GUiT oh GUiT! Where art thou?

  [Update 7 December 2007, 11.00 am: I received an email from Captain Yusof Ahmad of The Ancient Mariner extending an invitation to meet Awang Goneng and Kak Teh at Kinokuyina KLCC on 9 December 2007. Please bring your copy of GUiT with you. See you there at 4 p.m.]

If you are still looking for a copy of GUiT, kindly take note of the following locations and latest comment on my book review:

Borders at The Curve is retailing the book under the tag of “buy 3 for the price of 2” together with other chosen titles. I must say, their chosen titles are well thought after.

Kinokuniya at KLCC. Pak Zawi bought his copy there and he was impressed with the service of Kinokuniya. Personally, I think, Kinokuniya is one of the best bookstores on our shore.

Times at Pavillion, Bangsar Shopping Centre and KLCC. Please be rest assured that their shop assistants are absolutely helpful and do not have their heads in clouds like some other bookstores.

Exemplary MPHs at Bangsar Village II, Midvalley and One Utama. Please don’t bother going to MPH at Alpha Angel or Great Eastern Mall. They don’t know nuts what you are looking for, trust me on that.

To doctor-blogger of Dari Bilik Ini, GUiT is now available in Kuala Terengganu. Karim Omar has the details for you. That would save you a postage fee from KL that I fully intend to claim from you!

To my brother Mat Salo, oh well, nothing much I can do from here if you are stucked there in the swamp! LOL! To doctor-holiday maker-blogger Tokasid, dah abis ke belum?

Happy reading folks and don’t forget to peep over to Tunku Halim’s blog. The seasoned author has, what I call, a rave review on GUiT. Lastly, I heard that Awang Goneng and Kak Teh are in Singapore and will be back in town soon. We look forward to hear from them.


10 thoughts on “GUiT oh GUiT! Where art thou?

  1. thanks elviza, managed to book the last copy..huhuhu.. will get it from pok loh yunnang tommorow…

    Dear Doc,

    He he he he…. glemer sunggoh dok keda’ Pok Loh Yunang nih?

  2. hi El,

    I dont read much but i went to borders like a century back and i think this bookstore’s worth checking it out.

    hey, i sure hope i’d get to thank you personally next week, say…tuesday?


    See you next tuesday.

  3. I got mine at MPH Midvalley about 2 weeks ago. I tried to get from Shah Alam (SACC mall) but they didn’t know what I was referring to. As I told Kak Teh, couldn’t help getting one after reading all the reviews.

    Dear Nana,

    There you go, another MPH will be in the list of “dont bother”. Its amazing isnt it, how ignorant one can be? Okay okay okay… I stop complaining. I don’t think it matters to them at all… Enjoy GUiT

  4. Elviza,
    Really felt nostalgic when I saw the picture of Patrick McKerron standing infront of his Besut Villa on page 182. They have built not one but 2 tennis courts in front of the Villa. I was the secretary of Besut Tennis Association in 1981/82 when I was living in Kg. Gong Kepas near Kg Raja and those two tennis courts was our playing ground. The flush of oil realty money has afforded the district a new tennis corut complex and those two cement courts was abandoned.
    I wonder if the villa is still standing.

  5. Elviza,
    Forgot to add that Jafflam has arranged this event:

    Bloggers Tea Session with Kak Teh and Awang Goneng as follows .

    Date : Sunday 9 Dec 2007
    Time : 4.00 PM
    Venue : Kinokuniya Bookstore, Coffee Shop @ KLCC
    All blogger friends are kindly invited & bring your GUiT copy.

    Regards : Jaflam + Kak Teh

    Wow, thats very convenient. We dont have to go to London to have our GUIT signed.


    Noted. See you there.

  6. Just to update on the stocks status of GUIT,
    more stocks will be moving to MPH, bukit bintang, alpha angle, sunway pyramid, alamanda putrajaya, gurney plaza (penang), great eastern mall (kl), bukit raja and JB City Square.


  7. Much as I love to meet the author and his significant other but am too far away. Am a proud owner of GUiT, too. Just finished 2 chapters due to circumstances beyond my control. All I can say is it’s as lovely and sentimental as the cover.

  8. Sis, am real proud of you. With your wide readership you have put this to good use by spreading Awang Goneng’s classic. And it is indeed a classic, a book by a local, and in English at that – that would be measured by all other wannabee Mayshian awtars… He’s raised the bar, and I’m proud to have made his acquintance. I will look forward to laying my hands on one soon.

  9. elviza, what can I say? We’ve just come back from the launch – everyone has been so kind and I just don’t know what to say but thank you for the kind reviews of my husband’s book, thank you for your support. To those coming on Sunday – hope to see you all there.

  10. Ma’am, an email said to have been sent by you is going around to on your list. I’ve forwarded it to you but it might not have reached it because the sender has stolen it. I’m writing it here just in case you didn’t receive the forward.

    Sorry to do this in an entry about GUIT.

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