Amer Hamzah Arshad

Okay, I am all for freedom of expression. I also believe that this beloved nation is built from street protests initiated by our forefathers. Heck, I even walked under the rain with my brothers and sisters during Penguin March not so long ago.

Considering walking or excercising is as bizzare to me as the sun is to an eskimo, the walk will forever be etched in my memory as my single contribution to something I whole-heartedly believe in: the independence of the judiciary.

But this Sunday afternoon, my heart breaks when the 1.30 news reported that Amer Hamzah Arshad was arrested during the Freedom Walk. The Walk which was initially planned by the Bar Council; has been controversially cancelled amidst the tussle of getting permit between the Bar and the Police. However, brave souls could not be easily dettered by mere formality. Walk they did this morning.

My senior in college, Amer Arshad, was an extremely bright student. Though a bit reclusive and a tad eccentric, Amer, always stands up for what he believes in. His aptitude to excel soars as he rises to be one of the nation’s most prominent young litigation lawyers.

Now, I am sure the arrest is unnecessary because Amer that I know all these years, would not harm a fly. Firm in what he believes in – yes. A threat to anyone? Never. What a grave mistake it is to arrest the country’s prominent lawyer when the crime rate in the city is soaring up  to the sky.

And of course, Nurin Jazlin’s killer is still at large as we speak; enjoying life as it is despite the henious crime he/she has committed. Que sera sera.


5 thoughts on “Amer Hamzah Arshad

  1. That’s what happening here – you break certain type of laws, even with no harm done – you can get arrested. But if you rape, mutilate and commit heinuos crimes? Where is the strong arm of the law then? Can somebody please enlighten me? Sedih…

    Eh, cepat lah GUiT post…

  2. Here’s you enlightment mat salo, take this qoute,

    All things are subject to interpretation whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth…. friedrich wilhelm nietzsche

  3. Just read his interview in Off the Edge and got to this page when I googled him. As a Singaporean who is never interested in Malaysian politics I admire his dedication to human rights and so far he appeared convincingly sincere and harmless to me. For Malaysia’s sake I do hope the authority would release him and the rest… soon. 🙂

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