Quaint Christmas Card


I have been staring at the mountain of files in front of me for the past two hours or so. Nothing is moving on this auspicous christmas eve. A client rebuffed my phone call a while ago with “Ala… we give you your documents after the new year lah, we are having christmas lunch.” Oh well, that’s it then, I’ ll leave early today and spend some times chasing the little-terror at home.

However, my heart was touched this morning with the arrival of a quaint christmas card all the way from Twickenham, England via snail mail. My dear friend, Hjh. Esah, apparently does not believe in sending christmas greeting virtually; neither do I. It has been ages since I received anything with a British postmark on the envelope. Thank you.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


5 thoughts on “Quaint Christmas Card

  1. okay, maam…noted the new address. my informant, afterall..makan chocolate buta aje bila i suruh dia carik address you.

    Happy Xmas yeah..tapi that card kan ke intended to that little terror of yours?

    friend, dont go lambasting your informant, he/she got the address right after all. That is an old file. Thanks a lot dear…

  2. Hey Elviza,

    Hey-Hey! Whaddayanoe? I love sending snail mail too! Mostly cards lar…=) We do have one thing in common, by the looks of it…Hehe…

    Hi dear, merry xmas to you and a very happy new year…

  3. Hi,

    Thank You coz u must have send this warmful regards to me. U r so beautiful sis, u r so lovely. I love u.

    You know Harrison, everytime I read your comment I tersengeh sorang2. Take care

  4. Mich..

    already bought myself GUIT when i was in KT last week for the Eid.. Thank you for the info on the bookstore..kebetulan ke payang, terus singgah..

    cashier tu cakap ‘ datang la sini hari selasa kak’ i asked her ‘lerr ada apa? ‘she said’dia ada sini’ (referring to AG). Me.. ‘alaaaa balik JB la seninnn.. next time la ‘hehehheheh

    i emailed u about my hpage.. u got it? just in case u wanna know siapa sebenarnya hamba ini.. hehehe may be ada virus2 in your email.. it’s ok next time i’ll maill again..

    thank you thank you


    Please email me your link again at my new email elvizamichele@gmail.com. Pleaaaassseeee…. And I am glad you got the book. Selamatlah ya… Yeah, AG will be there at Keda Pok Loh Yunang on Xmas day. If we are still in MRSM, mesti buleh pegi kan kan kan? I heard he is reading again in Bangsar on 29th Dec.

  5. Ah! A UK postmark… Makes me want to go out and grab some real fish and chips… with real soggy man-sized chips (not puny french fries)… served in brown newsprint with vinegar (not chilli or tomato sauce)!

    You know MB, I ate so much of F&C when I was studying there I couldnt touch another serving of the same now…

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