Help find Sharlinie!


A child, Sharlinie Mohd Nasar, disappeared on the eve of Awal Muharram near her house in Taman Dato’ Harun, Petaling Jaya. She is five years old and she answers to “Ninie”. Ninie is 3 feet & 2 inches tall, of slight build and round face, tanned complexion and short hair.

For further info, please click 3540 Jalan Sudin and Tok Mommy

Let’s find her.  

In the meantime, do look around for the person in the photofit above and upon sighting please contact the nearest police station or Rakan Cop at 03-21159999.


13 thoughts on “Help find Sharlinie!

  1. Salam Elviza:

    Another girl went missing. I was shocked when I read it in the STAR today. Nurin’s case is still in darkness and now its Ninie. his time from the playground.
    My doa for Ninie’s safety and return.


    The good thing is that, I think, they ve alerted the system like Amber Alert. Prime News covered the missing child for about 5 minutes last night – both at the beginning and the end of the news. The whole nation is now alerted – hopefully, the criminal gets the gravity of this crime and return the girl unharmed

  2. Elviza,
    It broke my heart …. another girl missing. Hope and pray they will find her safe and sound early. Whatever is happening to this city …. not safe anywhere.

    In the meantime, we must help find Sharlinie, let’s just pray that she is returned unharmed to her parents. True, it isn’t safe anywhere now! They prey on girls and I weep everytime I think about Nurin. Al fatehah.

  3. Feel very uneasy the ordeal Nini is going through now.

    We like the polis diRaja to be as enthusiastic and determined in catching the culprit(s) and bring Nini safely back to her family. All attention and energy must be focussed to make sure Nini doesn’t share same fate as Nurin.

    Pure waste of time and resources on a manhunt for those in possession of Soi Lek’s lewd vcd. Even if polis can nab 1,000 ke or 100,000 of them is of no consequence to our public safety and security.

    Polis, pls catch the real criminals that make our public places so unsafe.

  4. Hi elviza,

    I am in total agreement with Hi&Lo.

    What a waste of manpower to catch those in possession of the Dr Chua Soi Lek’s lewd VCD.

    The police should instead go after the real criminals and keep our children safe from them.

  5. I pray for Sharlinie’s safety and her fate does not end like Nurin. I hope the abductor’s not a sadictic killer.

  6. But the (police) artist rendition of the mugshot by any speculation denotes “him” of some sort like a “monster”.

  7. Elviza,

    I pray that Nini will be returned safely.

    It’s so frightening to know that dangers lurk everywhere. Our children are not safe anymore.

  8. Hi elviza, the posting “Sofiairdina // Sunday, January 13, 2008 at ” is not mine. I am having that problem in other blogs too. TQ.

  9. My heart beats really hard as I heard another child missing again…
    I am worried, sad and the same time full of anger and hatred towards the “monster”.
    Let’s pray for Nini’s safe return.

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