Amirul Imran

My cousin, Amirul Imran, was born via c-section after my aunt went through a traumatic labor. The whole family sat in silence, consumed with prayers and hope, for my aunt to make it through the ordeal 12 years ago. He was indeed a big baby – a whopping 4 kg.

Before I flew off to the UK in mid nineties, I stayed at my aunt’s place in Taman Melati as I worked part time in the city; to earn whatever extra I could get. Therefore, I spent a lot of time with adorable Amirul. Since he was a baby, Amirul has always been fascinated with books. He would tear the pages of my book and eat them too. Until today,  I haven’t told his mother the latter part! I used to bring him to Alpha Angle with my friend, Basyirah, and played moms. It was fun.

The day I flew off to the UK, Amirul suffered a fit attack, and another one shortly thereafter. Throughout the next five years, Amirul went into countless of fit attacks. Staying in the hospital became a norm to both my aunt and uncle – Sharina and Amiruddin. They exhausted all of their savings; my aunt blindly abused her credit cards to pay for the medical treatment.

My grandparents took him to numerous traditional treatments but to no avail. The whole five years was a living nightmare to my aunt and uncle. Once, Amirul went into a fit right in front of our eyes on the eve of Raya. Needless to say, there was no Raya for us that year. Everybody was in the hospital.

The fit stopped after Amirul turned seven. He attends school like any other children his age but I know that my aunt always worry about his health. He has always been subjected to over-protective parents and family. That can be tiresome for him, I am sure.

Amirul’s mannerism and disposition would truly put yours and mine to shame. He would wake up at dawn every day for subuh prayer and read his books before going to school. He is never rude to anyone. He would be at his happiest just to be left alone. To my eyes, Amirul is just exemplary.

Once, his mother found him underneath the table reading a book. Perplexed by his behaviour, the mother questioned the reason to his conspicuous hiding. His answer? The cousins were noisy and he needed to read his book. Duh!

This morning, UPRS result was announced throughout the country. I am sure – as kids nowadays are brilliant – thousands would score a perfect 5As: Amirul Imran is one of them.

Amirul, Abg. Jefree and I are so proud of you. Just like what I told you before, no hard work would go unrewarded.

By the way, I am RM250 poorer today as I promised Amirul that I will give him RM50 for each A. What was I thinking? 🙂

(Picture above: Amirul and Luqman few months ago at my aunt’s place).


21 thoughts on “Amirul Imran

  1. Congrats, Amirul.

    I like the part Amirul hiding under the table reading. I did that too during my childhood except that I eavesdropped adults conversation. 🙂

    You did what? Oiiiii…nakalnya!

  2. Congratz Amirul(“,).
    I used to go fit too. But not that serious that I need to be hospitalized. Good Amirul! Show what other wonders can you do to the world!

    thank yor for being so supportive Akmal…

  3. Sis.. only you can write a tribute such as this –even for scoring 5A’s and making you RM250 ‘less richer’…

    Hopefully he gets to read your wonderful blog and would spur him on…

    Mirol, tahniah!

    thanks bro. yer, I print it for him as the house in kelantan is not wi-fied and its a friday.

  4. Elviza
    I was at the edge of the seat, and Syukur Alhamdulillah for the happy ending. I hope Amirul will invest all the RM250 to be used later when he enters uni.

    Oh sorry aMiR, did I scare you with the fit story? Yeah, it was a though time for my family then. I ll pass the message to Amirul… thanks.

  5. Congrats Amirul! I ni dapat tau anak-anak my PLWHA clients dapat 3A 2B pun I’m already happy for them (given their situation). Nasib baik I didn’t promise RM50 for each A. Otherwise I’d be RM150 poorer…

    Tersengih sorang baca Bangkai’s first comment… “heart of old”. Tak sengaja ke or ter sengaja? 🙂

    Pi, Mat Bangkai tu saje2 jer nak mengingatkan I yg I nih dah tua… Ahamdulliah anak2 for yout PLWHA scored good results too. Of course we must consider their extenuating circumstances. I guess we just have to be grateful for everything we now have…

  6. That is worth the investment. I made a big mistake last year when I challenged my niece to do better then yours truly in her spm. Rm200 for each A.

    She scored 9A’s and 1 B.

    I have to pay in three instalments… and she is laughing all the way to UK.

  7. Congrats Amirul. My niece also got 5As so this weekend will be few hundreds poorer to get her the mp3 player. Tak pelah… sekali sekala and to encourage my other nieces and nephews to excel in school as well.


  8. hahahaha….Being poorer by RM250 for such a worthy reward to Amirul is worth every sen.
    You should increase to RM100 per A for next year final exam to him.
    Love is blind…so the mom keep signing the credit card to pay medical surprise….and I am sure…no regrets by her too.
    I have a friend who has two daughters…that have a disease that make the hell swell up with water.He has been taking care ..both of them for last 40 years….and on going. All his extra salaries goes to medical bills….all his life…and luckily….he is a pharmacist earning good salary all his life.
    There is one thing I used to practice….and that is …when bad events happen to my life….I think of worst events happening to others…thus making my experiences not worst than others….and thank God for that.

  9. Salam sis:

    1-Congratulation to Amirul. Well done.Keep it up and you’ll be up there as creams of creams. MRSM too??

    2-You have seen how your aunt became over-protective right! And you have seen Amirul became free of fits at age of 7. Same thing for you sis. Watch Luke carefully but don’t be over-protective on him. InsyaALLAh by 6-7 he’ll be free of fits too.
    3- You take care. How’s your BP eh?

  10. Chelle,
    Firstly, congrats to ur cousin Amirul…well done!
    Secondly, the “worked part time in the city” tu, does it include waiting tables at Mawar Coffeehouse, PWTC by any chance….?
    Hah hah….it’s me la….
    Remember tak u, irene and I…with white blouse, black skirt and black bow tie….giler kelakar!
    God…I miss u! After reading ur blog ni (yes I’ve read ALL – nice job, never knew u cud write this good!)….lagi tambah rindu….and so very proud of u!
    How come never bump into u at the kedai anymore…?

    love & kisses,
    sepah puteri

    Rita!!! Hiiiii! Lets coffee (minus the kids) shall we??

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