvise your life. Life is so much better without hasad dengki. If you are really dying to know the hospitality of YTL resorts, go enter a contest and win the holiday for free of something.

On the other hand, don’t you dare bring in the racial issue in this blog. Unlike you, my close friends are made up of malay, chinese and indian. You sick person! Go seek help!

To the bearer of the ID above:



42 thoughts on “Get the hell out of my blog, YOU MORON!!

  1. Dearest Mish….All I can say, he is just one person who is trying very hard to damage your feeling and your desire to blog…Please, he is NOT a worthy person neither is his opinion in your blog…

    Just ignore him. Just ignore him. Take care of your health. Don’t make your BP jumps just because of what he writes…

    You have every power to do with your blog. Erase him if you need too. You have warned him anyway.

    Here’s a biggg hugg for you sis!

  2. Bukan setakat blog Eliza, blog kutu macam saya pun ada samdol yang kacau. Tak pernah2 saya moderate komen, sekarang terpaksa.

    Masalahnya, puak2 ini mungkin dibayar duit antara dua hingga tiga ribu sebulan untuk kotorkan mata orang dengan ayat-ayat jahat mereka.

    Kalau tak dibayar tetapi saja suka2, mungkin orang jenis itu menanti bayaran yang lain… Bayaran dari Tuhan.

  3. Yo E,

    Simple solution. Put this idiot on moderation via the dashboard blacklist using various possible nicks, IP address, e-mail, etc.

    Plus, tweak your dashboard to allow only prior-approved comments to be published immediately.

    Therefore, if this imbecile tries again, Akismet will automatically classify it as spam. No worries.

    He push. We’ll shove back. Hard! So, chin up.

    Note: IP address is traceable. Just say the word, sis.

  4. Ah…he visited me too. Moron has to put ppl down just to feel adequate. Don’t let it get to u.

    Wot to do, this is the only time guys like this actually get a hard on…heheh!

  5. Salam sis Elv:

    that is one fucked-up sicko in Petaling Jaya. He has no life and in order to entertaint himself he had to crashgate someones blog. He is a limp that he can’t even play kite himself.

    And he gets high with his sick stupidity. Most probably he is a Malay like you and me, but he sure is one bastard of a Malay.

    Below is his location. I’m sure our bros and sis who are more savy will pin-point this low-life jerk who can’t jerk himself off.

    IP Address Country Region City Latitude/
    Longitude ZIP Code Time Zone MALAYSIA SELANGOR PETALING JAYA 3.083
    101.65 – +08:00
    Net Speed ISP Domain

  6. A’kum Pemberi comment di blog ini,

    Saya ni kawan Elviza. Dah lama dah…panggil dia Shell jer. Walaupun dia sekarang pakai “Elviza” dalam blog.

    I nak cakap sikit, the commenter tulis “ko tuh pandai benor ker?”

    Nak jawab, masa belajar dulu, dia memang pandai. Bukan sebab genius ke apa, tapi dia hardworking. She know what what she wants and nothing can get in her way from achieving things she set to get.

    So, if I were you commentor, I’d be very afraid if she says she trace you. Knowing her, she will!

    We went to the same school for years and her friends are really chinese, indian and malay. I am proud of her, and what is it to you if she can afford anywhere she wants to go? Lemme tell you she didnt get where she is without hardwork.

    Just leave her alone. I am her friend and I have to defend her anytime.

  7. He hasnt had the chance to know when you patience runs out. Scarrrrrryyyyyy mah!

    But all in all, your patience is thick!

    Just spam him, send a virus to his PC or whatever. Dont get to worked out, you ll look old when you that my dear…….

    Back to work. Call you later

  8. Something is wrong with his head. Go on blog whatever you GODDAMN-WELL-BLOODY-PLEASE. This guy/gal deserve no dignity on your part.
    Remember remember the 10th of November…

  9. Hehehe…you know how to get nasty afterall. I am with John, spam him/her a virus and fry his hard disk. I bet it is the boss’s property! Cheers. 🙂

    ps: ignore me, sometimes I am a bit vindictive for my own good.

  10. Oh-oh… now this guy is really asking for it. Hell hath no fury like an Elviza scorned… Life’s too short, Sis, forget this asshole. Just because he’s UMNO (probably) make him thinks he has the upper moral ground. Come to think of it, that’s my beef with those dudes (BD, AV excepted) they’re always think they have the upper moral ground. So he the one’s that’s bourgeois…

    Ooops he’s probably gonna attack me next. Gotta turn that ‘moderation’ on… 🙂

  11. Okaylah, I never say this to your face, but you are smart. Cant stand it when he called you bodoh.

    You pass your CLP the first time leaving me all alone to repeat it!!! Huaaaaa hua hua! How dare you?

  12. Welcome to the club sis 😉 If this person can’nt understand this


    Then will not only fry the hard disk but will also overclock the CPU untill smoke coming out from it.

  13. This moron is a born-loser thru and thru. He is very bitter to see other people having a good time.

    If he’s a Malay, he doesn’t know his cultural roots. As far as I know, Malays are the most hospitable and always have time to welcome people, friends and strangers alike.

  14. Dear Elviza,

    Take it easy. No point getting all riled up over this idiot.

    Use the moderation button lah. Simple, aje. The next time he sends another idiotic posting, just delete it.

