Growing Up in Trengganu (GUiT)

Awang Goneng’s much-awaited book is now in major bookstores around town. However, some of the MPH oulets run out of prints for this title. I found two in MPH Great Eastern Mall at self-help’s shelves! Talk about ignorant sales team! However, you may also find this book at Kinokuniya and Times (Pavillion). If you are still looking for the title; below are the details –

Title: Growing Up in Trengganu

Writer: Awang Goneng of Kecek-Kecek. (His real name is Wan A. Hulaimi)

Price: RM39.90

Publisher: Monsoonbook, Singapore

ISBN: 978-981-05-8692-8

Genre: ?

I find the introduction from AG to be both charming and witty. Be right back with a review.


11 thoughts on “Growing Up in Trengganu (GUiT)

  1. Salam sis:
    Yeah! I’m the first person to leave a mark here.
    I’m reading GUIT too at the moment. Now on page 67,still.

    Such a wonderful description by Sir AG.
    Sapa tak baca…RUGI BESAR!!!

  2. Elviza, am really looking forward to your review. And Tokasid, you have have read more than me…am still plodding along. We are also selling quite well here – with lots of orders from outside London and outside UK. Two nights ago, he had to sign more then 20 copies. Mawi he is not so, after 20 copies, his hand must be aching a bit.

  3. Thanks again sis. for recommending another good book for reading. I’ll stop by my nearest bookstore to grab one.

    By the way, you did mentioned about ignorant sales team. It’s bad if one really needs their assistance, they are making excuses walking aways from you. But when one really don’t need them, those shampoo girls promoters are like hucksters, and are bugging me like the Petaling Street ‘illegal’ hawkers who even scloded me when I did not buy.

    I need your help on this sis, do you have any books to stonewall the hucksters at Petaling Street when I make another visit there?

  4. I read alot of books…but I must confess I ignore totally Malaysian writers….except books of politic interest and biographies of some leaders.
    Perhaps..the above one is a good start for me to change my mind.
    I can spend at hours at book stores per month. That’s my favorite place…and I am a member of MPH…buy books …get 10% discount la.

  5. Dear AG (WAH),

    As Salaam Alaikum.

    Congrats for GUIT. Nostalgia and love for family are the only constants for the old.

    Pawancheek Marican
    UM Law class of 1976.

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