Sunday Evening with Awang Goneng

Few bloggers gathered on Sunday the 9th of December 2007 at Kinokuniya, KLCC to meet the author of Growing Up in Trengganu (GUiT) – Wan A. Hulaimi together with his lovely wife, Zaharah Othman. The event was arranged by Jaflam who was kind enough to extend the invitation to us all. For better coverage of the event, please click Captain Ancient Mariner and Pak Zawi.

I had a ball of a time and as for Luqman, well, he has fun everywhere he goes so long as he doesn’t have toย be still! Sigh.

Shall we proceed with pictures then? Kindly take note that pictures are courtesy of Mat Salo of Borneo Blues.

Standing from left: Dr. Bubbles, Pak Zawi, Jaflam, Zabs & Mat Salo

Sitting from left: Wan, Awang Goneng, Kak Teh, Captain Yusof, Akmal, Luqman & Mommy

I heard he hates being photographed (evil laugh – muahahahahaha!)

I have to strain my eyes to actually believe that he is writing my name. Nice hand, don’t you think?

Luqman and the Author with Jaflam looking on. Luqman is AG’s youngest fan. LOL!

Tender moments with the Author…

Pak Zawi & his newly-acquired grandson

Yours truly, Awang Goneng & Luqman Zain

*9th of December 2007 also marks the lovely couple’s 28th wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary to Awang Goneng & Kak Teh.


22 thoughts on “Sunday Evening with Awang Goneng

  1. Waaah…an outing at Konukuniya!

    Tak ajak Kawan?????

    Ala……lecehlah cam gini! Sampai ati korang ekk, tak ajak Kawan. Mentang mentanglah Kawan ni jenis tak reti baca buku omputih………….

    Majuk la cam gini……….:(

    Hey BD, I blogged about it last week, you tak perasan kot… because you kan kat spital… sheesh! Never mind, we ate for you and be merry without you. Muahhahahahahaah!

  2. Salam Elviza,
    Nice entry. Nice meeting you and Luqman there. A very photogenic boy. He looks healthy now, thanks to Dr. Musa. Meet him a few times. In fact we were together (with families) on a trip to South Africa a few years back.
    Hope your lawyer friends will be released oon.

    Salam Pak Zabs,

    Ah, I saw few momentos from South Africa in Dr. Musa’s office. He’s a great person yeah? Hope to see you again Pak Zabs.

  3. Dear Elviza

    Drat! Missed that one. Maybe I’ll be able to catch the next one – the one where you’ll be signing copies of YOUR book.

    My book? Muahahahahahaha! You must be joking, what would you reckon I write? Crappiest of the Crap? hehehehehe… sorry you missed the book signing. It was fun.

  4. Ye laa, brilliant entry but got factual errors. Where got I take ALL pictures maa? He-he.. Must credit the group photo to the boy waiter ๐Ÿ™‚

    Haa, kan dah kena.. how come nobody told that woof-woof?

    Eh, betullah… must give credit the waiter boy who had free lessons from you.

  5. Way to go, Sir! Keep ’em Trengganu stories coming. I’d vote you for Trengganu Menteri Besar so the state will create more writers like you.

    Thanks for the pictures, ma’am. I mean Mat Salo, or the waiter.

    Dear Bergen,

    Awang Goneng must be pleased to read this comment of yours. Yep, thanks to MS and the waiter boy

  6. Elviza,
    Nice to see Luqman has recovered & looked cheerful! I wonder how to get GUiT here in Dhahran? Maybe AG boleh hantar in bulk, at KFUPM & Saudi Aramco ada 60+ Msian families… Maybe have to wait till I get home for summer hols. inshaallah. Salam.

    Dear Shahran Sea,

    I am sure Kak Teh would be willing to assist you in getting the book plus the postage! Her link is on the post, write to her then… Take care Sir.

  7. Elviza, good to see you and Luqman enjoying the meeting with AG & Kak Teh. Keep up the hot latest news around bloggers.

    Dear Jaflam,

    I couldn’t thank you enough for your genoristy without which we would not be meeting last Sunday. Hope to see you again soon.

  8. elviza, thanks for being there and for the support. Good to see Luqman running around. He should meet up with Yaya and Hilman again.

    Kak Teh, Luqman always love other kids’ company. At home, he is the only kid – tu sebab nya dia macam tuh ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Bestnya an outing at Kunikuniya…jeles ni…

    But Amy, the traffic that day was horrendous and so many people in KLCC! But Kinokuniya is always good…

  10. Elviza,
    Didn’t we have a great time at the signing of GUIT? Next signing will be a book from Mat Salo. The Burma story.
    Thanks for letting me have Luqman as my grandson. He will be my second grandson beside 2 and a half year old Irsyad. So they are cousins now.

    Ah, I am so happy that Luke has so many cousins now…

  11. Salam sis:

    Orang cemburu tau sis and other bros( and uncles) dapat meet Sir AG and KT.

    But reading this entry with Pak Zawis’ and Capt Yusof’s made my day. And those photos9esp with AG there) are gem. TQ bro MS( and the waiter too…makasih dik waiter).

    And Luke…he doesn’t look that he was ever ill at all. So full of energy. And he is photogenic. You need an extra eye on him later…all the cewek will be running after him.

    TQ sis.

    Eh, orang lagi cemburu tau? You went off running to see the Sphinx. Sheesh!

  12. Hi Elviza

    Wish I was there. Missing out on a lot (especially with blogger activities) being so far away from Malaysia.

    Is Mat Salo in the process of writing a book or is Zawi just mentioning it with hopes there will be one? If he is, I hope MS remembers to reserve a book for me – with his autograph. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Dearest Jac,

    We look forward to see you at MRT once you are back home. And if MS is writing his book, I ll be forever his ardent fan. Of course, with a personal message and signature on the book!

  13. May I wish every one Salam Eid Al-Adha. My ultimate korban is ego. It’s such a fine balance to serve others without being unfair to oneself. I guess if I do it for God, the rest will be taken care of.

    Hello dear friend,

    Happy holidays and merry xmas to you…

  14. My my…time flies, see how Luqman has grown since the last time we met at RESAA’s annual CNY. I could see the replica of my dear friend in his eyes! Thank you for the home-made beautiful card. It was a surprise and very sweet and thoughtful of you. That will be my cherished bookmark collection. Selamat Hari Raya to you, Jeffri and lil Luqman.

    Hello Yuki, of course time flies and we are getting older. Sigh. I am glad you like the Xmas card. We’ll see at Resaa’s CNY (that is if YW Siew does not forget to invite us again).

  15. I can’t beleive this, but u r sooooo beautiful Elviza. If I am a guy i will surely fall in love with u.

    Oh, hello Harrison Handsome! You are, as usual, too generous with your compliments. Thank you dear. Merry Xmas

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