Benazir Bhutto Assassinated in Rawalpindi


The first female Prime Minister of Pakistan – Benazir Bhutto – was assassinated today after addressing a crowd during an election rally in Rawalpindi. She was shot in the neck by a gunman who then blew off a bomb shortly thereafter. 14 or 15 more people died from the blast and several others were reportedly injured. 

Benazir Bhutto returned to Pakistan in October this year after spending many years in United Arab Emirates and London in exile to elude corruption charges against her. She returned to Pakistan after striking a power-sharing agreement with President Pervez Musharaff.

The relationship between the two has been on the rock since Ms. Bhutto’s arrival in Pakistan. President Musharaff, however, condemns the attack and calls for peace in Pakistan.

Pakistan has plunged itself deeper into conflicts with Ms. Bhutto’s assassination; leaving the people wondering whether the general election on 8th January 2008 will, in fact, go ahead as scheduled.

Both Benazir and her father, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, died because of politics. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was executed in 1979.

[Source of news and picture are courtesy of BBC]


15 thoughts on “Benazir Bhutto Assassinated in Rawalpindi

  1. Salam sis Elviza:

    Innalillahi wa inna ilahi roji’un.

    2 friends sms-ed me about the news and for the next hour or so I was changing channels btwn Al-Jazeera,BBC and CNN.

    It was shocking. Since her first step on Pakistani soil in October 2007, bombs welcome her. She and her party must have known that she is at risk. From interviews made by the various networks last nights with her close friends, there seem to be fear in the high office of Pakistan with the progress that Benazir made esp in the rural areas.

    PPP must have tried to give the best protection to her but in tense atmosphere in Pakistan, she is not on the priority list for protection for the Pakistani forces.After all she is the opposition.( would our PDRM give special protection for Lim Kit Siang or DSAI or Tuan Guru Hj Hadi like they did to PM or other cabinet minister?Don’t think so).

    Some ppl said its good(for Pakistan) that she is no more around for they fear she will be a puppet for USA like Karzai in Afghanistan.
    But politics aside, she doesn’t deserve to die this way.Not by assasination. Not by killing her to kill her political achievements.

    There will be media circus for weeks to come. Fingers will point here and there. Most will point towards Musharaff. And the western media might have many more fingers towards Islam. We will here the same old songs again: Islamic terrorist.Islamic extremist.Maybe al-Qaeda too.

    I heard the word extermist many time last night.

    Al-Fatihah to Allahyarham Benazir Bhutto.

    I know! I was glued to CNN, BBC & Al Jazeera until 3 am last night. Glad to have you back home Doc

  2. It was shocking and sad. politic kills. This isnt what i expected, to end the year in such manner. just glad pakistan is like a million miles away. i’m moving on now. lalala…

    So cute lah you

  3. Sis Elviza,

    A very sad day for humanity whenever such tragedies occur in any part of the world. If it can happen in Pakistan, it can also happen in our own backyard.

    Hatred and prejudices make people violent. What is even worse than the death itself is the perception that the means justify a higher cause.

    I fear the same fear as Tokasid — the tar brushing of Islam tho I am a Christian.

  4. Sad that it happened but Benazir, like million others must’ve expected by the way she was “greeted” from the very first day she came back from exile. A suicide bomber’s welcome claimed 200 lives then.

    I was just wondering what made her came back knowing all the threats. For the power promised to her? For her people?

    For uncle sam?

    I share Tokasid’s opinion and frustration. I heard a lot about islamic extremists, islamic terrorists, islamic this and taliban that… what do Islam has to do with all this anyway?


    And I really hope that she came back to Pakistan, braved the bullets and the bombs for all the right reasons because the price she paid is so high.

  5. Sis Elviza,

    What motivated Benazir to brave the bullets, as Sofiairdina put it? I don’t think it is for herself but I may be wrong.

    If I put myself in Benazir’s shoe, it must be for a higher cause, afterall she has a family who would be better off if she is not a public figure in a volatile country. Not only she sacrificed her own life but her family as well.

    With regards to the corruption charges against her, I give her a benefit of doubt. I know what is like to be falsely accused on presumption.

  6. Hi Sis,

    On the contrary, she was not shot in the neck as of earlier reportage, but was killed after smashing her head on her car’s sunroof while trying to duck
    Hey sis, the last book I read of Suu Kyi was “A Voice Of Hope” I bought at TIMES BOOKSTORE.

    My subsequent visit shocked me as I found the absence of the book which was her interview,
    the salesgirl told me it was withdrawn (by the Government). Tell me where can I find “Perfect Hostage” or u made a mail order?

