My gmail has been hacked!


My some bizzare-cosmic reason of this virtual world, my precious gmail, has been hacked. I thank Bernard for alerting me about this scam. I apologise for not answering your first call Bernard, as I was admiring a gigantic LCD TV with mammoth sound system at Carrefour.

So, if you received an email from, purportedly saying that I am now in Africa and asking for money, kindly delete it without further ado. I am well and alive in KL and, so far, manage to stay out of trouble. LOL!

I have lost all of my contacts in the gmail and please do not ask me as to why I didn’t back it up earlier; then I will feel like killing myself! Please be kind enough to send me your email address to my new email at

Thank you. Sorry! Duh….


21 thoughts on “My gmail has been hacked!

  1. I was just checking through my gmail & I was wondering how to contact you re the email.
    Hence, I’m truly glad that you had already been alerted.
    Will email you at your new addy.


  2. Hi E,

    Did you get my e-mail sent via your ‘yahoo’ address since Jemima says your other ‘gmail’ doesn’t seem to be working.

    Watch out for the ‘jokes’, sis. Hehehehe! Sorry lah. Just can’t help it.

    Ok, nuff said.

  3. Hmmm.. this is the second similar scam after I got the exact same one purported to be from Kuda Kepang (Dato’ Ron). Is this also the work of Cyber-trooper ? (Sung to the tune of Abba’s “super-trouper”…)

    On another note – I hear Jackson 5 is reuniting. And this is what I have to say: “I’ll be there”.

  4. *slaps on head*

    I only realised now that in my haste, I’ve put a dot behind ‘com’..hence the technical error.

    My sincere apologies to you and shar101 + your other friends who wanted to email you.

  5. Elviza,
    They didn’t send me the scam. I guess they can discern that I am a poor retiree and won’t be able to afford much to send any money to any damsel in distress. I am beginning to believe that all these paid for blogging has its downside since it can easily plant a spyware or trojan horse on our pc. Somebody notified me earlier about this nonsense of getting paid when you blog and the possibility of being infected via them. Now I am believing him.
    I will remain poor and wont need to be paid for blogging as I find that blogging itself is joy enough for me. Being paid to blog is just a luxury that I can do without if its going to cause my friends some problems.

  6. aiyoo..betul2 la I ingat u sangkut kat sana…I would hv asked u to come straight to LHR and will sort u out…celaka kan hackers tu?

    Sib baik Luqman tak kena hangkut Pak-Pak gagak kat Lagos tu…

  7. Baru dok tengah berkira-kira nak pinjam duit kawan-kawan sebab saya bukan ada duit. Dok rasa jugak, kot2 tak betui kot. Terasa jugak nak SMS Rocky nak tanya hal sebenar, kot2 dia tahu. Tapi, segan pulak sebab baca email tu dah tengah malam.

    Yang rasa betui tu sebab dah check your previous email, memang ilamat tu. Hiii… hangit sungguh puak-puak tu…

    Nak tanya sikit, pernah dak Elviza respon apa-apa dari the so-called Gmail Team. Saya dah report spam mesej-mesej dari puak tu.

    “Gmail Team” tu dok mintak password kita. Kununnya, kalau kita tak jawab dia dan bagi apa yang dia nak, dia akan tamatkan service..


  8. El…. I was just the heck am I … or any of your friends, supposed to send you whatever money I have left to you on a Sunday? Ha ha ha

    But then quick thinking lead me to this page and I burst out laughing even more….

    Honestly… I dont know how, but I had wanted to contact several bloggers that I know are much closer to you and asked them if they had received this email and if they had managed to help you….

    Anyway El…. please dont leave your whatever in the taxi again.. or better still dont take taxi ever again… and stay out of Africa…. he he he

  9. Yep, got that email too. Knew it was a scam as I’ve heard of a few others having gone through the same thing before. Didn’t know how to notify you. Anyway, apa kerja you pergi ke Africa about some HIV/AIDS thingy… 🙂 Agaknya if the email came from my email address mau my friends percaya kot.

  10. my oh my. now instead of using their email, theyr using other ppl’s legit email add. i dind receive any so i guess im like zawi. heheh.
    thanks for the info sis. now have to be more berhati2.

  11. Salam Elviza,

    I too experienced the same thing with not one, but 2 addresses. Now, I change the password regularly, as I think you should too.

    Supposedly, there’s a software which allow hackers to retrieve the password. And I thought Digital Fortress was just another novel!

  12. Hi Elviza,


    Lar…When I read, I was thinking, how come Elviza didn’t mention anything about Jefree or Luqman…If they’re with her, sure she would have said something…

    And if they are not with her, means probably they’re in Malaysia…Takkan she contacts bloggers for help and not her own husband? Or at least, she would have asked us to get in touch with her hubby…

    Funny ler…

    And takkan Elviza, a lawyer, does not know how to report her problem to the Malaysian Embassy/High Comm?

    Hehe…Glad you safe and sound kat Malaysia…

  13. I came a bit late.

    However, let me enlighten you on the hacking of email and who are the people behind this scam.

    A friend of mine who lives in Tawau suffered the same tragedy.The same story. He was somewhere in Africa, lost his passport and all his money in a taxi.He sent email to all the addresses on his address book.He was lucky his email was still working and some close friends emailed him back to find out whether he was actually in Africa.

    It’s not Malaysian cybertrooper, they are those hateful Nigerians, the same people who sent you spam email that you have won huge windfall in some UK lottery and asked for you details.

  14. sry i just know how to write my name in arabic :)) anyway however my english not that good but i think i get the point. thanks

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