Apple MacBook Air


No, I do not want a Gucci handbag.

No, I do not desire for the blinding South African’s diamond.

Neither do I wish for a pair of the latest Manolo Blahnik.

And sorry Rocky, I will not be joining the BlackBerry club either.

I don’t want anything BUT the new Apple MacBook Air.

The Sun reports that the slick machine is rumoured to be retailing from RM5,936. However, yours truly spoke to the Apple outlet’s assistant at Pavilion; he informed me that the price is going to be from RM6,000 before tax. Sigh.

Sadly, as wisely put by my dearest friend Shib, dreams are free but the machine isn’t! 😦

[Pictures stolen from here]


17 thoughts on “Apple MacBook Air

  1. Whoaa…so slim. Yet so much the reason to get my hands on.

    Hear hear you Kerp! Its so awesome I cant stop thinking about it. Its like I am having a love affair now with the damn laptop. Sigh…

  2. salam sis,
    haa, now you know how it feels to fall in love again kan? haiyo, the hohner accordion i wanted oso cost about that much lah. sleepless in ampang tuh!

    Dear Sleepless in Ampang (cheeewaahhh….!),

    Manusia kan? Beginilah lumrah nya… sentiasa ada nafsu dan kemahuan walaupun kadang2 tak berapa perlu sebenarnya. Hahahaha!

  3. Apa nih? Slim, svelte, sexy products from the head of Disney (S. Jobs Esq. –the bastard– can’t leave us alone can he?)… evoking the irrational sphere of our brain into parting ringgits we don’t quite have..

    What’s with that guy and that brilliant East Londoner (Chingsford, Essex) industrial designer Johnathan Ives who gave the world the sexy Ipods (and now the Air) and collecing a CBE from the Queen the process? The Queen, btw has reportedly been an Ipod user since June 2005…

    When I first saw it on the Net last week, I, the self-proclaimed #1 Mac Addict with only an 8 gid Ipod to his name, now, with certainty, want to abandon anything to do with XP or Vista. From now on my vocab would strictly be confined to OSX 10.5 or hitherto known as “Leopard”.

    But hold on to your horses. That real slim shady piece has no CD-ROM drive – it’s too thin to take one. The idea is you already have a Macbook Pro or iMac in your possession so you can stream video from the host Mac wirelessly to your Air. So you need two bloody computers. As much as I’m crazy for Macs, I’m not about to squander my lil’ girls’ college fund. But then I’ve never been known to hold true to my word. So help me God.

    You bastard, Jobs.

    Besides Setiawangsa and Ampang, now some hapless bloke in Kelurahan Manggar, Kecamatan Samboja is also sleepless. But that’s because of the mosquitoes…


    This is the first comment from you that I cannot make head and tail about (read: aku tak reti computer!). And I, for sure, dont watch or download anything from the laptop. I have one heavy duty reliable desk top at home for that purpose. I just want it because its soooo freaking slim so that I dont have to break my colarbones lugging the lappie from the parking lot to Starbucks. Aci tak macam tuh??

  4. i understand the break the collarbone thing. everytime i lug my 15.4″ dell, my shoulder will hurt for the rest of the day.
    thought of selling it and getting something smaller, but the loss in value is enough to get me an asus eee.
    which was what i did
    i’m now a proud owner of a 7″ 0.92kg eee
    it’s not the most powerful thing in the world, but it serves pretty well as a complementary notebook.
    look it up. i think they have it at lowyat.

    Oh yah Lulu! I clicked the link and I am very impressed with it. Thanks for sharing the info with us lulu!

  5. Sis Elviza,
    Hey, you really want that one? An apple geek over here said that that thin little lappie is just too..erm, expensive, and you’ll need to have another Mac as remote laptop. But yes, it is so damn thin! 0.78 inch only, nope, no other brand can fight that. But you see, no DVD drive, only 1 usb port, I’d think twice. I can get 2 bloody laptop with higher spec with that price. But talking about mobility, this one beats the others. If you are just going wireless with this one, well, why not.

    ps. Skali tengok macam nak patah aje hahaha. Nak pegang pun takut.

    Little Brother Akmal,

    I know about the lappie not having the combo drive but I dont know that it only has one USB port! Problem gak tuh…

  6. hi kak michele,
    it’s been a while since i last commented on your blog but i’ve been a silent reader. ;P btw, that thing looks so fragile. quote from Akmal, “nak pegang pun takut”. i agree. =)

    Hi Izyan dear…

    I know! It looks fragile right? But I can’t resist the weight and sleek look though. How have you been dear?

  7. theyv been advertising this here too! i pun teringin jugak sbb its so slim and u can even fit it in the brown/yellow envelope! but w the price tag, telan aiu liur ajelah. lol.

    Kan kan kan? Slim kan? (Sliver coming out also…)

  8. Oh c’mon sis. ..RM6k for ya is like 60Ringgit for me (before tax). I WISH that I am rich. But it’s ok, as long as I am pious. 😀


    If 6K comes like water to me then I dont have to dream about the machine my dear…

  9. Elviza,
    A RM6,000 Gucci bag. Sigh. And easily imitable.

    When I was in Shenzhen recently, an over-enthusiastic salesgirl asked me to follow her to a “secret” location. It’s a well hidden and cramped store room. I pinched and stroked “what look like and feel like” Gucci bags. At a tiny fraction of the real Gucci price, who would not yield to temptation to own a “Gucci”. I bet the fake one is equally long lasting.

    One of these days will look for you to berguru. Thank you for the offer to give me a crash course on how to become A Blogger and a Gentleman. YWHOL.

    Must share your wisdom on the Dos and Don’t too.


    Ohhhh my all-time obsession with Gucci. Got to stop that. Ok, I am stopping already. When are you going to start your blog? Sungguh ramai orang tunggu tau!

  10. Sayang, vision without action is just a dream….go win a big case or if that takes time, twist Jeff’s arm or deprive him of……just an old kite blowing in the


    I think I ‘ll pick the latter… if you know what I mean. Heh!

  11. Elviza,
    I should have waited and buy this beauty instead of my Twinhead. Now I must find an excuse to let one of my children take it over from me so that I can get my hands on that beauty called An Apple MacBook Air. At least in my dreams hahahaha.

  12. Elviza,
    I should have waited and buy this beauty instead of my Twinhead. Now I must find an excuse to let one of my children take it over from me so that I can get my hands on that beauty called An Apple MacBook Air. At least in my dreams hahahaha.

    Aiks, nak scheming nampak Pak?

  13. at first i wanted that too… tapi i think it’s not suitable as a primary machine. bt it sure looks ‘hensem’ bila nak buat presentation.
    i’m trying to persuade my new employers to get me a macbook at least. hehe. and then make sure the whole stretch of batu buruk is wifi enabled. 😀

    Hah! Its you 🙂

    The looks jer yang PC nih ada…specs nya kureng…

  14. Apples are to die for … And looks can indeed be deceiving … as they say, beauty is skin deep, if that’s any consolation at all. Yes, mat salo, darn u, steve jobs!

    Oh yeah Baiti? Beauty is skin deep? So how come men want pretty girls? Heh

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