Izyan’s admission to the Bar

My blogger sister, Nuraina A. Samad, once said to me, “you blog about the things closest to your heart.” I took heed of her advice until today. Therefore, please allow me to once again do that.

I remember three happy occasions in my life: the day I went to the mosque to marry Jefree, the day Luqman was born and the day I was called to the Malaysian Bar. For every lawyer, she/he earns a day in the High Court after nine months of pupilage in a law firm.

That day is a big day for every lawyer; all the headaches endured in law school and the impossible-to-pass bar examination or the hideous C.L.P’s examination would finally be paid off. He/she will be admitted as an advocate & solicitor of the High Court of Malaya and subsequently become a member of the Malaysian Bar.

You must be asking, “so, what’s a big deal about it?” My answer: it is a big deal where the High Court of Appellate and Special Powers Division will convene for the day in the presence of a residing High Court Judge, representatives from the Bar Council, Attonery General’s Chamber and KL Bar Committee to admit the pupil as a lawyer.

Masters of the pupils will be sitting in the bench of the court waiting to robe their pupils with proud parents looking out from the public gallery. Senior members of the Bar will be called to move the pupil’s petition before the Court and the environment will be festive; contrary to the normal subdued environment of the courtrooms.

Today, I was honoured to move the petition of Izyan Darlina Balia Yusof to be admitted as an advocate & solicitor of the High Court of Malaya before Her Lordship Justice Lau Bee Lan in Kuala Lumpur High Court. It’s not a norm for me to move pupil’s petition therefore today marks another milestone in my practice of law.

Nine months ago, Izyan commenced her tutelage in my husband’s law firm – Messrs Zairul Zain & Syed – in the chamber of her master, Zairul Hisham Datuk Zubir. I owed Zairul, or Jeal as he is fondly known as among friends, my life. Jeal introduced me to my husband and when the firm requested me to move Izyan’s call; it’s something that I could not possibly refused. It’s pay-back time you see.

So this morning I put my robe on and met Jeal who was donned in his immaculately-tailored dark suit and neck tie. The Court convened shortly after 9 a.m. and I found myself in the presence of “who’s who” in the legal fraternity; senior counsels Tuan Haji Sulaiman Abdullah, Puan Hendon Mahmood and old friend Puan Zarina Ismail Tom to name a few. 

Also present in Court today is Izyan’s father, His Lordship Dato’ Balia Yusof Haji Wahi and his wife Datin Faridah  Datuk Haji Amiruddin. Yang Arif Dato’ Balia Yusof is curently Penang’s High Court Judge. The only difference is that; he is not here today to listen to counsels arguing before him but to witness his daughter’s admission as a lawyer. It must have been quite a change for the senior Judge.

During my course of practice, I haven’t been privileged to appear before Yang Arif Dato’ Balia Yusof but I have, from time to time, read his judgments. Despite his serious look, I found him to be a fair and reasonable judge. I cannot dwell on this subject further as any communications between the bar and the bench would be seriously frowned upon.

After having waited patiently for her petition to be heard before the Court, Izyan was admitted as an adovate & solicitor of the High Court of Malaya at approximately 11 a.m.. Traditionally, her master will be called to robe her at the end of the hearing; as a mark that the pupil is now a lawyer. But for Izyan, her Honourable father took the duty from Jeal’s hand to robe his daughter to the pleasure of the Court. In the words of Her Lordship Justice Tan Bee Lan “this is not an everyday-thing.”

Izyan is now a lawyer and a member of the Bar.

I have known Izyan for nine months; we had dinner and attended the firm’s function from time to time. I believe Izyan has what it takes to be a sound lawyer. Izyan, I wish you luck in your career and may you endevour to be a good and ethical lawyer.

Of course, I take this opportunity to congratulate Yang Arif Justice Dato’ Balia Yusof and his wife Datin Faridah on their daughter’s call to the Bar. It is indeed an honour for me to move Izyan’s petition this morning.