    But it’s also good that you let ” off steam here” & get it off your chest.

    Rasa lega sikit, kan?

    Mak Oii, kalau loyar dah marah, baru dia tauu!!

    Take care, dear BTW, hope Luqman is ok now.

  15. Get the hell out of my blog, YOU MORON!!


    I am just glad you’re not talking to me… , right? But still, you scared the hell out of me. I’ll moderate myself. Promise. Promise.

  16. Hey Sis, this Moron surely not buta huruf tapi buta hati.

    Enjoy your holiday where ever you want, he is just cemburu buta je. Depa tu cyber trooper. tak de peluang pi holiday.

    take care.

  17. ELlo,

    i guess this is part of the game to have a blog to call your own. even a narrow-minded, cowardly retard from the street can access to it.

    once upon a time i had a friend who ticked me off for using maxis because of the same exact reason. you just gotta accept weirdos are everywhere.

    i think ignoring them is still the best solution and move on. let’s go, sistah!

  18. Elviza, I got the same posting and I just throw it out. I believe others got it too from this sicko. Your are right this person or they are just Moron. Take care.

  19. He is obviously a prankster out to rile you, so dont give him the time of day. Now dont lose sleep over it, just press the ‘delete’ button.

  20. Sis, with tht stern warning, i think tht guy is sh*****g in his pants now. if only im half as clever as u r, id also do the same. sue the hell out of him and make his already miserable life worse.

    btw, i bet dia jealous sbb tak mampu nak gi holiday and stil living w the parents. 😉

  21. Elviza, you’re not alone. I had the same problem since last year..someone flaming about my personal life. Hence, my comment box is on moderation. Troublesome, I know.. but it gives me a peace of mind..

    I’ve been thinking of using your service as a lawyer for sometime now.. but I need to sort things out first. I’ll send you an email soon.

    Take care & God Bless you & your family always.


  22. Halluuuu…

    It has been a while, and next thing I know you’re ranting about this idiot pro-UMNO fler…

    Let himbe lah; his intent is to wind you up. Not that he makes any sense in his ramblings; a typical I-must-say-something-but-if-it-sounds-silly-donchcare kind of rambling.

    He supports UMNO, is pro-idiots (read: Nazri), and probably a nobody both in the world and in blogland.

    You keep your chin up!

    Holiday ye? Jealous ni…

  23. El … the name looks familiar… obviously the work of cyber troopers. These guys left undesireable comments on my blog… inciting hatred towards different races, the government and what not. I of course did not approve the comments. After a while these idiots disappeared. Ignore them and they will get lost by themselves.. losers… no principles…. always end up loosing themselves in the end. 🙂

  24. Wah… ever the veteran blogger pon kenar stupid comment like that!

    I already kenar banyak skalyz… but Who cares anyways… just like Elviza;-


    …. By The way, I’m don’t really cares about the Chauvinist Morons’ comment. but If that moron didn’t like the way I satirizes the UMNO or Monkey Ministers so please stop the UMNO or Monkey Ministers making fool of themselves in front of us (the other races… stupiddd)!!!

    …. pst;- I’m still a newbies! Harap ada yang boleh give ‘tunjuk ajar’.

  25. Whoa… cool down Elviza. Dia memang NAK you marah! Looks like blogs yang comments tak di moderate memang kena. Kat my blog pun ada… tapi Mat Salo le pulak yang kena attack. Amende lah… dah delete dah pun.

  26. my dear,

    i agree. a cyber trooper out to do mischief. malicious mischief. intended to inflame you. he/she succeeded.
    now that you’ve got it out of your chest, and your system…stay cool, stay calm.
    this sort of thing is part of the hazards of blogging.
    you know — blogging hazard.

    frankly, my dear, he or she is not worth your while…..

    take care.

    muah muah to luqman!

  27. Salam Elviza…

    Just ignore this moron…tak berbaloi nak melayan org macam ni….

    Keep on blogging….saya really enjoy, enjoy reading your blog….

  28. From the bottom of my heart, I thank all of you for being t\so supportive.

    And after reading all these lovely comments; I am no longer pissed off.

    As I said, he/she is a complete waste of my time and not worth spending my energy on.

    Thank you. Thank you once again.

  29. Hi Elviza,

    I got similar comments in my blog, which I deleted. Infact told them to mind their manners.

    Don’t worry about that dear. These type of people are a bunch of losers who just want to get their kicks by annoying others.

  30. Elviza, the fight against bigots, racists, sexists goes on. You have my support. It’s time for the silent majority to stand up and be counted. It’s time for the silent majority to tell these sickos enough is enough.

  31. He is obviously an UMNO plant…a Nazri fan. Goes to show that they have mongrels for company. Eliza, we are pedigree stock, but your snap was as lethal as a bite…..pedigrees dont sink our teeth into half-breed flesh….a snap will do. More power to you, mother of Luke and spouse of my buddy Jeff.

  32. Hi Michelle!

    we went to the same college for A-Levels. have been reading your blog for quite some time, but never commented. today I just have to put a comment. you surely have changed, girl… you swear & curse better in those days.. LOL

    but i’m sure you’ve changed for the better.. take care!

    Hi taty? Apa kabar? Lamanya kita tak jumpa yer? Shhhhhh! dont tell anyone about tht ok? 🙂 Ah, the folly of my youth!

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