    I appreciate that. But not for “The Rules Of Parenting”, thats another 10 years. U always “found me out”. Thanks. 🙂

  7. Hai Elviza,

    May Allah blessed and forgive the soul of late Benazir Bhutto. She have done her part by becoming twice the Prime Minister of Pakistan…. the politics in Pakistan is just too heavy for her…. when she said she is going cleaned up all the armed radicals/terrorist in Pakistan if she win the election … she know her life is on line of fire. Unfortunately politics does not walk the straight line we do.
    Happy New Year & All the Best to you and family.

  8. Sis Elviza,

    Jaflam made a very profound point that politics does not walk a straight line we do. With regards to Benazir in cahoot with USA, it’s premature to judge her. Often in politics one has to align with the so-called enemy who is stronger to defeat a common enemy as in your enemy is my enemy. After the latter is dealt with a death blow, then you checkmate the former. In politics, moral principles are very grey — no white or black — as we see it.

    As an eg, Lee Kuan Yew did that during the early days of Singapore after the war. He rode on the communists network and organisation structure. After he had secured his power and position, he clinically finished off the communists. Had he fight on his own, he won’t have succeeded. It’s not without reason politics is called the art of the impossible.

    Idealists no matter how sincere and justified their cause never succeed to implement their agenda cos they never have a chance to win power to do the good they want to do.

    But how many leaders are able to exercise power without being corrupt is the question. After the death of Jawarhalal Nehru, it was revealed at the height of his popularity, wrote an anonymous letter to the press calling on the public not to tempt their prime minister with power.

  9. What Hi&Lo inferred December 29, 2007 (last post) was the “ART OF WAR”. Friends may be the most dangerous enemies.

    History has recorded Hitler as a crazy murderer but courageous tyrant who took on the 2 Superpowers-Russian & US (two formidable and only superpowers at that material time).

    Some said he was stupid, he should instigated thier enemies to fight one another professing to join the winners latter.

    I am not about to shed light on the current situation here (Malaysia). If u watch carefully, u probably get a ‘catch’ 🙂

  10. Sis Elviza,

    Minta tumpang lalu.

    Re: Harrison bin Hansome

    1st and foremost, am not an apologist for Benazir nor the US. I don’t put her on a high pedestal, but human with all the temptations. All the write-ups abt her cannot be taken wholly but with a pinch of salt cos much depends on the perception of the writers who are subjective to their prejudices. The pros and cons are shades of truth.

    Politics is not for the faint-hearted. Yet whether we like it or not, we have to accept that it affects every area of our lives. So to let politicians run the show without checks and balances will be at our own peril. We must exercise our voice as stakeholders while we still have room to do so.

    Collectively, we shape the politicians. If we succumb to narrow parochial interests, politicians will play up such issues.

  11. hi & lo

    True that politics is not for the faint-hearted unless you had been given assurance for immortality, immense power and immunity. Sooner or later, they would learn that none of the above is aboslute.

    Sometimes it is hard to “catch up” with the moves even in tiny malaysia. We could not even tell if the the person had lost the battle and retreated or she is just sizing up her friends and opponents to make her next move. And in politics, its tough to ascertain who is your friend.

    We would find it out later. Unfortunately, too late for benazir though…

  12. Sofiairdina,

    Power is very intoxicating. One very often loses sight of one’s mortality. Office politics ke or in NGOs, I find little Napoleons all over. They quickly forget why they are there.

    To give an eg, one surgeon in private practice initiated a voluntary org. Of course the setup is very noble but he controls the management like a tyrant and practises favouritism. People in town thot he was a very caring doc but I know how he took advantage of his patients’ dilemna.

    I don’t want to say too much. The point I want to make is not to be fooled by impressions.

  13. Happy New Year to all,

    1st-With the Handle “Hi & Lo”

    Subject Matters-“Apolical Blog”

    Dear Sir(s)/ Mdm(s)/Miss(‘),

    (1)The reason I abstained from replying to most of your commeteries was merely that I may have share some of your opinions,though quasi.

    (2) Sis Elviza here has been apolotical in her postings and having mentioned that if you have a blog, I WILL be pleased to visit in purveying commenteries and arguments.

    Your repeated rantings about political situations
    (though I am not in rebuttal of your arguments based on facts) may deter sis Elviza’s trademark
    friendly replies to her commentators.

    However, I may be wrong.


    Harrison b. Hansome
    Happy 2008 to all.

  14. Hello folks,

    I think this message should serve as closure for all commentaries in respect of this posting.

    Though I always appreciate comments and feedbacks in this blog; I humbly seek an exception this time.

    I am of the view that we are all entitled to our own opinions. As advocate & true believer in freedom of speech, I urge all of my friends to stay united in blogsphere despite our differences.

    Thank you. Happy New Year 🙂

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