My heartiest congratulation is also extended to my learned friends: Zairul Hisham Datuk Zubir, Ezhar Fahim Mohamed Fahim and my husband Jefree Zain Affendi. To the rest of the firm, have a good lunch today!


19 thoughts on “Izyan’s admission to the Bar

  1. It’s a pride to be admitted to the Bar. It’s even more a pride to have been related to well-respected judge, and it’s even more enormous a pride to have been called in the presence of good men and women.

    Thank you dear..

  2. I’ve always wanted my options to be open. And being called to the Bar gave me just that. What I did or did not pursue after that is irrelevant (at least to me, that is).

    Even though I chose to leave legal practice only after 2 years of being an advocate and solicitor (and people say I was crazy to do that after all the hard work, headaches and heartaches through law school, the bar exam and chambering!), I always tell myself that, “Hey, I can always take pride that I actually made it right through being called to the Malaysian Bar, okay?”

    It is a privilege availed only to those who sweat through it all, and hearing your name being called out on the big day is just an awesome exprience.

    Thank you, Elviza – for walking me through memory lane. I almost forgot that I was and am one of the privileged ones…

    Oh oh Wan Shana…

    I am sure, your decision to leave practice was wisely made. Look at your life now…

    I am so honoured to remind you that you are one of the previleged ones. Fancy coming back to practice for a change?

  3. Elviza,
    I became a lawyer in my dreams from the tutelage of Erle Stanley Gardner after reading all of his Perry Mason’s book available in my school library. My classmate Ariffin Zakaria (Now Tan Sri?) went on to be a High Court Judge while my dream remains a dream. Que sera sera.


    Your peer is Justice Ariffin Zakaria? (shudder)

    If my memories serve me right, I think I got told off by the Judge few years back for being late to his court. Arghh…

  4. Your post brings back fond memories of the time when I was called to the Malaysian Bar oh so many years ago . . . I’ve gone on to the other things, but it was a very proud moment!

    Dear TH,

    It was at that time, wasnt it? Until you stay a tad too long in practice like me… 😦 But, of course I ll be more that happy to bring back happy memories for you

  5. hello pn. elviza. this is a very well-written piece. i thank you for the wonderful memory and i thank you for being ever so kind to move my call. it is a joyous and one of the most memorable moments in my life and I’m truly glad that you are a part of it.

    You are most welcome dear… enjoy your break before hitting the desk of practice.

  6. To Izyan, my heartiest congrats. May you go on to greater heights in your chosen calling.

    Friend, I havent bought that Flaming Tree book as recommended by you. Can I have your add to send you xmas card? Text me or email me, whichever is convenient for you. Take care

  7. To Izyan, great going girl –to be robed by your father no less! Must’ve been a proud moment for father and daughter. Unlike me, who will never see the day when a daughter takes on her father’s calling. Unfortunately there’s no women yet in my line of work.. some occasional trainees maybe. . Sad lah 😦

    Like Bang Zawi, your post helps to relive some dreams I once harbored. But it remains that –a dream. Cest la vie. As usual, Mish great post laa.

    Hmmm, ever noticed lawyers make excellent authors? Should’ve guessed. TH is one.. 🙂

    My swamp man!

    You wouldnt want your precious-only daughter to work on the oil rig, would you? Shessh! We look forward to meeting you again in MRT. Come back soon. And please, you are really too generous with compliments. I have to agree that TH is an excellent author.

  8. Salam Sis:

    Congratulation to Izyan for her admission to the bar…opps! Bar, I mean.

    And congrats to you too sis. Maybe in 20 years time you’ll do the same to Luke,right?

    Salam Bro,

    Deep in my heart, I hope Luke will not be a lawyer, really, I dont know why. However, I will support his decision in whatever school he picks in the future and if he decided to be one, I would have to fight Jefree who would want to rob his son too! And knowing him, he will always win! (Gila kuasa)

  9. Hello Elviza,
    Didn’t know that it could be such a memorable and savory moment in a lawyer’s life! Have informed my daughter Nur Elissa who’s doing her Law Foundation to read this and get motivated to go for her admission to the Bar! Thanks for sharing the moment & salam.

    Dear Dhahran Sea,

    I wish Nur Elissa the best of luck in my alma mater (I did my CLP in UITM) and if fate has its way, Nur Elissa will meet I find lecture teaching her law of Evidence by the name of Puan Vijaya. One of the best lecturers I have had the previliged to meet. I look forward for her to become my peers in seven years time… and let me tell you, seven years will pass in a blink of an eye.

  10. Elviza, to parents especially, those are great moment to be cherish for ever. Not everyone could have such an opportunity that you both had in that moment in time. It made everyone happy, the kids, the mom and dad and those wonderful friends. Elviza and Izyan, have a nice day and take care.

    Salam Pak Idrus,

    I really like the way you end your post or your comment with “have a nice day”. It gives that person on the other end, a nice feeling – well, to me at least. Alhamdullilah, I thank God for whatever He has given me so far and will strive to be better. Thanks for everything Pak…

  11. Elviza,
    You mentioned inspiring UiTM law lecturer. When I was doing my first degeree in Accounting at UEA, Norwich, I socialized with two UiTM graduates who were doing ACCA at the Norwich City College (both are now FCCA, I reckon), and learned from them useful tips to master the law subjects which they picked up at UiTM. I did very well in my undergraduate subject Law for Accountants and later in the professional exam, Company Law and Taxation because of this UiTM connection.

  12. Elviza,
    Sorry for asking, is that you in the pix with Izyan? Hmmm, hebat macam Marina Yusoff, lawyer and political activist.

    Hahahahahaha, I dont think I ever measure up to Marina Yusoff though…

  13. woww…those two girls look splendid in their lawyer-attire robe thing. i think lawyers are such clever people but since i dont know much about laws and stuff apart from breaking it, I better stop here.

    congrats to izyan btw.

    Beg to differ bro… dont think all of them are clever, present company excluded though, just joking! LOL

  14. Thanks Elviza for the encouraging words! I sure hope panjang umur, inshaallah to see Nur Elissa being called to the Bar in seven years time! Take care & salam.

  15. dear all,
    thank you for your kind wishes. i truly appreciate it. reading your comments and wishes makes me feel even more happier and eager to start practice. but at the mo’, am just gonna relax, chill and enjoy my break. pn. elviza, i’m enjoying every bit of it. =D but 4 days into December already? sheesh. how fast time flies!

  16. I felt dizzy reading this. I once wanted to be a lawyer, I still do, I still do. Only thing I did successfully as a lawyer (of sorts) was to take my friend’s land lady to the Rents Tribunal. Got the rent lowered but landlady never looked at us the same way again. But congratulations to you both: what a day in such august company. Way to go, sis!

    Dear AG,

    Its that really you leaving notes on my blog? (eyes go buntang!)

    Thank you.

  17. elviza,

    I will ask my sister to read your posting when she gets back from out-station. She was called to the Bar in 1996 and after practicing for about 4 years, she lest the profession. I’m sure the posting will bring her back down the memory lane.

    Anyway, congratulations to both you and Izyan.

    Dear Nana,

    I am sure she will remember that day dearly, just like TH and Wanshana…. Thanks…

  18. Congratulation.

    But dont forget your root from Lambor. I remember your dad during the 1960 s a bright young man sekolah at Parit. Your grandad haji Wahi was the only sole malay plumber in the district.Lastly your great grand dad pak Hamid of kg.tua.


    A humble guy original from Lambor.

  19. Hey girlfriend.
    Wah! … I was just browsing and found this!
    I am really impressed! You can actually run a practice plus with all the juggling at home and now got blog somemore one huh?
    Well done EMK. Hope you mum is well.

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